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Address: 154 Christopher Street
New York, NY    10014

Phone: 212-627-2961
Location: South side of Christopher Street west of Washington Street
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Closest subway: 1, 9 to Christopher Street, west on Christopher Street several blocks to theatre

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The Master Builder  | Open: 01/13/11 Close: 01/22/11
Halvard Solness, a brilliantly successful architect, has willed his unspoken desire into reality at every turn—but not without a price.  Now he lives in fear that the next generation will rise up and cast him aside. When Hilda Wangel, a bewitching young woman, arrives to collect on a decade-old debt, she breathes new life into the Solness home but also rekindles painful memories. Will she help him reach the pinnacle, or will she be the one to finally knock the Master Builder from his tower?

Directed by Emmy Award winner Blake Bradford, The Master Builder is a taut psychological drama by Henrik Ibsen, author of A Doll's House and Hedda Gabler.

Personal Appearance  | Open: 01/11/11 Close: 01/22/11
This rollicking and timeless comedy is one heck of a ride (and was adapted by Mae West as the film GO WEST, YOUNG MAN). It tells in the lightest and most frolicsome fashion about a famous movie star who travels about the country making personal appearances to promote her latest film. This lady, however, is so susceptible to masculine charm that she has to have a special manager with her to keep her out of mischief. She simply cannot resist flirting with any good-looking young man who happens to cross her path. It can easily be imagined into what amusing complications this propensity involves the movie star, when she stops at a combination tourist home and gasoline filling station attended by a couple of good-looking youths!

Smashing  | Open: 01/08/11 Close: 01/22/11
"She was sixteen and mean; beautiful and smashing..." when Jason was twenty-four he fell for Abby, the sixteen-year-old daughter of his hero, famous novelist James Meadows.  Now, five years later, Jason has written a book about their relationship and it is a huge hit!  What do you do when your first love writes a book about what a bitch you were and about that time when you refused to give him oral sex?  Well, Abby and her best friend Clea go to London to confront Jason (and, in Clea's case, to find Madonna), but things don't turn out quite like everyone expected them to. 

Hunting And Gathering  | Open: 12/11/10 Close: 12/22/10
Four New Yorkers, four hundred apartments, sublets, house-sitting, couch-surfing, finding a place to live in New York City is as difficult as finding someone to share your life with.  Jesse newly divorced as well as broken off with his girlfriend, Ruth, whom his brother Astor is enamored with, now seeing his student, Bess, who discovers that being the youngest doesn't make her the least adult.  Ruth, Bess, Jesse and Astor, who will end up with whom?  Which is harder to find, true love or a fabulous rent-controlled pre-war on the West Side?

Much Ado About Everything  | Open: 12/11/10 Close: 12/19/10

Claude's journal.  Seattle. 1994.  Ahem.  'Two households, both alike in dignity'.... no, that sucks. Let's see – 'As I remember Adam, it was upon this fashion bequeathed to me'...wait, what? What the hell does bequeath even mean? 'If music be the food of love, play on'.  Perfect!  I mean, whatever.  It's okay, I guess.  Actually, that band sold out ages ago.  I'm going to tell you a better story.

The good: We won Battle of the Bands, life is sweet, and I'm madly in love with Piper but have no friggin idea how to tell her.  The bad: Ben's constantly arguing with Betty (why won't they stop already?)  I have no idea what to say to kinda convince her to marry me. The solution: a couple of big old white lies to convince Piper I'm the one and to prove to both Ben and Betty that the other's not so bad.  It's a perfect plan (even with my chronically evil and depressed drummer lurking and the gossip hounds abounding – but why would those things get in the way?) Kinda funny that I mentioned them without provocation.  Whatever.  So, tour bus has just returned home.  Cue the babes, the beer, and Piper (sigh).  Wish me luck. PS – 'The Solution' is kind of catchy.  Might be good nickname for myself.  Signed, Claude.

Mid 90's Seattle – a society apart from the world and totally bored with everything America. There's no better place for an adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Especially since everybody around seems to have a hand in a few different schemes and open mind to what they always thought was true. Enjoy the gossip, the music, and travel back a few years to when plaid and ripped jeans were the uniform for the lovers and fighters alike.

Join the celebration and see if you can keep up with the mismatched lovers as they dive through enough gossip to make the Enquirer team blush.

Odyssey  | Open: 12/09/10 Close: 12/19/10
Coming up with the Trojan Horse worked out pretty well for Odysseus. Except it all just went downhill from there...
As a single man carrying the weight of the world, Athena's most clever student has to pass through all the trials of the great in order to redeem himself.
But Kate Marks' imaginative adaptation makes it as entertaining for us as it is grueling for Homer's tragic hero.
Who said Tiresias couldn't be an old queen spinning her disco ball in the Underworld?
The Cyclops a spoiled brat screaming for his punk Daddy Poseidon?
Circe a feminist Toulouse-Lautrec grand dame who whips her adoring pigs into submission?
Full of wonder, magic, and silly jokes, this acrobatic whirlwind of a journey reminds us all of our daily battle with the elements and endless dance with fate.  
Did you love The Red Curtain movies of Baz Lurhmann? Want to be immersed in your theatre experience?
Then this is a show you don't want to miss!
Big City Hick  | Open: 11/13/10 Close: 11/21/10
Big City Hick is the story of a country girl's love affair with New York City. Even as a little girl growing up on the outskirts of a small rural Kansas coal mining town Linda Hill already wanted to live in the Big Apple one day. Although the tiny four room house had no running water, there was the Zenith TV's flickering eye in the corner of the living room which told the little girl great tales of Broadway Show Girls and beautiful big houses and furniture. Her longing for that far away city was underscored by the great old country music that her parents' radio provided. The journey from there to the bright lights and Big City is a story of self discovery and self acceptance. It is a story of possibility and the realization that being true to your soul is the greatest dream of all.
It is a journey through the heartland in the truest sense of the word. It is a story of innocence lost and regained. It is an American story. A story for everyone who has had to fight to be who they truly are.

