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Aesop's Foibles  | Open: 03/29/08 Close: 04/12/08
In the enchanted Forest of Fables, it seems everyone learns their lessons the hard way. An unlikely pair of friends, Fox and Donkey, search the land for an elusive "happy ending" amidst a cast of bumbling humans, snooty scavengers, and terrified bunnies. Along the way, the heroes learn about trust, friendship, and the secret of enduring happiness through song, antic wordplay, and big-band swing.

About the author

Aaron Michael Zook has worked as a writer, composer and director for companies specializing in theatre for young audiences since 2000. As an actor, he has toured through every state east of the Mississippi and accumulated over a thousand performances with such companies as Chamber Theatre Productions, the American Girl Revue, Theatreworks/USA, and Looking Glass Productions. His original play We Are Burning appeared in the Orlando and New York International Fringe Festivals. Zook also works as a freelance editor for developmental English textbooks.

This is Zook's second children's musical for Tuckaberry Productions. The first, Kip, the Enchanted Cat, opened in November, 2006 to large and enthusiastic Brooklyn audiences.

Zook is equally known for toe-tapping boogie woogie numbers and heartrending ballads; his charming writing and musical finesse is guaranteed to entertain, educate, and inspire audiences of all ages.

Winter's Warmth  | Open: 01/19/08 Close: 01/19/08
Please join us on January 19 at 8:00 PM for "Winter's Warmth," this year's joint cabaret fundraiser (for grownups) with the Impact Theater.

There will be:

live music!!


balloon animals!!

libation and refreshments!!


silent auction!!


A Very Tuckaberry Christmas  | Open: 12/20/07 Close: 12/22/07
Christmas is in the air as a group of Tuckaberry friends gathers for some holiday cheer. We're throwing a party with music, puppetry, figgy pudding and the world's least palatable batch of Wassail ever! We are performing four performances at the Impact Theater in Prospect Heights.

Please join us and share a bit of holiday music and theatrical magic with the whole Tuckaberry family.
A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 12/06/07 Close: 12/15/07
Adapted and Directed by Michael Hagins


Joshua Sloyer, Brian T. Wilson, John Forkner, Matt Bernhard*, Sarah Amandes, Rebecca Overholt, Joe Kurtz, Ziad Ghanem, Brandi Rhome, Jonathan Craig, Lawrence Lesher, Jennifer Lauren Brown, Lorinne Lampert*, Corey Pajka, Cat Johnson*

*appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

In this family-friendly adaptation of Shakespeare's classic, it's graduation time at Athena High, where four senior students are caught in a love quadrangle with one another and in a power struggle with their dictatorial teachers and parents. Fed up with having their lives run by tyrannical adults, they forgo caps and gowns and take to the woods in an act of rebellion and impetuous youth. Meanwhile, in another part of the school, the Athenian Drama Club prepares to present its final production before the year's end. An emergency rehearsal takes the players to these same woods where, unbeknownst to the school's occupants, a mysterious and mischievous bunch of fairy folk await the arrival of something (or someone) fun to play with. These creatures happily resort to manipulation, transfiguration, and even the kidnapping of a helpless exchange student to satisfy their mystical whims as the young mortals adventure through the forest to eventually find themselves back at school, having learned a thing or two about the price of independence and the power of imagination.

Polly Princess and the Penniless Fry Cook  | Open: 10/13/07 Close: 11/03/07
Polly Princess and the Penniless Fry Cook is our first original story, a musical about the unlikely romance between the Princess of Queen's Island and a fry cook from Albaster (both in the great land of Amsteryork.) Polly Princess, royal heir to the throne, finds herself in a pickle when she learns that in order to retain her father's fortune, she must find a husband in the next three days. The catch is this: he may NOT be a prince. Polly's existence as a princess is shaken; she is forced to reexamine her priorities, and she learns that there's more to life than diamond tiaras. Her friendship with Peter Pauper blossoms, and she finds herself falling in love with him in spite of herself. As Polly sings in "Purple Rose," (her revelatory ballad:) "He's not the Prince Charming I dreamed of, but Princes and Charming don't mean love." In the end, after several surprises and twists (thanks to Peter's melancholy friend and Polly's slightly manic Fairy Godmother) Peter and Polly manage to have a happy ending.
Orphans  | Open: 05/03/07 Close: 05/13/07
A mother's love is colorblind, but can it whitewash the past?

