New Media Repertory Theatre, Inc.

Todays Date: 12/03/22
Last Update: 03/04/10 03:35:38 PM
Address: 512 East 80th Street
New York, NY   

Location: (between York and East End Avenues)
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An Evening Of New One Act Plays  | Open: 03/19/10 Close: 03/22/10
New Media Repertory Company, Inc.Proudly Presents an Evening of New One-Act Plays:

“SINGLE  SINGLE” By John Levine

Birds do it, bees do it. Even educated bacteria do it. Or do they? E. Coli and Salmonella walk into a bar...


"Another Metropolis” By Edward Musto

Two married couples discuss the state of the thriller in the American theatre.  One man maintains audiences have become desensitized to the passions that trigger murder . . . until he is presented with a scenario that challenges his belief.  Nominated for the Edgar Allen Poe Award as Best Play by the Mystery Writers of America.


“All That’s Good” By John Levine

In the high stakes world of ornithological research, you have to be more than fit to survive.  Four characters—two humans and two bald eagles—fight for their very survival and, in the process, discover all that's good.

Blocking Out The Symptons  | Open: 12/13/05 Close: 12/18/05
BLOCKING OUT THE SYMPTOMS consists of five short New York-based plays, which range from the comedic, to the mysterious, to the dramatic.
Testiculations  | Open: 04/15/05 Close: 05/01/05
A teacher attempts to reach and educationally challenge a couple of exceptionally bright young inmates at a maximum-security prison. However, he must alter his lesson plan when confronted by more immediate issues on the inmates's agendas. TESTICULATIONS is a profound and gripping study of people, the prison system and our individual and collective conscience.