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Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Address: 48 West 21st Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY    10010

Location: South side of 21st Street between 5th and 6th Avenues
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Closest subway: N,R to 23rd Street; walk south to 21st Street, west to the theatre

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Love  | Open: 03/20/09 Close: 04/12/09
Tanya, Annie and Lorenzo, are young, but already with their youth wrung out of them. They've been abused, they're abusive and they're difficult to like, let alone love. But it is LOVE, in all its distorted and mutated forms, that holds them together,.

The production stars Bronwen Coleman (The Beebo Brinker Chronicles) as Tanya, Erin Maya Darke (The Sublet Experiment) as Annie and Ken Matthews (The Most Damaging Wound) as Lorenzo.

The production features scenic design by April Bartlett, costume design by Deanna Frieman, and lighting design by Dan Henry. Sara Bader is the sound designer and Jeff Meyers is the stage manager.

Parking Lot, Lonely Heart  | Open: 11/15/08 Close: 12/20/08
Boomerang Theatre company opens their 10th season with three great shows playing in repertory.
QuicKening  | Open: 09/17/08 Close: 09/28/08
INVISIBLE LLC & ALBERTINE THEATRE are pleased to announce the New York premiere production of QUICKENING written and directed by Rebecca Tourino. QUICKENING will play a limited engagement at Center Stage, NY (48 West 21st Street, 4th Fl.). Performances begin Wednesday, September 17 and continue through Sunday, September 28.

One out of four women in the United States has had an abortion. It is a common experience. But most of them don't talk about it. For four strangers in a Portland clinic, the choice is simple enough. Getting to and from it, however, turns out to be anything but. Presented by Invisible, LLC and Albertine Theatre, the New York premiere of Quickening, written and directed by Rebecca Tourino, tells the story of one of the most complicated choices of all, and what happens when women shut out the noise and start talking.

The production features scenic design by Jessica Forsythe and Rebecca Tourino, costume design by Rebecca Tourino, and lighting design and sound design by Ian Wehrle. Lucy Owen is the Assistant Director and Rachel James is the stage manager.

Tickets are $25 ($20 stu/sen) and are now available online at or by calling 212-352-3101. Tickets may also be purchased in-person at the Center Stage, NY Box Office 1 hour prior to the performance.

10% of all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood

Running time: 2 hours

Who Will Carry the Word?  | Open: 02/21/08 Close: 03/02/08
Based upon the true story of Charlotte Delbo, a member of the French resistance who spent nearly three years in concentration camps, Who Will Carry the Word? depicts the lives of 23 women while they share a barracks in Auschwitz. Their singular goal is to keep the strongest of
them alive so that someone can share what they had experienced with the world. Melanie Moyer Williams directs.

Proceeds from this production will benefit The Remember the Women Institute because of its special emphasis on women in context of the Holocaust and its aftermath, including post-World War II immigration.

Amanda Donelan, Make-Up Artist
Jessica Greenberg, Lighting Designer
Summer Lee Jack, Costume Designer
Adrienne Kapalko, Set Designer

Lindsey Andersen*, Laura Anderson, Julia Arazi, Jarusha Ariel, Ilana Becker, Kirsten Benjamin, Alexandra Cremer*, Storm Garner, Nicole Grillos, Anaïs Koivisto, Kasey W. Lockwood, Mariya King, Laura Luciano, Sierra Marcks, Paige McDonnell, Emilie Elizabeth Miller, Adair Moran*, Dot Portella*, Kendall Rileigh*, Emily Riordan, Jacquelyn Schultz, Alicia St. Louis, and Christine Wolff

Men of Steel  | Open: 03/15/07 Close: 04/08/07
MEN OF STEEL follows the journey of five courageous crusaders aspiring for heroism against all odds. Witness a superhero lose control in the face of personal tragedy; see a dynamic duo attempt to save their nefarious neighborhood from the incredible increase of violent crime; fall in love with a drag queen with a heart of gold but a body of lead; and meet a hero whose quest for meaning mistakenly unleashes enormous evil.
Boomerang Theatre Company's Fall 2006 Season  | Open: 09/07/06 Close: 10/01/06
Anna Christie
written by Eugene O'Neill, directed by Cailin Heffernan
Barge captain Chris Christopherson has come to regard all evil and misfortune as the work of "dat old davil sea". His only child Anna, after a separation of 20 years, chooses to reunite with her father. When Anna falls in love with strapping stoker Mat Burke, Anna's destiny hurtles toward her as Chris desperately to change her fate. Opens September 9, 2006.