Lu is a foreigner in her own family. Adopted at five years old from a country she remembers only as warm and beautiful, Lu has learned not to ask questions about how she came to be an American. But terrifying nightmares and a graduation day visit from a stranger who knew her as a baby test the wall of secrets that has enclosed Lu all her life.

Joel Shatzky's gripping new play tells the story of a soldier and father who pays a debt of blood by bringing the war home.

2007 Impact Theater Winter One Act Festival  | Open: 02/01/07 Close: 02/11/07
Impact Theater, Prospect Height's neighborhood theater, proudly presents its second Winter One Act Festival.

Twelve exciting new works will be presented over two weekends of theater. Ranging from the Absurdist to the profound, from tragedy to laugh-out-loud comedy, these one acts explore the depths of the human condition and reach the heights where imagination soars. Each week presents a different group of one acts exploring family, friendship, love and loss.

February 1 - 3 @ 8pm
February 4 @ 3pm

*CAUTION: The True Imagined Story of My Parents' Romance
*Suicide Gal, Won't You Come Out Tonight, Come Out Tonight
*The Fears of Harold Shivvers
*Edging the Cliff
*Snow in Galveston

February 8 - 10 @ 8pm
February 11 @ 3pm

*Sea Change
*Fin and Euba
*A Diner, A Shiner
*The Tale of Izanagi and Izanami
*In the Beginning Again

Female Bonding  | Open: 11/09/06 Close: 11/19/06
After the unexpected events of a bridal shower, Female Bonding follows the lives of seven diverse women as they experience failed marriages, struggles with sexual preference, motherhood, the quest for love, growing pains, and the loss of loved ones -- all while maintaining a close relationship with eachother.

Featuring: Susan Kaessinger, Ed Lacina, Noelle Lynch, Gina Mahoney, Fernando A. Mateo Jr., Sheiva Marie Nader, Michael Nastu, Kara Payne, Christine Rigby, Linda Rucconich

The Tempest  | Open: 02/02/06 Close: 02/18/06
The CAGE Theatre Company proudly presents The Tempest, arguably Shakespeare's last play before his retirement. It is the story of the exiled Duke of Milan Prospero and his master plan to bring his enemies to his island, marry his daughter Miranda into royalty and avoid the plans of his savage and deformed slave Caliban with the help of his wily spirit Ariel. The CAGE Theatre will bring Shakespeare's tale of comedy, romance and magic into 2006, using modern costumes and settings while keeping the integrity of the original text and plots.
Impact Theater's Winter One Act Fetival  | Open: 01/19/06 Close: 01/29/06
Impact Theater, Prospect Height's neighborhood theater, proudly presents its Winter One Act Festival.

Nine exciting new works will be presented over two weekends of theater. Ranging from the Absurdist to the profound, from tragedy to laugh-out-loud comedy, these one acts explore the depths of the human condition and reach the heights where imagination soars.

Kettle Dreams  | Open: 04/22/05 Close: 05/07/05
These are the days of unnecessarily circular warfare and no theatrical effort puts this truth in a more humanistic light than Gerald Zipper's new original play.

"You can expect this to be the last war and then we'll absolutely have peace ever can you reject such a monumental responsibility?"

But alas one war is never enough and KETTLE DREAMS is at large that surrealistic interpretation of the effects of war on the human condition. It is also an intimate portrait of the life of a modest man driven both by idealistic ambition and a basic desire to provide worldly comfort to those he cherishes the most.

Our story is set against the gritty backdrop of a bomb factory amidst an Orwellian world of never ending warfare; and while Arthur, our hero, tries his best, working with the hardened and cynical Charley, to make ends meet in their industry, he is pulled in different directions by his love for his sweetheart Cherise and his desire to provide a satisfying life for her and his son, a life different from that which he has had. A life which his own father died trying to provide.

Through his trials Arthur finds life a sometimes vicious cycle with no rewards but the love of those whom we keep close to our hearts.

Macbeth  | Open: 03/02/05 Close: 03/19/05
Presented in a modern-day vision, the characters of the play are depicted as members of the Scotland Mob, a fictional 21st century crime family similar to known criminal organizations of our time. The thanes and knights are still vicious, merciless killers, but use baseball bats and guns instead of swords and crossbows, and dress in two-piece suits instead of metal armor.

Although this text was originally set in a war torn pre-Renaissance Scotland, there are many comparisons between the political in-fighting, betrayal, and ambition to get ahead by any means necessary of then and now. This vision is not meant to detract from the story or the language, but rather bring to life this classic text into our reality with cultural icons.