National Comedy Theatre

Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 01/21/11 12:18:49 PM
Address: 347 W. 36th St.
New York, NY    10018

Phone: 629-5202
Location: Located on 36th St. between 8th & 9th ave. Ground floor.
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Man Hunt  | Open: 01/27/11 Close: 02/24/11

Nelly Lang, a hopelessly romantic dreamer is convinced that prince charming is somewhere out there, waiting for her. In an attempt to find him she seeks help from a therapist, a brutally honest, yet hilarious realist who confronts her most challenging patient yet with the cruel reality of dating.


Will Nelly be ready when suddenly, the man of her dream walks in?


Starring: Tatjana Maya and Vanessa Schroeter


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Cartoon  | Open: 04/06/10 Close: 04/21/10
Join the exploits of a mismatched band of cartoon stereotypes on a wild ride through an animated world. Presented in the style of a Commedia dell’Arte scenario gone berserk, watch as a young, idealistic upstart named Trouble steals the giant hammer that Esther, the bratty dictator, uses to maintain a monotonous, but peaceful order. See Suitor chase Damsel, while two Anime girls fight for the attention of Rockstar, a big stuffed teddy bear with a dark edge. Enjoy the sad songs and pontifications of Winston Puppet, while bombs explode, chaos ensues and bodies pile up. A violent social commentary exploring the rapid coalescence of media, politics and consumer giants, Cartoon proves there is nothing like a punch in the face to really get the blood moving!
A major collaboration between two burgeoning collectives brings you this fully produced theatrical spectacle and multimedia event. This mediation on corrupt leadership, media saturation, and extreme violence comes complete with spunky costumes, trippy video animation, and outrageous stage combat all underscored with your favorite video game music. Cartoon holds you captive as the bodies pile up and the violence begins to creep off the stage and into the audience.
MADCAP produces full bodied, high energy productions where the theatrical process is stressed and is allowed to flourish to create a strong artistic result. MADCAP seeks to produce exciting, thought-provoking new works, in addition to rediscovering classical texts presented in new lights. MADCAP strongly emphasizes collaboration between all members of the company (directors, actors, technicians, playwrights, producers) and audiences to further enrich the community.
The Gossip Factory, a theatre collective, was created to explore all aspects of contemporary performance. Influenced by historical conventions, pop-culture and social themes, the Gossip Factory sets out to both enlighten and entertain.
CARTOON features Amy Van Deusen as Esther, David Ebert as Trouble, Jake Ottosen as Winston Puppet, Marian Brock as Akane, Kathryn Mulberry as Yumi, Johnny Vitulli as Suitor, Nora Munde Gustuson as Damsel, Paul Herbig as Rockstar, with a special appearance by Matt Harvey.
Written by Steve Yockey, Directed by Aundre Seals, Assistant Directed by Ryan Hugh McWilliams, Designed by Ryan Hugh McWilliams, Fight and Dance Choreography by Aundre Seals and Johnny Vitulli, Sound Design by Aundre Seals, Dave Rosenberg, Paul Herbig, Video Animation by David Ebert, Song Composition by Jake Ottosen & Jason Purdy, Graphics by Ryan Hugh McWilliams and Photography by Parker Steele.
CARTOON runs April 11 - 21, Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8pm. The National Comedy Theater is located at 347 West 36th Street (btw 8th and 9th Ave.) Tickets are $10 at the door. For reservations email: For more information please visit:


National Comedy Theatre  | Open: 04/01/05 Close: 04/16/05
Similar in style to "Whose Line Is It Anyway", National Comedy Theatre is the Off-Bway, high octane improv comedy hit show all based on suggestions from the audience. Each show is different, with different games, different players and different audiences supplying new suggestions.

As a twist, NCT plays its improvisational comedy played just like a competitive sport. Two uniformed teams go head-to-head on stage in a battle for laughs. A referee oversees the action and calls "fouls" such as the "groaner" (if a person tells a pun that makes the audience groan) and the dreaded "brown bag foul," called if a player says anything not suitable for a family audience, in which case a brown paper bag is placed over the offenders' head.

"Rapidly becoming an addiction for New Yorkers...a sure fire crowd pleaser", quotes a recent review from New York theatre Buying Guide.

National Comedy Theatre  | Open: 02/11/05 Close: 02/11/05
Nationally acclaimed improvisational comedy show in which two teams of comedians compete for laughs - all based on audience suggestions. Appropriate for all audiences.