Trailer Trash  | Open: 11/11/10 Close: 11/21/10

Trailer Trash is the story of a family from the wrong side of the tracks trying to find their place in America.  Danny is a young man who is looking for love.  Rejected by his family, he seeks solace in the company of strangers.  In spite of a natural charm, his manic energy often manifests itself in anger, as he struggles with the fact that his bisexuality leans strongly toward the gay side, a slight inconvenience to his current pregnant girlfriend Lisa.  When his mother's old friend Andrew returns to their trailer park home in Oklahoma from New York, Danny finds a strange connection with him.  Andrew initially becomes a father figure to Danny, and later finds he is becoming much more.  The two men try to make sense of their love for one another, against opposition from Danny's mother and the impending birth of Danny's son. 

This production includes adult content, drug use, and nudity. 

No one under 18 will be admitted.

Romeo & Juliet  | Open: 11/09/10 Close: 11/21/10
Using an American trailer park as a backdrop, this iconic Shakespearean tragedy/romance is re-imagined by director Gretchen Ferris in Zephyer Rep's production of Romeo and Juliet.

The tale of two star-crossed lovers who discover that true love doesn't always heed generations-long grudges. Will these two lovebirds work through an age old family rivalry and live happily ever after?  Do they ever?  Love, tears, epic fight scenes, and laughs: come and be reminded why Shakespeare's words are still relevant and touching today.

The Ape And The Child  | Open: 10/15/10 Close: 10/23/10
 An original Vaudevillian tragicomedy, “The Ape and the Child,” is presented in 12 acts with a run time of one hour. Featuring a cast of four performers accompanied by a pianist the acts include song and dance, hypnosis, a magic show, burlesque, melodrama, and several slapstick routines. The show recounts a scientific experiment carried out in 1931 by research psychologist Niles Winthrop Kellogg and his wife, Luella. The Kelloggs bring an infant chimpanzee, Gua, into their home and raise her alongside their son Donald. They hope to “civilize” the chimp to determine whether humanity can be taught. The chimp becomes increasingly human but as she does, much to their horror and surprise, Donald begins to become increasingly ape-like.  What will this family do to save their son?

Conceived and Directed by: Eric Mercado

Performers:  Aaron Farenback-Brateman, Tess Neidermeyer, Steven Northrup, Elizabeth Spano, and Sinai Tabak.

The New Normal (world Premiere)  | Open: 10/13/10 Close: 10/23/10
Meet Anna, a 30 something funny and frank southern warrior living and thriving in Seattle with her rocker husband and 3 year old kid. As a mom, a wife and a survivor she's handled more than her fair share of drama, but nothing could have prepared her for this. The New Normal: Sometimes survivors need a survival guide.

The New Normal is a groundbreaking original full-length play developed by Coyote REP Theatre Company and written by Donnetta Lavinia Grays. Inspired by the life of 2009 Puget Sound Survivor of the Year Anna Warren Schumacher, it is a hard hitting play that tells the unique story of how a young woman finds humor and grace in the unexpected challenges of survival.

Starring Nell Mooney*, Michael Mason, Andrea Caban* and Emily Rossell*

*Actors Appear Courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Fat Kids On Fire  | Open: 09/17/10 Close: 10/02/10
Written by Bekah Brunstetter


Back at home, Bess is just another angst-ridden teenager trying to fit in.  But this summer, things are going to be different.  Campers and counselors alike are automatically drawn to the new skinny fat girl who's a definite shoo-in for the illustrious title of Camp Princess.  Popularity, power, and self-worth get mixed-up as Bess struggles to find her identity.  Will she return to school a new woman or will her new self fade like this summer?

Colored with sweat stains, stashed sweets, and the awkward innocence of first loves, Fat Kids on Fire is a candid telling of fitting in, living big, and feeling small.


Featuring:   Andrea Ciannavei*, John Early, Megan Linde, Sydney Matthews, Andi Potamkin, Blair Ross*, Nicole Spiezio, Mike Steinmetz & Shane Zeigler.

Production Team: Fernando Contreras, Ian Crawford, T. Rick Hayashi, Jenny Donheiser, Arielle Siegel, Liam Nelligan, Meagan Kensil, Brian Maxsween, Daniel Johnsen & Colby Day.  



Produced by Pipeline Theatre Company, for more information:


*Appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Assocation






Machinal  | Open: 09/01/10 Close: 09/11/10
New York City - 1928. Away from the bustle of Wall Street and the jazz of speakeasies, Helen Jones is trapped and suffocated by her duties as a daughter, a wife, and a mother. Yet after tasting a glimpse of passion and freedom through a brief love affair, she is unable to return to the confinement of her marriage and decides to do something no woman of her time would have dared... Only to have the machine of society and human justice force her back into submission.

Inspired by the notorious Snyder-Gray murder trial, Sophie Treadwell's Machinal first premiered on Broadway with Clark Gable in the role of Richard Roe and has been performed around the world for over 80 years. While very progressive in its original context, the play still remains one of the landmarks of American drama.
The Downside Risk  | Open: 09/02/10 Close: 09/11/10
Mike Williams has it all... a wife and two kids, friends that he can depend on, and a great job as a salesman for American National Products.  When his company is bought out by the mysterious IGM, things start to unravel.  New procedures appear overnight and quotas must be met.  Or else.  Now Mike is on a racing against the ticking clock to pull in the big ticket before he loses it all.

Bill Svanoe's play has been labeled the "Death of a Salesman for the Computer Age."  His plays have appeared all over the US and internationally and are published by Samuel French and Dramatists.  This marks the first NYC revival of The Downside Risk. 

The Unfortunate Honeymoon Of Tony And Steve  | Open: 08/05/10 Close: 08/29/10
Tony and Steve were once happily engaged to be married.

It didn't end well. 

One went to rehab and the other went to Ben and Jerry's.  A lot.  So when they both unexpectedly showed up with friends on their prepaid honeymoon where us three reformed country crooners reside with Miss Lindy Loo... well... our lives became much more complicated.  Young love blossoms on our beaches, old love becomes violent on the dance floor.  There's blogs, and strip tap dancing, and even Christian Yoga going on here.  How odd!   