The Ugly Man
by Brad Fraser, directed by Christopher Thomasson
Beautiful and spoiled heiress Veronica languishes on a ranch run by her overbearing mother, Sabina. When a hideously scarred drifter arrives looking for work both mother and daughter attempt to use him to their own selfish ends, resulting in tragedy for everyone. Opens September 16, 2006.

Love in the Insecurity Zone
by Mike Folie, Directed by Rachel Wood
In a future U.S. characterized by Security Zones, personal bar code tattoos, and armed commuters, Gayle finds life either boring or terrifying. Her mood is improved by a sudden romance with Hank, a secretive government agent on a mission to find very happy women. When Hank meets Gayle's sister, the perennially happy Pearl, he spirits both women off to Washington, D.C. where they become entangled in a sinister government plot to bottle happiness. Opening September 19, 2006.

Living Dead in Denmark  | Open: 05/04/06 Close: 05/21/06
The Dead Walk...You Run! Living Dead In Denmark is an action-adventure/horror sequel to William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Set five years after the events of the original, the undead have risen to power and are trying to take over the world, led by the zombie lord and true king of Denmark[ADM1]. Fortinbras, assembling a formidable opposition, has resurrected the corpses of some of the greatest women that Shakespeare had to offer: Lady Macbeth, Juliet and the very angry Ophelia. A clash of the undead titans ensues!
Gohome  | Open: 04/20/06 Close: 04/30/06
Urban, gritty, and unabashedly honest GO HOME! is a story about gentrification in the boroughs of modern day New York City. The in your face story speaks of the inevitability of the rich taking over, and the ensuing struggle of the people left behind. GO HOME! follows a day in the life of the Ponces, a Latin family, who have inherited their deadbeat father's buildings and are faced with the decision to sell or not to sell.

The Ponce brothers' beliefs stand at opposite ends of the spectrum, setting up a clashing of ideologies that mother, Kathrine, attempts to moderate. Marcus, the younger of the two, is a self-proclaimed "realist" who believes in survival of the fittest and is concerned with only what is best for him and his immediate family. Pedro, on the other hand is more of a "moralist" who bases his choices on how he feels they will affect not just the people around him but the overall energy of the world. Their beliefs appear to be uncompromising but when theory suddenly becomes reality, what was once black and white becomes gray and convictions give way to questions.

Baby Girl  | Open: 03/10/06 Close: 04/01/06
Baby Girl is the story of Elise, a new mother and former druggie at the end of her rope, jobless and living out of her car. The father wants to sell the baby to a gay couple, but all she wants is to find a way back into the heart of her ex-boyfriend. Baby Girl charts Elise's desperate journey over the course of one day to save her self and her baby despite her past mistakes.
The Second Annual 47:59 Play Festival  | Open: 02/18/06 Close: 02/19/06
In our second annual festival, it's a fierce race against the clock to write, rehearse and perform six brand new plays in exactly 47 hours and 59 minutes. Each of our six playwrights will write a first act of a new work over the course of one evening. The following morning, the piece is handed off to the 6 directors and 18 actors, who rehearse the pieces for performance that evening. After the first act comes down - that's when things get really interesting. The playwrights will then rotate and write the second act of one of their colleague's works from the previous night.
In the latter half of the year 1601, William Shakespeare brought his new work, Twelfth Night, to his contemporary Ben Jonson. After reading the piece, Jonson was purported to say "It's not bad William, but about the zombies . . . " As William had a certain affinity for zombies (his father was a butcher), he quickly renamed the piece "Twelfth Night of the Living Dead" and mentioned the change to some locals. These locals could not remember the latter half of the title and the play was thus coined "Twelfth Night; or, What you Will". We are proud to present the play as Shakespeare intended it.
The Brids and The Bees or The Birds and The Birds!  | Open: 01/06/06 Close: 01/22/06
The Birds and The Bees or The Birds and The Birds is a series of short plays that pose the question "did you learn it from your friends, your mom... or perhaps did she learn it from you." The evening consists of queer and straight plays and is comedy based.
Three Dollar Bill  | Open: 12/01/05 Close: 12/23/05
THREE DOLLAR BILL consists of three short plays on being queer and conservative. The three plays are:

"What Are You Thinking, Mary Cheney?" - Alone in her alpine lodge, surrounded by her secure electric perimeter, the lesbian daughter of "the evil puppet master" is finally pushed to come out of the closet and into the sound bite. In a smooth tirade of self-justification, she explains her controversial "lifestyle choice" to the captive liberal activists in her mind. But will her empowered paranoia inevitably prove that you can either sleep with the enemy or sleep with your lover, but never both?

