45 Below

Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 12/23/07 09:29:38 PM

Address: 45 Bleecker Street
New York, NY    10012

Phone: 253-9983
Location: North side of Bleecker Street between Lafayette and Mott
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Closest subway:  take the 6 to Bleecker. You are either across the street or in front of the theatre

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At War: American Playwrights Respond To Iraq  | Open: 01/21/08 Close: 02/04/08
Explores how our artists are responding to the situation in Iraq, and how their work mirrors and reflects the consciousness of the country. This bold new work paints vivid portraits of diverse people at war, including a soldier in a VA clinic with post-Traumatic stress disorder, an Iraqi émigré professor, an American human rights worker on the field in war-torn Iraq, two soldiers lost in time on a nameless battlefield, a female suicide bomber, an angel, Satan, and a manic vet with shrapnel lodged in his head that picks up Al Jazeera.

This acerbic and insightful theatrical presentation will be followed by a discussion with the artists, and noted speakers whose personal and career experiences have given them a unique perspective on the war, at home and abroad. Writer, activist, and Iraq War veteran, Paul Rieckhoff will be joined each night by the artists and a speaker from Iraq, giving the audience an opportunity to engage with them about the theatrical presentation, the issues and perspectives presented by the work, and the speakers' personal experiences. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, the nation's first and largest group dedicated to the Troops and Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their civilian supporters.

Godot Has Left the Building  | Open: 06/16/06 Close: 07/09/06
Godot Has Left the Building follows the trials and tribulations of Sebastian and Joe, two men who seem to be the only people alive in a landscape of broken computers and the detritus of modern life. Watch as they comically struggle to find meaning in their own micro-world, and the larger world around them.
The Beauty Inside  | Open: 04/15/05 Close: 05/07/05
Somewhere in rural Turkey, a girl is thrown in a canal; floating downstream, she grabs a pole and holds on tight. Across the Bosporus in cosmopolitan Istanbul, a young Turkish-American lawyer prepares to leave her country for a high-powered life in New York. But the last case she takes is not an ordinary one: a peasant girl has survived an honor killing, and must be defended against her family. And so begins a battle of wills between girl and lawyer, east and west, old and new, a battle that challenges Western assumptions about progress even as it binds their two stories together.
The Trial Of K  | Open: 03/30/05 Close: 04/09/05
The Trial of K is a live multimedia Play Noir inspired by Franz Kafka's unfinished masterpiece, The Trial. The production blends physical theatre, dance, live streaming surveillance video, and original music with the visually intense genres of German Expressionism and classic Film Noir. Synaesthetic Theatre's new multidimensional dream-play pits a charmingly arrogant Josef K against a secretive and unforgiving Court of Law. Under the strain of constant surveillance, anti-hero Josef K (Margaret O'Sullivan) spirals from self-righteous indignation through fear and doubt towards an inevitable verdict, as author Kafka (Clinton Powell) documents K's descent. Unable to defend himself against the Court's unspecified charges, K's confidence is eroded through interactions with a surreal parade of characters – men and women drawn by the scent of his "guilt." Kafka provides insight and commentary as K fights a losing battle on unfamiliar ground – the hallucinatory territory of his own unexamined fantasies and fears.