Astoria Performing Arts Center

Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 10/01/15 12:27:03 PM
Address: 21-12 30th Rd at 21st Street
Astoria, NY    11102

Phone: 718-393-7505
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Take N/W train to 30th Avenue Stop and walk west to 21st Street

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Carefully Taught  | Open: 11/05/15 Close: 11/21/15
Two women. Two children. Many voices. One issue. This provocative tale challenges us to examine our perceptions of race in contemporary culture.
Proof  | Open: 11/02/07 Close: 11/18/07
Proof tells the story of Catherine, a young woman and daughter of Robert, a renowned mathematician struck by mental illness. When a revolutionary proof surfaces, the mystery of its authorship brings personal issues to a boil. Paced as a thriller and infused with crisp humor throughout, the real drama hinges on the dynamics between the play's four characters. In 2001, Proof was honored with a Pulitzer Prize as well as a Tony Award. In 2005, a movie version was released, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.
A New Brain  | Open: 05/04/07 Close: 05/20/07
A New Brain tells the story of Gordon, a struggling songwriter, who suffers a medical crisis when something goes wrong with his brain and he is forced to undergo surgery. At the time he is struck by illness, he is reluctantly composing a song for a children's television show featuring a frog by the name of "Mr. Bungee." The specter of this large green character and the unfinished work haunts him throughout his medical ordeal as he learns to appreciate life's precious moments, and finds new inspiration to compose the songs he yearns to produce.
Forever Plaid  | Open: 04/28/06 Close: 05/14/06
"Forever Plaid" is a deliciously goofy musical revue that centers on four young, eager male singers that were killed in a car crash on the way to their first big concert back in the ‘50s. APAC will miraculously resurrect these four lucky souls for the posthumous chance to fulfill their dreams and perform the show that never was for only three upcoming weekends this spring
Lucky Stiff  | Open: 02/11/05 Close: 02/27/05
"Lucky Stiff" is an impulsively wild ride from start to finish about a reclusive English shoe salesman who inherits $6,000,000 from his recently-murdered Uncle's will, on the condition that he escorts his uncle's corpse on a week-long vacation to Monte Carlo and convinces all those at the resort that his uncle's corpse is still alive and having a swell time. Should he fail to complete the task the money becomes property of the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn.