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The All Stars Project's newest initiative, Together and Giving Back, is bringing together African-American, Latino, and Jewish youth from across New York City and Northern New Jersey to create new kinds of performances both on stage and off.

Together and Giving Back is a new approach to creating understanding that is driven by a community spirit - young people's shared desire to invest their energy and creativity to help others in need and to improve broader community in which they all live. Partnering with the All Stars Project in the Together and Giving Back initiative are Congregation Rodeph Sholom, the Ramaz School, and MetroWest Jewish Community Center/Project Kavod.

For the first time ever, Castillo presents a series of new plays by young, socially-engaged playwrights and directors new to the Castillo stage. The five festival scripts were developed in ongoing workshops led by Dan Friedman, Artistic Director of Youth Onstage!, and Fred Newman, Castillo's former artistic director.. The festival productions, directed by Brian Mullin, are being created by members of the Youth Onstage! acting ensemble and the faculty of the YO! Community Performance School.

Audience members brave the stage for an impromptu conversation with a therapist. On the spot, the Castillo Players transform their life stories into improvised scenes. Hilarity ensues. Lather, rinse and repeat. Don't miss the triumphant return of Castillo's most ridiculous offering!
AMERICA (a conversation)  | Open: 02/16/07 Close: 03/04/07
Using Langston Hughes' poem "Let America Be America Again" and Allen Ginsberg's poem "America" as springboards, a cast of ten young performers, ages 15 – 23, from Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan and Queens, have created a unique Black History Month stage work entitled America (a conversation).

America (a conversation) is a mix of movement, text and music where the cast creates a conversation with their country, their history, their audience, and themselves asking: "Who speaks for America?" "What does America have to say?" and "Who/What is America anyway?"

Day Of Reckoning  | Open: 02/04/05 Close: 02/27/05
A historical drama chronicles the lives of famed anarchist and freed slave, Lucy Parsons and husband Albert, a former confederate soldier.

The two-act historical drama features playwright Cooper as the famed anarchist and former slave, Lucy Parsons and Christopher Conant as Albert Parsons, the ex-confederate soldier who becomes Lucy's husband. The Parsons were key leaders in the early fight for workers rights and the eight-hour workday. Day of Reckoning, which is being produced under the Actors Equity Association Showcase code, also stars David Adams as Albert Parsons, Jr., and Parris Nicole Cisco and Alima Lindsey as Lulu Parsons.