We'd tell you more, but we're too busy cleaning up the mess these people left. 

The Cowgirlettes



Aug 5-29, 2010 at Wings Theatre (154 Christopher St)

Blake Bradford's Unfortunate Honeymoon first premiered in Toronto in 2008.  Wings Theatre is proud to present the NY Premiere of this zangy country western comedy about the redemptive power of love.  Following a bad breakup, Tony and Steve are reunited when they both show up on their prepaid honeymoon to Lindy Loo's Hideaway in the Bahamas.  They come to an agreement to immediately part company, but things go awry when the friends they brought along (Rachel, a blog editor, and Bobby, a suburbanite college kid) fall head over heels for each other.  Lindy Loo and her Cowgirlettes try everything they can to reconnect the boys during their time at the Hideaway, but it isn't until Steve's Born-Again mother (a Christian Yoga enthusiast) and grandmother (who has a few secrets up her sleeve) arrive that things get heated and rekindled.  Can the boys learn to forgive and start all over again? 

Chains Of Dew  | Open: 08/21/10 Close: 08/28/10
1922.  Greenwich Village.  Things are changing for women in America. 

Nora Powers, the secretary of the Birth Control League, sweeps that change straight into the Midwestern home of Seymore Standish, the man she loves.  Here she faces off with her biggest obstacle: his wife.  But when things don't turn out as planned, who will continue the fight for change and who will fight to stop it?   


The show has been extended for five performances 8/21-28 at Wings Theatre!

Bird House  | Open: 07/07/10 Close: 07/09/10
The birds and the ants are set to invade your house. Somewhere else, there is a war. Where are you needed the most? Who are you going to take care of? Who is going to take care of you?

Louisy and Syl live happily together in the safety of their tree house, until Syl decides to perform heroic deeds in a far away, war-torn land. Alone for the first time, Louisy falls victim to the whims of the birds and ants at her doorstep. Abroad, Syl finds that the line between good and bad is not as clear as she had expected. Bird House is a fantastical exploration of loyalty, loss, and what it means to do the right thing.
Personal Appearance  | Open: 06/19/10 Close: 07/03/10
This rollicking and timeless comedy is one heck of a ride (and was adapted by Mae West as the film GO WEST, YOUNG MAN). It tells in the lightest and most frolicsome fashion about a famous movie star who travels about the country making personal appearances to promote her latest film. This lady, however, is so susceptible to masculine charm that she has to have a special manager with her to keep her out of mischief. She simply cannot resist flirting with any good-looking young man who happens to cross her path. It can easily be imagined into what amusing complications this propensity involves the movie star, when she stops at a combination tourist home and gasoline filling station attended by a couple of good-looking youths!

Dulcy  | Open: 06/18/10 Close: 07/03/10
Dulcy, by George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly, is a zany, screwball comedy about Dulcy, the madcap young newlywed who loves her husband, the movies, and meddling in everyone else's affairs, not necessarily in that order.  Dulcy is certain that, with a little help from her, her husband will make a brilliant business deal, the daughter of a houseguest will elope with a silent film writer whom she has just met, her butler will stay out of jail, and the millionaire who is visiting will fall in love with another guest, even though she is married to Dulcy's husband's business partner!  Will Dulcy destroy everything accidentally instead?  It's certainly possible!

Fifi Lagrange: The Road To Fabulous!  | Open: 06/25/10 Close: 07/03/10
World famous actress, fashion icon and "Fifi La Grange: The Road to Fabulous!" author, Fifi La Grange has just returned after a sudden and  mysterious four month disappearance.  Terrible rumors are swirling!  Will they ruin her for good?  Fifi's dear friend, Effie, a ShopTV addicted senior citizen, convinces her that appearing live on television, with the popular and all powerful entertainment host Jon Toddy, will revive her career.  Effie enlists the reluctant help of Fifi's other close friend, The Donut Lady, to bolster Fifi's case: they interview with Jon Toddy's right hand man, a fervent Fifi Fabutante, and end up sharing a bit too much.   Fifi's big day on "Jon Toddy's Grand Arena" finally arrives, and is shockingly marked by life changing events for everyone!

Angel Drake Presents: Sex And Drugs And Rock 'n' Roll  | Open: 07/03/10 Close: 07/03/10

Zephyer Rep is proud to return with their cabaret series ANGEL DRAKE PRESENTS: SEX & DRUGS & ROCK 'N' ROLL

Angel Drake hosts an evening of songs from the rock genre.  Everyone has a little bad boy in them.  Show us yours.

Come check out some of NYC's finest as they sing their hearts out!   Join them for a short interview after the song as they discuss why they chose that particular song and what significance it has to their life.  It's like Jay Leno, except with a personality. 

At the end of the evening there's an audience favorite vote where winner takes home $50!

So join us on July 3rd, 'cause we'll be naming names and squeezing all the juice!

Flat Tire Moon  | Open: 04/25/10 Close: 05/11/10

This is the World Premiere of a new play by Ken Jennings, award winning playwright and actor (Writer's Digest Award for LULLABIES FOR MARY ROSE, Drama Desk Award and Theatre World Award for SWEENEY TODD)

After years of smight well be the last night of her life.  A deadly and erotic game of cat and mouse blurs the line between predator and prey.  Simmer tragedy- add cups of time- serve on a bed of lies for a sweet and dark comedy full of surprises.

Starring Marla Yost* and Ken Jennings* (appear courtesy AEA)

A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 04/01/10 Close: 04/10/10
Featuring an all-female cast, Zephyer Rep's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream sets the action in that wonderful era of folly and excess: 1980's.  First mounted to much acclaim in 2006, Blake Bradford's Dream follows four young lovers as they flee the city of Athens to find freedom and love in the forest. There they discover a place of enchantment, inhabited by fairies and their warring masters, Titania and Oberon. A group of local artisans rehearsing a play also look to the forest for privacy, but everyone's plans are disrupted by the impish prankster Puck. One of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies, A Midsummer Night's Dream evokes a world of rebellion, magic and romance, where chaos erupts, lovers are mismatched, and all is reconciled through the wonder and power of love. 

