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Todays Date: 06/29/22
Last Update: 01/14/11 12:34:50 PM
Address: 111 2nd Ave, 5th Fl. (bet. 6th & 7t
New York, NY    10011

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Subway Info: Take the F or V trains to 2nd Avenue or the 6 train to Astor Place.

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Orpheus Descending  | Open: 02/03/11 Close: 02/07/11
In a small Southern town in the 1950s, a misunderstood Italian woman named Lady Torrance seeks refuge in the innocuous confectionery store of her dying husband, hoping to live quietly and put her explosive past behind her. A young drifter named Val intrudes into her town, her store, and her life – igniting Lady’s world into a conflagration of impossible desire.

'tis Pity She's A Whore  | Open: 02/03/10 Close: 02/07/10
One of the last great revenge tragedies of the Jacobean era, ‘Tis Pity is one of the most provocative dramas of its kind: think of it as Scarface in blank verse. In the city of Padua, a brother and sister surrender to their lust for one another; their hot-blooded act of incest sweeps them, and everyone around them, away in a torrent of bloodshed, damnation, and despair.

Presented by NYU Tisch Graduate Acting Program and the Department of Design for Stage and Film. A 3rd Year Production.

Scenic Designer - Pilyoung Oh
Costume Designer - Carolyn Hoffmann
Lighting Designer - Amanda Clegg Lyon
Sound Designer - Zack Brown
Stage Manager - Robert Signom III

The Storm  | Open: 10/01/09 Close: 10/07/09
Ostrovsky, who was one of Chekhov’s most accomplished predecessors, sets his tale in a provincial Russian town, where the small-minded egotism of its inhabitants stifles the human spirit. When an oppressed, married girl falls in love with another man, her desire to breathe freely and consummate their affair unleashes a tempest of guilt, retribution, and grief.

Six Degrees Of Separation  | Open: 02/04/09 Close: 02/08/09
In one of the great modern comedies of manners, Guare masterfully dissects a society riven in two by its own liberal impulses and its inability to honor them. A young poised black man ingratiates himself into the Central Park West home of a High Society couple; what he wants from them—and what they need from him—sets off the sparks for a shocking, fast-paced, incisive portrait of America at the end of the 20th Century.

The Journey of the Fifth Horse  | Open: 10/01/08 Close: 10/05/08
Based on the story "Diary of a Superfluous Man" by Ivan Turgenev.

Mr. Zoditch, a timid, frustrated book publisher in 19th Century Moscow is tormented by the uselessness of his existence—until he comes across a manuscript by an author whose life seems even more superfluous than his own. This 1965 Obie-winner is a clever, moving play-within-a-play in which art holds a very cracked mirror up to one man's ill-nature.

Our Lady of 121st Street  | Open: 01/30/08 Close: 02/03/08
A contemporary look at a dozen urban souls seeking for spiritual absolution admidst the debris of the racial, economic, and sexual bonds that hold them back. Gritty, intense, hilarious, and almost unbearably human, Guirgis' work (our first production of his plays) reaches audiences like a modern Gorky, plumbing the lower depths of our uptown underclass.
As You Like It  | Open: 02/02/05 Close: 02/06/05
The Bard's Classic Comedy