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Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 03/05/05 02:59:33 PM
Address: 28 Warren Street
New York, NY   

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The Astronomer's Triange  | Open: 03/11/05 Close: 04/16/05
An astronomer, a waitress, and a cartographer find themselves in a disorienting, explosive, and unknown scientific state: love.

Every second, somewhere in the universe, a star explodes and no one knows how or why. Every second someone falls in or feels love, and no one knows why. What is this state we call "love"? Through The Astronomers Triangle, the members of CollaborationTown explore love: it's secrets, science, lust, betrayal-and the fruit it bears. Encompassing original music, movement and sharp humor this truly collaborative ensemble will guide you through the stars, comets and the origin of life, avoiding the blackholes that eagerly await to swallow us...all in the frame of a triangle.