The Cherry Orchard  | Open: 03/31/10 Close: 04/10/10
Set in 1923 in Charleston, South Carolina, Zephyer Rep's The Cherry Orchard brings to light the plight of the aristocracy as they see the demise of what was once the great Plantation era. The advent of the flapper age and the introduction of the Charleston dance craze provide clues to the changing moods of the future and the impending racial tensions.  Miss Lillian returns home from Paris to find her estate is soon to be sold.  Against the better judgement of their upstart neighbor Vernon, Lillian and her ineffective brother George do nothing to stop the impending sale, choosing to frollic around the estate watching the staff flirt and be flirted, her daughter start up a relationship with black rebel-rousing Peter, and everyone ignoring the loyal former slave Alexander. 

Steps  | Open: 04/09/10 Close: 04/10/10
STEPS, is a serio-comedic one-woman show that tells the journey of a 20-year-old woman, born and raised in rural Wisconsin, moving to New York City and the steps she took to get there.  Amidst telling personal stories of her adventure that depict her own struggle to find the meaning of one’s identity, she discusses the issue through the perspective of three other fictional characters from different “walks of life,” performing their laments in attempt to shed light on the universal metaphor that is “identity.”

Angel Drake Presents: Cheatin' Lovers  | Open: 04/10/10 Close: 04/10/10
Zephyer Rep is proud to return with their cabaret series ANGEL DRAKE PRESENTS: CHEATIN' LOVERS

The evening will be for and about those of us dealing with that ever-so-lovely infidelities!  Come check out some of NYC's finest as they sing their hearts out!   Join them for a short interview after the song as they discuss why they chose that particular song and what significance it has to their life.  It's like Jay Leno, except with a personality. 

At the end of the evening there's an audience favorite vote where winner takes home $50!

So join us on April 10th, 'cause we'll be naming names and squeezing all the juice!

Angel Drake Presents: Songs To Stalk By  | Open: 03/20/10 Close: 03/20/10
Zephyer Rep is proud to return with their cabaret series ANGEL DRAKE PRESENTS: SONGS TO STALK BY

The evening will be for and about jealousy, desire, and of course, STALKING!  Come check out some of NYC's finest as they sing their hearts out.   Join them for a short interview after the song as they discuss why they chose that particular song and what significance it has to their life.  It's like Jay Leno, except with a personality.

At the end of the evening there's an audience favorite vote where winner takes home $50!

THIS JUST IN:  Miss Drake is being called away to New Orleans to perform.  She sent a cryptic note saying she's sending her Cougar Cousins... !

Angel Drake Presents: Gay Gay Gay  | Open: 03/19/10 Close: 03/19/10
Zephyer Rep is proud to return with their cabaret series ANGEL DRAKE PRESENTS: GAY GAY GAY

The evening will be for and about our gay brothers and sisters!  Come check out some of NYC's finest as they sing their hearts out!   Join them for a short interview after the song as they discuss why they chose that particular song and what significance it has to their life.  It's like Jay Leno, except with a personality. 

At the end of the evening there's an audience favorite vote where winner takes home $50!

THIS JUST IN:  Miss Drake is being called away to New Orleans to perform.  She sent a cryptic note saying she's sending her Cougar Cousins... !

Zephyer Fest - A 24 Hour Play Festival  | Open: 03/06/10 Close: 03/06/10
Take five directors, five writers, twenty actors and twenty-four hours, and you have a fabulous evening of theatre!  Join Zephyer Rep for the very first Zephyer Fest, where twenty-four hours previously the writers are given the parameters, the next morning the directors and actors are given the script, and the finished product is shows to you on Saturday night at 7p!  At the end, prizes are awarded to the shows as voted by the audience, and an awesome time is had by all!

Angel Drake Presents: Breaking Up Is A B*tch, Darling  | Open: 03/03/10 Close: 03/03/10
Miss Angel Drake presents a fabulous evening of singers spilling the goods on their messy breakups!


Ten fantastic singers will each sing their best breakup song, and then each will be interviewed by THE Miss Angel Drake, "Songstress and Survivor of the Blues."
I Am Jim Thompson  | Open: 02/18/10 Close: 02/28/10
I Am Jim Thompson is an exploration of the life and disappearance of
Jim Thompson, an American businessman noted for revitalizing the Thai
silk industry, who disappeared on Easter Sunday, 1967 in the highlands
of Malaysia. He was never found.

The multi-narrative musical explores Jim Thompson at three stages in
his life. He is portrayed by three different actors: age 25, a
graduate student in architecture yearning to leave the confines of his
suburban Delaware upbringing; 35, a spy in Southeast Asia during World
War II and an architect struggling to find his place in post-War
America; 55, a silk-magnate in Thailand seemingly at the top of the

I Am Jim Thompson is an American story about a man trying to connect
with himself, understand the people he loves and ultimately struggle
to find his place.

Dear Brutus  | Open: 02/20/10 Close: 02/28/10
Legend says that a magical wood appears on Midsummer's Eve, and if you enter it, you may just find out who you would have been had your life taken a different turning. On one mysterious night, eight strangers go into that wood, and find out. J.M. Barrie, renowned author of Peter Pan, tells us the story of their "might have been"s.

Joni Vs The Bard: The Shakespeare Smackdown  | Open: 01/15/10 Close: 01/23/10
Two-time Emmy winner Joan Darling returns to the New York stage with her regionally acclaimed one-woman show Joni vs The Bard: The Shakespeare Smackdown.

In the vein of Al Pacino's Looking for Richard and Ian McKellen's Acting Shakespeare, Joan will share her lifelong passion for Shakespeare and how it can be thrilling, engaging, and most important FUN. Melt into the worlds Shakespeare creates as she performs some of her favorite selections from Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and Julius Caesar. This show has a jolly, interactive nature and is perfect for anyone ranging from middle schoolers first learning the work to aged Shakespeare veterans.

