Blue Heron Arts Center

Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 11/29/05 01:40:10 PM
Address: 123 E 24th Street
New York, NY    10010

Location: (between Park and Lexington Avenues)
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Subway Info: Take the 6 train to 23rd Street

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The Long Christmas Dinner & A New York Christmas Carol  | Open: 12/08/05 Close: 12/18/05
In Thornton Wilder's play about the timelessness of familial bonds, we see ninety years pass before our eyes in under an hour. Christmas dinners come and go in the Bayard home, as does life and death. This dramatic, touching, nostalgic piece reminds us what we cherish about the holidays with our own families and how quickly time passes in the blink of an eye.

Meet Eloise Scrooge: cold, ruthless business woman, top of the fashion industry in New York City. This Christmas, her perspective on the human condition will change when she is visited on Christmas eve by her deceased mother, Judith Marley-Scrooge, and warned of the grusome fate that will befall her if she does not heed the warnings of the three ghosts who will take her on a journey through the ups and downs of New York City at Christmas time. A farcical and touching new exploration of the classic Dickens tale!

Bartleby, the Scrivener  | Open: 11/03/05 Close: 11/27/05
Set in the stifling environment of Wall Street lawyer's office, amidst the legal documents, comes Bartleby, a pale, thin, ghost-like young man. One who overturns the lives of all whom he meets. Bartleby is the epitome of the outsider, who puts social norms, human feelings and finally life itself into question.
Krankenhaus Blues  | Open: 10/07/05 Close: 10/23/05
A frightening, funny and surreal new play about disability, genocide and the grim realities of show business.
Lunch at Armageddon  | Open: 09/15/05 Close: 10/02/05
At a café overlooking the Plains of Armageddon in Northern Israel, Brad, an American training to be a priest, meets Leila - a Palestinian studying Islamic history. Despite their differences, they're quickly drawn to each other. Also at the café is Poppy, a former actress and widow of a studio head who's there to fulfill her late husband's dream of filming the story of Armageddon ("the epic to end all epics"). However one of them carries a dangerous secret – with potentially devastating ramifications. A social satire of politics and Hollywood deal-making, and where love is the most potent weapon of all.
I Love Paris  | Open: 07/26/04 Close: 07/25/05
In physical type, Aaron Haskell may be the closest thing to the male version of Paris Hilton to have starred in this one-man show which captures an intimate moment with the world renowned socialite as she prepares to audition for the fifth co-host seat of the ABC daytime television talk show, "The View". While she waits in the green room, Paris reminisces about her whirlwind life, the high points, the low points and all of the fascinating points in between. Baring it all like never before--her straight to video performance not withstanding--she takes on even the most controversial topics.
The Times  | Open: 07/13/05 Close: 07/17/05
THE TIMES highlights a poignant story about a couple's courtship and marriage under the spotlight of the New York Times.
Trailerville  | Open: 06/03/05 Close: 06/26/05
Trailerville takes place on a Labor Day weekend at the Trailerville Mobile Home Park in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Merdelle Harris' husband of forty-one years, Bobby, is rapidly deteriorating with Alzheimer's Disease. Murielle's determined to care for him, to save him, if she can. In saving Bobby, she's saving her own life, she believes. There are days Bobby doesn't know her, doesn't know himself. Death's not the worst thing that can happen in your life, that's what Merdelle thinks. Arlis Bryant lives in the trailer next door with his daughter, her three children, and her beer-drinking, hot-tempered boyfriend. Arlis has fallen in love with Merdelle, and his attention are both a comfort and a torment to her. She has to choose between the man who loved her once and the man who loves her now. The annual Labor Day Telethon provides a backdrop for the ensuring comedy/drama about love, family, obligation and desire
There's The Story  | Open: 05/06/05 Close: 05/22/05
THERE'S THE STORY is about a composer grappling with "writer's block", and the secrets that lie behind it. Unable to finish a piano composition for two years, Henry Griffiths hasn't left his Hell's Kitchen apartment in months. With compositions flying from his fingertips and the social life of a swinger, Curtis, Henry's fellow composer and roommate, couldn't be more opposite. One night, both men find themselves hurled into a world of chaos and competition when a stranger makes an unexpected and lasting impression that exposes the truth of a tragic loss that haunts all three.
Robeson  | Open: 04/14/05 Close: 05/01/05
This drama looks at the life of actor/singer/activist Paul Robeson as he spoke out against prejudice in the United States from the late 1930s onward, and his fierce embrace of Communist society which eventually put him at odds with the American people, other black leaders of the time and the House Un-American Activities Committee.