"Civilization and its Disco Tents" - A real-time "gay conversion therapy" session between an ex-gay therapist and a supposedly gay, but wanting to be straight, patient "turns queer" when the therapist discovers that the patient is actually straight and wants to be gay. Yet this revelation only arouses deeper mysteries: Who is the patient and who is the therapist? Who is gay, ex-gay, and straight? And what is the difference between sexual conversion and sexual perversion? The gay conversion industry is in for a serious "lapse dance."

"The Welcome Mask" – This is your standard "coming out" family drama. Son comes home with a vagina on his face. Father gets angry because this proves that Son is an Eskimo. Daughter, jumping to her brother's defense, puts a penis on her face. Father grows angrier because this proves she's a movie producer or a crooked travel agent or even worse. Feeling left out, Mother puts a botched sex-change operation on her face, though no one quite knows what this makes her. As Son, Daughter, and Mother shoot down "the slippery slope" right there in the living room, Father finally restores order to the family by putting something on his face. The question is, what is it?

Toughing Slumaria  | Open: 10/25/05 Close: 11/13/05
Four young single mothers from different ethnic backgrounds--who live in the same apartment building, and who share the common need of public assistance to get by--through their endurance of a sexually predatory landlord, form a bond which strengthens as they seek a way out of their situation to pursue lives of safety and dignity.
Artist Descending a Staircase  | Open: 09/10/05 Close: 10/02/05
Art, history, and a beautiful blind woman. When Donner is found dead at the bottom of the stairs, Martello and Beauchamp each think the other has killed him. In perspectives weaving through time, life and love, each investigates memory and motive while unraveling the relationship they all shared. This is the first professional revival of the Stoppard work since its 1989 Broadway premiere. (performed in repertory with Giant-N-Variation and All for Love)
Giant-N-Variation  | Open: 09/15/05 Close: 10/01/05
From a dilapidated Texas ranch, the rumor of twin talking Hereford bulls threatens to derail beliefs in language, history, and evolution. To discover the truth, a linguist and a drifter must battle the unconditional love of the rancher Edward and his daughter May who fight to protect the sanctity of their land. But the question Giant and Variation have the power of speech? Playing in repertory with All for Love and Artist Descending A Staircase. All three shows are Equity showcases.
All for Love  | Open: 09/09/05 Close: 09/30/05
One of the most famous love stories of all time, the work follows the final days of Antony and Cleopatra. A timeless tale of how unmitigated passion and obsessive love can destroy those afflicted by it – and it also doesn't help to dump your wife for a new mistress when your spouse is the sister of the leader of the Roman Empire. This is the first professional revival of ALL FOR LOVE in recent memory. (performed in rep with Artist Descending A Starcase and Giant-N-Variation)
Billy Sleepyhead  | Open: 08/03/05 Close: 08/21/05
Something terrible has happened to young Abilgail, a.k.a "Billy". A horrible shadow of a person has stolen something very valuable to her and it looks like she may never wake up. It's now up to her brother and sister to journey a vast distance and face that most horrid villain in order to save their darling "Billy Sleepyhead".

book & lyrics Webb Wilcoxen, music Webb Wilcoxen and Arthur Bacon, director Jill DeArmon

Featuring: Alex Flores, Meghan Lynch, Elijah Martinez, Andrew Mayer, Kiko Morini, Danielle Piacentile, Gabrielle Piacentile, Kristin Piacentile, Lindsey Rose, Elanna White & with Charles Goforth

set design Joe Powell, costume design Meghan Healey, lighting design Where
stage manager Aime Kelly, assistant director Jamie Klessel

producers Bryan Billig, Heather Morris, John Richardson & Jinn S. Kim

The Bigger Man  | Open: 06/29/05 Close: 07/23/05
Len, a former thief and all-around screw-up, has serious doubts about the upcoming wedding of his ex-girfriend. The night before the ceremony, while sharing a hotel room with his drug addict buddy, Len is certain that something is not quite right about the entire event. He may not be the Best Man, but can he be The Bigger Man? Pitting urban nihilism against surban optomisism, this off-kiler love story is played out in soggy hotel rooms, with paranoid wedding guests, an aggrivessibly friendly host and uncertain danger lurking at every turn
2005 One Solo Arts Festival  | Open: 06/13/05 Close: 06/26/05
terraNOVA Collective's 2nd Annual ONE Solo Arts Festival, a two week festival at two venues, features 20 artists, including puppeteers, dancers, spoken word artists, musicians, two visual artists (photography and painting), a magician, a Bouffon, and traditional solo plays featuring actor/writers are just a taste of what terraNOVA is proud to exhibit. Dedicated to multiculturalism, ONE goes international this year, presenting artists with Australian, Puerto Rican, African-American, British and American backgrounds.

***Week One @ Center Stage, NY - JUNE 13-19***

DREAMING OF KITCHENS - Kate McGovern: June 13, 15 & 16 @ 7pm

SPOKEN WORD - Postmidnight: June 13, 15, & 16 @ 8:15pm

SNAPSHOT - Carmen Mitzi Sinnott: June 14 & 18 @ 7pm, June 19 @ 2pm

JAZZ DESERT - Rebecca Hart: June 14 & 18 @ 8:15pm, June 19 @ 3:15pm

TALES FROM THE SCHMINKE TUB - Steve Danziger: June 17 & 19 @ 7pm, June 18 @ 2pm

MRS. BARRY'S MARRIAGE - Bronwen Coleman: June 17 & 19 @ 8pm, June 18 @ 3pm at:

Center Stage
48 W. 21st St.
New York, NY 10010
(5th Ave. & 6th Ave)

***Week Two @ Peoples Improv Theater - June 20-26***

WHAT? - Carley Petesch & thisiswhatyouaregoingtodo - Renee Gerardo: June 20 & 23 @ 7pm, June 25 @ 2pm

MEISTERKLASSE - Matthew Brooks, Emily DeCola, Sarah Frechette, Dan Luce, Robin Walsh and Nate Wilson: June 20 & 23 @ 8pm, June 25 @ 3pm

DECONSTRUCTING THE MAGICIAN - Nelson Lugo: June 21 & 25 @ 7pm, June 26 @ 2pm

WITHOUT REGRET, DEENIE NAST - Audrey Crabtree: June 21 & 25 @ 8:15pm, June 26 @ 3:15pm

PENTECOSTAL WISCONSIN - Ryan Paulson: June 22, 24 & 26 @ 7pm

WAY TO GO! - Caitlin Miller: June 22, 24 & 26 @ 8:15pm at:

People's Improv Theater
154 W. 29th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
(6th and 7th Ave.)

Uncommon Women and Others  | Open: 06/08/05 Close: 06/12/05
A memory play of eight women's personal growth within their community at Mount Holyoke. Destined to reach their own highest potential they learn best from their own precious friendships.
Les Belles Soeurs (The Beautiful Sisters)  | Open: 05/05/05 Close: 05/22/05
This rarely performed modern comedy classic is set in the early 60s. The main character, a working-class housewife, has won a million trading stamps in a contest. Family, friends and neighbors come together for a book-stamping marathon – bitter jealousies, parochial frustrations and personal emergencies make for a raucously hysterical and poignant gathering.
A Beginner’s Guide To Deicide  | Open: 03/31/05 Close: 04/17/05
A Beginner's Guide To Deicide traces the epic odyssey of Lucy, a Catholic schoolgirl (and all-around whiz with a battle-axe), who's seeking God--whom she considers unjust and evil--so that she can take The Big Guy out once and for all. Accompanied by her scientifically-minded sidekick Mary, the duo is helped along by evolutionist Charles Darwin, who tells them to go back to the dawn of time to find God. And so they do, engaging in hilariously gory battles along the way with the likes of The Pope, Frederich Neitzche, Dante Alighieri, Joan of Arc and Jesus Christ. It all leads to a final, all-or-nothing showdown with the Omnipotent One himself.
REBEL VERSES: New Works Festival (5th Annual)  | Open: 03/16/05 Close: 03/26/05
This festival unites an underserved segment of the theater community: one that connects teen and young adult artists - especially of color - with other artists from the Tri-State area with different levels of experience. Participants between the ages of 13-24 present theatrical works that reflect the issues and emotions tackled by their generation and resonate with a multi-cultural, economically impacted, disenfranchised demographic of the audience.

20 New Works
Each piece is performed twice on two different nights

Call for specific information and show times

Trinity Of Two  | Open: 02/25/05 Close: 03/13/05
Trinity of Two is about two childhood friends who after decades of no contact find themselves reaching out to each other through the same, disturbing shared dream. In an attempt to figure out the meaning of this, they meet each other in Rome where a young priest attempts to guide them on a tour of the early Christian catacombs. As the tour continues, their shared dreams start taking the place of reality until the line is blurred and their quest for faith