Joan Darling

Joan is no stranger to Shakespeare. She starred at the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival for two seasons, and was awarded "Best Actress" both years. She went on to perform at the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford as Viola in Twelfth Night, to much acclaim. Joan then joined the award winning improvisational theater company, The Premise, with Gene Hackman, Tom Aldredge, and Ron Liebman as well as starring on Broadway in Leda had a Little Swan and A Minor Adjustment. She won an Emmy for her performance in Dorothy Parker, Woven in Crazy Plaid.

She was the first woman nominated for an Emmy for directing. She has been nominated four times and won an Emmy for directing Mom's on Strike. Her episode of "The Nurses" for M.A.S.H. was nominated for an Emmy and is included in the Best of M.A.S.H. episode.

She is considered the first woman director of the modern age and blazed the way for the women who followed in her footsteps. Her first directing assignment was Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, which was featured on the cover of every major magazine from Newsweek to Rolling Stone within six weeks of its debut. She followed that by directing the world famous episode "Chuckles the Clown" of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, named by the New York Times as the funniest half hour ever on television, and selected by TV Guide as the number one television episode of all time.

Her first feature, First Love, was named one of the Ten Best of 1978 by CBS. She was the first woman to direct Magnum P.I. and among her many other television credits are Rich Man, Poor Man, Doc, Rhoda, Doogie Howser, M.D., and Civil Wars.

She is renowned as a teacher (her classes in LA have had up to a five year waiting list) and is a lifelong Shakespeare enthusiast. She created the "Directing the Actor" workshop for the Sundance Institute and has served as a creative adviser at the Director's Lab at Sundance for the last seventeen years. She also has served as a creative adviser at the European Moonstone Labs. Joan Darling has been honored by the Museum of Broadcasting as a "Woman Who Made It."


Joni vs The Bard: The Shakespeare Smackdown

Written by and Starring Joan Darling

Directed by Blake Bradford

Assistant Director: Karen Brelsford

Stage Manager: Gabriel Garcia

Music Director: Mark Evans

Costumes: Peggy Queener

Lysistrata  | Open: 12/09/09 Close: 12/20/09
A group of modern-day men and women present this sexy, classic Greek comedy. In the midst of a battle-torn country, with division amongst the states, the women of Greece have united with one common cause. To bring about national peace, they will bring a different war to their doorstep - by withholding sex until the parties can finally agree on a healthcare, to unify Greece. Let the true battle of the sexes begin!

The Spitfire Grill  | Open: 12/11/09 Close: 12/20/09
Percy Talbot has been released from prison after serving time for manslaughter and lands in Gilead, Wisconsin working at the Spitfire Grill. In this sleepy town, things start to move when the owner of the Spitfire Grill - the only eatery in the struggling town - decides to raffle it off for a $100 a shot and an essay describing why you want to win the grill. Soon, mail is arriving by the wheelbarrow full and things are definitely heating up in Gilead. This musical triumph is an inspiring celebration of fresh starts and the power of what one person can do.

The Brokenhearteds  | Open: 09/10/09 Close: 09/26/09
Peter Graves has been hired as the author of a daily politics blog in the midst of a contentious presidential election. His friend, Ezra, an aide to the President, leaks information to him about a Pakistani man called Mu'Awiyah Fareed that could change the course of the election and history. His new girlfriend, Halle, has thrust him into an agonizing and complicated love triangle with her ex-boyfriend Milan. - And God has begun to speak to him in his dreams.

Featuring: Jon Hoche*, Mike Mihm, Andrea Marie Smith, Paco Tolson* and Temar Underwood
*denotes Member, AEA.

Scenic Design: Kaitlyn Mulligan
Lighting Design: Daniel Winters
Costume Design: Sarah Riffle
Sound Design: Kimberly Fuhr
Stage Manager: Saundra Yaklin

Take the 1 train to Christopher Street

I, Undertow  | Open: 08/15/09 Close: 08/22/09
Everyone has issues. All of Justin's live in North Carolina.

Justin's an up and coming artist thriving in NYC whose world grinds to a halt when the worse thing possible happens to him - he gets the call to come home due to his grandmother's failing health. Slinking back to small town North Carolina with his latest one night stand forced upon him, he finds himself back neck deep in the family issues that he had been avoiding for more than a decade and facing the girl he left behind. In the midst of the culture clash between small town quirkiness and big city society behavior, Justin may actually discover what he had been running from for all of those years. Emmy-winner Blake Bradford's newest play takes a hard look at the humor and heartache of going home.


Gay Slave Handbook  | Open: 02/26/09 Close: 03/14/09
After the death of a local gay teen rocks a small Southern town, the lives of Giulia, Sebastian, and Jimmy become forever entwined. What starts as youthful love and exuberant innocence becomes a destructive pathological relationship that could have deadly consequences. Set in three different periods in their lives, these three friends and lovers must find a way to move forward or stay bound to the past.

Gay Slave Handbook is making it's full length NYC premiere after a successful and highly praised run in the Edinburgh Fringe where ScotsGay Magazine labeled the production as one of the 10 Best Productions of the Year.

Caprice  | Open: 09/11/08 Close: 10/05/08
Taking place in San Francisco, circa 1959, Caprice centers around a theatre devoted to new musicals where an egotistical artistic director is casting a new production with his intrepid associate. Just as they're about to cast an actress who's perfect for the lead, a manipulative diva walks in and seduces the director into giving her the starring role. A bright and breezy backstage musical with duelling divas, naive ingenues and conniving board members, Caprice is a show about dreamers and schemers who come to see themselves as they really are.
Dance at Bataan  | Open: 06/28/08 Close: 07/26/08
While researching Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for her graduate thesis, Hannah Swindon comes across suspicious files regarding a WWII survivor of the Bataan Death March. Slowly becoming friends with Mr. Edwards, she becomes engrossed in the incredible story of three friends that created a "university" while POWs in order to survive brutal Japanese treatment. When Hannah finds out the incredible truth to Mr. Edwards' time at Bataan she is forced to decide whether to protect a friend or use his story to graduate.

Assistant Director: Brooklyn Scalzo
Stage Manager: Bridget Halloran
Assistant Stage Managers: Mary Brown, Taylor Fee
Lighting Design: Michael Megliola
Costume Design: Carrie Colden
Sound Design: Kymm Zuckert
Fight Choreography: Matt Klan

For photos, blogs and additional information about this production, go to

The House of Bernarda Alba  | Open: 07/12/08 Close: 07/23/08
After the death of her husband, Bernarda Alba imposes a traditional mourning period of eight years on her household. Bernarda has always ruled her home with an iron fist and kept her five daughters on "short chains." Now that she is the sole dictator, her daughters are left with little escape from her oppression. As a consequence of their father's death, the eldest daughter is left wealthy, while the younger sisters are left with little. This new wealth attracts a suitor, which ignites jealousy and passion among the sisters whom have never been allowed a romance of their own. Each of the sisters copes with their mother's violence, their sisters' jealousy and their repressed desires in her own way, but when the youngest decides to break free at all costs, her actions threaten to destroy them all.
Inside Spragg's Shorts  | Open: 06/14/08 Close: 06/18/08
Want to get inside Jen Spragg's shorts? No? Okay, well then how about just watching some one-acts penned by her? Slightly less intimate and doesn't require too much awkward eye contact. If you enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and sensual massages, then the argument can be made that you can also enjoy artificial insemination, demonic teen love, and horribly bloody family vacations. Come and bring your friends! And your enemies! And your mildy inappropriate, older shemale crush! See you there!

1) "Not So Calm, But Still Totally Dead" - Directed by Christopher Simon

Funny the things we learn about ourselves sometimes....awful, horrible things.

Starring: Adeel Ahmed, Scott Morales, Erin Roberts and Aref Syed

2) "Wombsgiving" - Directed by Blake Bradford

Happy Thanksgiving. Never has a turkey baster seemed so intimate.

Starring: Mary Brown, Emily Ehlinger, Deborah Johnston, Oliver Thrun, Roland Uruci and Nora Vetter

3) "Apocalypse Earlier" - Directed by Tanya Fazal

It's the end of the world or something like it. It's the perfect time to get to know your neighbors.

Starring: Adeel Ahmed, Megan Delay, Mary Jane Gocher, Christine Grenier, Faith O'Gorman and Jere Williams

4) "Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2,746th President of the United States" - Directed by Glenn English

The presidents are dropping like flies and the fate of the country rests on one man in a hamster bubble.

Starring: Tanya Fazal, Chelsea Holland, Adam Kuruvilla Lelyveld, Scott Morales and Nick Santasier

5) "Big Bang Teary" - Directed by Christopher Burris

Fame! Glamour! Glitz!.....Physics?

Starring: Shura Alexandra, Graeme Humphrey, David Law and Aref Syed

6) "Daddy Issues" - Directed by Christopher Simon

Like Romeo and Juliet, but with more Wenkraks.

Starring: Erin E. Sullivan, Al Miro and Erin Roberts

St. Bart's Players will present the Tony winning FOLLIES at Wings Theatre, 154 Christopher St., April 26 – May 4. The Stephen Sondheim/James Goldman hit opened on Broadway in 1971 and won seven Tony Awards including Best Score. The legendary musical masterpiece includes: "Losing My Mind," "I'm Still Here," and "Broadway Baby." St. Bart's revival will be the fully staged Concert Version; there will be a preview on Sat., April 26 at 2 p.m. and open that evening at 8 p.m. For tickets call or visit St. Bart's Central (Open Daily 8 a.m. – 6 p.m): (212) 378-0248 & 378-0222, St. Bartholomew's Church Lobby, Park Ave. betw. 50 & 51 Sts.
Noor Play Festival  | Open: 04/13/08 Close: 04/15/08
The Noor Play Festival is a festival of short comedic & dramatic plays that deal with the Middle East. Its mission, as the name Noor (light) suggests, is to enlighten savvy theatergoers about the Middle East while entertaining them. Each play has at least one character that is Middle-Eastern. However, playwrights, actors, directors, technical crew- and above all, audiences- don't have to be Middle Eastern at all. Noor Festival themes embrace a wide geographical area including: Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan and all the Arab countries.
Spring Shorts  | Open: 03/08/08 Close: 03/12/08
Your god called. He/she commands that you attend Phare Play Productions' Spring Shorts. While avoiding the vengeful wrath of your god, take a look at how one's beliefs color a sphere of circumstances ranging from worship to drinking games, from runaways to the Home Shopping Network. You'll find that laugh-out-loud comedy, romance, and thought provoking pieces abound. This collection of one acts will leave you laughing, crying and maybe even provoke your core beliefs. Plus, you won't get struck down by lightning if you attend. Oh, and your god says to bring friends.

1) "The Super Big Blow-Out Bash at Dionysus' Pad"
Written and directed by Kymm Zuckert

Three gods at a party have a contest to try to get a new believer.

Starring: Nick Masson, Rachel McPhee, Zack Rothman-Hicks, Aref Syed, Michael Weems and Shuo Zhang.

2) "Sorted" by Roland Uruci
Directed by Patricia Drozda

A bickering couple gets more than they expected after a mysteriously enigmantic man hops in their backseat.

Starring: Abraham Adams, Gina Labozetta and Tim Kondrat.

3) "Drunk Reckonings" by Zack Rothman-Hicks
Directed by Susanne Gottesman-Traub

Four drunk college students get a new perspective on life when they hear a news report that aliens are taking over the planet.

Starring: Janice Amano, Mara Dratfield, Chelsea Holland and Miguel Rosales.

4) "Fifi, Effie and the Donut Lady" by Peggy Queener
Directed by Glenn English

In crisis, world-famous Fifi La Grange returns to New York after four months away to entreat help from her two best friends.

Starring: Beth Adler, Sally Connors, Peggy Queener, Zach Rothman-Hicks and Aref Syed.

5) "Taking Toll" by Kendall Rileigh
Directed by Cara Scarmack

A young runaway and her mother find salvation in an unlikely guardian.

Starring: Deborah Johnstone, Natalie Neckyfarow and George Remes.

6) "Burden Me" by Michael Weems
Directed by Aimee Todoroff

A despondent young man seeking answers at church encounters a well-meaning, but troubled groom and his bride-to-be, a painfully familiar face from his past.

Starring: Bill Bria, Nicholas Santasier and Nora Vetter.

Fat Kids on Fire  | Open: 01/26/08 Close: 02/06/08
Back at home, 15 year old Bess is another angst-ridden teenager trying to fit in. But this summer, things are going to be different. Shirts come off, hearts are faint, first times are had, hands sweat, the sun burns. Campers and counselors alike are automatically drawn to the new skinny fat girl who's a definite shoe-in for the illustrious title of Camp Princess. Popularity, power, and self-worth get mixed up as Bess struggles to find her identity. Will she return to school a new woman or will her new self fade like the summer? Colored with sweat stains, stashed sweets, and the awkward innocence of first loves, award-winning playwright Bekah Brunstetter's "Fat Kids on Fire" is a candid telling of fitting in, living big, and feeling small.
The Tempest  | Open: 12/28/07 Close: 01/12/08
Phare Play Productions is proud to present Emmy-winner Joan Darling as Prospero in their all-female production of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Known as his fantastical swan song, The Tempest follows Prospero, a deposed magician that inhabits a distant island with his young daughter Miranda. With the help of the sprite Ariel (Kerry Shear), Prospero is able to bring those responsible for his misfortunes to his island for his final retribution. Shakespeare's grand tale of revenge, betrayal, and most importantly forgiveness, comes to life under the direction of Artistic Director Blake Bradford.
DiMaggio - The Man Behind the Myth - a Musical  | Open: 11/29/07 Close: 12/22/07
.. splashy, song-and-dance musical featuring the energetic Jazz and Latin rhythms of the 4o's, 50's and early 60's. The story focuses on the simple irony that, for all his fame, wealth and glory, he was incapable of enjoying the extraordinary life before him. At the height of his popularity, he was one of the most famous men in America - the toast of Broadway, rivaling Sinatra, Winchell, Dempsey and Hemingway. He was coddled by mobsters and Presidents alike - and then, of course, there was Marilyn ...
The Twilight of the Golds  | Open: 12/01/07 Close: 12/05/07
If your parents knew everything about you before you were born, would you be here?

All is well when Suzanne Gold and her close New York family discover that she is pregnant, until a prenatal genetics test reveals that the baby will most likely be homosexual. The news forces the entire Gold family to confront issues of bigotry, evolution and the limits of love.

Winter Shorts  | Open: 12/02/07 Close: 12/05/07
Phare Play Productions continues its second season with the "Winter Shorts – A Night of Erotica", an evening of five original one-act plays designed to get you all hot and bothered on a cold winter's night. Interspersed with some particularly spicy fairy tales by the lascivious Lady Coco Lareau, it will definitely leave you wanting company at the end of the evening...

"Dinner for Four"
Written and directed by Roland Uruci

Two married couples get more than they expect when they plan a sexual wife swap.

"And Toto, Too"
by Richard Martin Hirsch
Directed by Karen M. Dabney

Some creative role playing in the bedroom leads to a serious examination of one couple's relationship.

"12 Step Conga Line"
by Bob Hayden
Directed by Christopher Simon

A flasher and a tease meet up at a 12-step program for people with fetish addictions, finding they may just be soul mates.

"Buck ‘N Kandy"
by Joe Musso
Directed by Christine Vinh

Kandy puts her desires in Buck's face. Will he or won't he snatch it up?

"The Rules"
by Laura Black
Directed by David Pleva

A lonely housewife embarks on a phone sex game with a mysterious woman. When the relationship is threatened, the game escalates and both women learn that some rules shouldn't be broken.

The Engagement  | Open: 06/15/07 Close: 07/22/07
The Engagement: A Snatch of Life in Three Acts deals with the dynamics of relationships among siblings, friends and lovers. It is a comedic drama about two women on the cusp of marriage, staring down ex-girlfriends and family members who can't stay civil in the face of their union. Gay or straight, this is a "great date" show.
The Jocker  | Open: 05/11/07 Close: 06/09/07
Based on historical fact, The Jocker explores relationships between men riding the rails during the great depression. It is 1931. In a hobo jungle near Flagstaff, Arizona, hobos and tramps begin to congregate, lured by the promise of work on a nearby rail spur. Early arrivals include Biloxi Billy, a tramp in his late 40's, and Nat, around 16 -- a Jocker and his 'Gunsel,' (combination servant, apprentice and catamite, a common and amazingly well documented relationship among hobos and tramps of the period.) They soon encounter 'Bama Boy and Shakespeare, two men in a very different sort of sexual relationship. It's the men's conflicting and ever-changing dependence on one another that help them survive – but when Nat makes a desperate move to get away from his abusive jocker, he sets in motion a devastating chain of events that leaves two dead and other lives shattered. Nat may ultimately get what he wished -- but not at all in the way he could of imagined.
Land O’fire  | Open: 02/16/07 Close: 03/03/07
LAND O'FIRE was the recipient of the National Latino Playwriting Award in 2005. Based on the story of two voyages of the HMS The Beagle to Tierra del Fuego in the 1830's, Land O' Fire is the story of South American Indians plucked from their home and transported to Victorian England to be "Christianized." The growing attachment of one of the Indians, Jemmy Button, to his surrogate father, Captain Fitzroy, leads to inevitable heartbreak when Fitzroy returns the Indians to their home. Told from the point of view of the Indians, Land O'Fire is a remarkably timely work, hilarious at times yet always keenly insightful in its examination of life interfered with and forever damaged by association with a "superior" culture.

The production features scenic design by J. Wiese, costume design by Debra Otte, with assistant design by Stephanie Cathro, who will also be doing the puppets. The lighting will be designed by Joe Doviak and sound designed by David Lawson. Marla Meisner will be composing music for the production.

Galileo  | Open: 01/25/06 Close: 03/18/06
Set in 1600 Italy, the play tells the story of the life and times of Galileo, his relationship with his mistress, his astromical discoveries and his trial before the Holy Inquisition
Galileo  | Open: 01/25/06 Close: 02/18/06
'Galileo' spans 33 years in 90 minutes. Unlike Brecht, who used the character of Galileo to write about his own time, this 'Galileo' is written from documents and history and focuses on the world of seventeenth century Italy. The drama tells of Galileo's love for Marina Gamba, his mistress of 12 years, his ambiguous relationship with Pope Urban VIII, the life and death of his daughter, and a dramatic trial at the end
Through A Naked Lens  | Open: 12/16/05 Close: 01/21/06
The life of movie legend Ramon Navarro and his involvement with the fast talking and cynical Hollywood Photoplay Magazine journalist Herbert Howe.

Ramon Navarro, a good looking Mexican actor became a Hollywood mega star, playing the lead in such films as "The Arab", "The Mid-Shipman", and "Ben –Hur." Herbert Howe was then one of the most popular Hollywood news writers of his day, tough, quick-witted and cynical, who intertwined his life with Ramon Navarro. Also in the play are director Rex Ingram, MGM head Louis B. Mayer, film producer Irving Thalberg and film columnist Adela St. John.

Jigsaw  | Open: 10/31/05 Close: 11/16/05
The discovery of an infant's remains on a construction site begins an investigation that leads a priest and an archivist on a chase through time. Following the yellowed pages of a book called *Jigsaw*, which chronicles a similar investigation of forty years earlier, the protagonists begin to wonder if the mystery of the infant's death is doomed to repeat itself time and again.

As they are drawn deeper into the mystery they become inextricably caught up in the events, and their only recourse is to solve the puzzle that begins and ends in a dark and ill-fated edifice, *The Rose Hotel *.

The Deluxe Illustrated Body  | Open: 11/03/05 Close: 11/16/05
The death of a family patriarch leaves a young woman to raise her teenage sister and exposes realities and secrets that lead to wrenching but necessary self-confrontation and change. A marriage of thirty years is tested, a priest wrestles with a crisis of faith, a young man descends into alcoholism and a young woman confronts her inability to forgive, even in the face of death.
Mercury  | Open: 11/06/05 Close: 11/14/05
Spiral Inc. presents a Bare Bones Production
The Audition  | Open: 09/07/05 Close: 10/01/05
At each night of THE AUDITION< ten actors (found in local ads and by word-of-mouth) and one lucky person chosen from the audience will perform their prepared monologue for a panel of three entertainment industry professionals (directors, producers, and casting directors) and the audience.

After the initial auditions are complete, the audience votes for their favorite performer. The six top-ranking actors return for Act II t claim their prize – the highly coveted callback. The night then culminates in cold readings and performances of specially crated scenes.

For the actor, THE AUDITION is a chance to hone their skills and perhaps be discovered. For the audience, THE AUDITION provides and entertaining and insightful glimpse inside the cutthroat world of casting. Come find out: Who will make the cut?

Repo! The Genetic Opera  | Open: 07/29/05 Close: 08/27/05
A hip and edgy BladeRunner-meets-Rocky Horror Picture Show rock musical that takes place in the not-too-distant future, where body parts are bought, sold and subject to repossession...
Skating on Thin Ice  | Open: 06/24/05 Close: 07/23/05
Who says 60 ain't sexy? The relationships of four older gentlement are tested when one hunky young hocky player seeks a Daddy to..tuck him in. A love story about two long-time partners who just happen to be of the same gender and who are facing and dealing with stresses in their lives, relationship, health issues, financial worries and the passign of (too many friends).
Falling Petals  | Open: 05/20/05 Close: 06/05/05
A darkly humorous fable about the consequences of a culture of disposable youth

Something strange is happening in the country town of Hollow. When a syndrome which seems to strike only at the young begins to kill off the town's children, authorities quarantine the rural community.

Three final year school students – Tania, Phil and Sally – are getting ready to move on – but to what and to where? Success in economics and account exams may be the only passport out of a place which goes out of its way to promise them little.

As the mysterious outbreak reaches epidemic proportions, friendship and alliances are stretched to the breaking point, while choices between life and death become simultaneously fantastical and apocalyptic.

The Three Musketeers  | Open: 04/15/05 Close: 05/18/05
With a lush, classical score, and a book true to the 19th century novel in both plot and style, The Three Musketeers is an epic romance of grand passions and sweeping emotion. It's all here: swashbuckling swordplay, dashing heroics, abject villainy and a love that transcends kingdoms, wars, vows and even death. This is the story of a young man finding his place in the world -- searching for meaning in life. And from the electric opening to the heartbreaking finale, The Three Musketeers is truly a musical adventure.

D'Artagnan, a brash, impetuous youth from the provinces, sets out for Paris to seek his fortune. His fiery temper and ready sword soon find him three inseparable companions, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the Three Musketeers. It is their adventures and trials, the struggles with the brilliant Cardinal Richelieu and the deadly Milady de Winter, the glory, disappointment, heartbreak, love and death that make a headstrong young man into a true Musketeer.

Full info, photos & reviews:

The Three Musketeers  | Open: 04/15/05 Close: 05/04/05
A musical adventure based on the classic tale

Directed by Jeffery Corrick
Musical direction Paul L. Johnson

Fools in Love  | Open: 03/10/05 Close: 04/11/05
A Midsummer Night's Dream is recreated in the rock n' roll era of the 1950's in Athens, California. Come join in the music and memories as the actors paint faces, serve food on rollerskates, conduct hula-hoop contests and show the little ones the fine art of fight choreography. This is a family show for all ages - for kids 6 to 96.
Just Another Subway Ride  | Open: 03/29/05 Close: 03/29/05
This showcase has 14 actors and is only an hour long.

The scenes are short and all around 3 min. each.

Great actors and funny scenes with a follow up of food and beverages, what more could you want?