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It's Time We Met  | Open: 01/29/10 Close: 01/31/10
Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller once held a secret meeting- to discuss someone special....

This is the one-hour version of  a 90-minute play concerning Arthur Miller's 'meeting' with Joe DiMaggio; two men with ONE thing in common: their failed , turbulent marriages to Marilyn Monroe.  The stories they share about her are dramatized through the appearance of Marilyn's 'ghost'.  This is the dark and comedic side of Marilyn; the side never seen...until now.

Featuring the amazing Pamela Macey as Marilyn,  with Greg Hansen as Arthur Miller and Adam Tosto as Joe DiMaggio.

Written/Directed by Rob Santana



As You Like It: the Big Flush  | Open: 07/20/08 Close: 08/03/08
The Dark Lady Players, one of the world's most experimental Shakespeare companies, perform the allegorical level of the Shakespearean plays to show that they were written by England's only Jewish poet the so-called 'Dark Lady', Amelia Bassano Lanier (1569-1645). Living as a hidden Jew (a Marrano or Converso) she was mistress to the man in charge of the English theater and the first woman in England to publish a book of original poetry.
This retelling of AYLI highlights the two characters called Jaques/Jakes (Elizabethan for toilet), and the character whose pocket watch identifies him as Sir John Harrington, the inventor of the flush toilet! The play turns out to be a Jewish toilet joke written using double allegories. What are these characters, a dunghill, and many references to excrement doing in this play? Why does As You Like It end with Jaques warning that Noah's flood is coming? Why are there other flood references, like Hercules cleansing the Augean stables of manure? Why does Touchstone go off to the ark with Audrey, who is named after St Ethelreda, the woman who was saved from a flood? Could this be the Last Day? And who is Touchstone (in Greek the basanos)?Could he be an allegory for Amelia Bassano herself?
A Shot In The Dark  | Open: 07/22/08 Close: 07/30/08
A new production of the Broadway smash that inspired the hit movie!

What's a French parlormaid to do when she's found naked and unconscious with a gun in her hand, next to the body of her dead lover? Especially now that she's got the long arm of the law on her tail? Sex, murder, and true love get cross-examined in the courtroom of comedy—in this new production of the Broadway smash adapted from the fun-filled frolicking French farce "L'Idiote!"

starring (in alphabetical order): CHARLES BORLAND* as Benjamin Beaurevers, ASHLEE FIFE* as Josefa Lantenay, DAN GULLER* as Lablache, JOHN KINSELLA* as Morestan, MONICA McCARTHY* as Antoinette Sevigne, LISA RIEGEL* as Dominique Beaurevers and MORGAN SILLS* as Paul Sevigne.

Costumes: Laura Brody; Lighting & Sound: Daniel Haley; Press Representative: John Capo, DBS Press; Production Stage Manager: DAN BOULOS*


(*member AEA/AEA Approved Showcase)

A Rope in the Abyss  | Open: 04/03/08 Close: 04/19/08
The story of four people whose identities are changed by brain injury, and of the friends and relatives who must deal with these sudden strangers. Hugh suffers from severe amnesia which leaves his past and even his present erased, Lori suffers an aneurysm and wakes up from her coma a completely different person, Russ is in prison for a murder he doesn't remember committing (but what happens when he does remember?), and Mollie has seizures that the doctors want to control with a little rewiring in her brain...but what will that do to her soul?
Tristan  | Open: 03/05/08 Close: 03/15/08
When Rhys pulls a mysterious young woman out of the rain, dark family secrets begin to unravel and tear apart the inhabitants of the old Pendragon house.
Guns, Shackles & Winter Coats  | Open: 10/25/07 Close: 11/11/07
La Muse Venale presents Guns, Shackles & Winter Coats, a harrowing journey of a soldier who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. This is one of the most powerful plays you will ever see. Guns, Shackles & Winter Coats is a very important, prescient play that will make people think and talk about the difficulties that veterans suffer through.
Mass. Murder  | Open: 09/13/07 Close: 09/16/07
La Muse Venale presents Mass. Murder by Edward Musto, a collection of 3 one-act plays--dark comedies all--presented in one evening at Blackbird Theatre (347 W. 36th Street, between 8th and 9th)
Nosferatu: The Morning of My Death  | Open: 07/17/07 Close: 08/05/07
The world between the living and the dead become blurred when Count Nosferatu, a creature of pure evil, comes to London, infecting all he touches, and bringing death, hopelessness and the promise of eternal life. With an otherworldly cry of "Embrace the Dark and Live," this macabre, yet lyrical tale plays out as seen through the eyes of Mina Harker, the object of the Count's "affections," who may be unable to resist his siren calls of despair, death and seductive offering. This is the second of two plays Rabbit Hole Ensemble has performed on the Dracula myth. The first, "Land of the Undead", also adapted by Wood, was presented as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival's Next Step Developmental Series this past March.

Directed by Edward Elefterion

Four Unfold a city stroy with song  | Open: 07/17/07 Close: 08/04/07
If no one sees us or hears us, do we exist? Four Unfold is an unconventional story with song witnessing the lives of four New York twenty-something's and the life that is shaped and stolen away. The story centers on a year in Sam's life, an optimistic young songwriter, who has always taken life in stride. But it isn't until his world is complicated by the conundrums his dearest friends face, that he truly begins to reason crucial matters that had once seemed implausible. Together the four journey prominent societal issues that grace their lives with poignancy and power. As each uncovers a freeing light they are forced to embrace and accept life as they've never felt it before.
four unfold: a city story with song  | Open: 07/17/07 Close: 08/04/07
"If no one sees us or hears us, do we exist?" four unfold is an unconventional story with song witnessing the lives of four New York twenty-somethings and the life that is shaped and stolen away. The story centers on a year in Sam's life, an optimistic young songwriter, who has always taken life in stride. But it isn't until his world is complicated by the conundrums his dearest friends face, that he truly begins to reason crucial matters that had once seemed implausible. Together the four journey prominent societal issues that grace their lives with poignancy and power. As each uncovers a freeing light they are forced to embrace and accept life as they've never felt it before.
Craving  | Open: 05/25/07 Close: 06/03/07
Where does addiction come from? Meet Bob. Bob hasn't always had the best of luck with the ladies. In fact, he has destroyed their lives and let them destroy him. Come see the tale of a man with a surprising and tragic disease. How does it affect his relationships with...umm...a whore? a mute? a wife? a child? Starring Marc Adam Smith, Felicia Velasco, Liz Wexler, Kerriann peterson, and Liza Pross
Seascape with Sharks and Dancer  | Open: 11/30/06 Close: 12/12/06
Seascape with Sharks and Dancer is set in a beach bungalow. The young man who lives there has pulled a lost young woman from the ocean. Soon, she finds herself trapped in his life and torn between her need to come to rest somewhere and her certainty that all human relationships turn eventually into nightmares. The struggle between his tolerant and gently ironic approach to life and her strategy of suspicion and attack becomes a kind of war about love and creation which neither can afford to lose. This is an offbeat, wonderful love story.
I, Sarah  | Open: 06/22/06 Close: 06/25/06
On her deathbed in 1923, Sarah Bernhardt, the greatest actress of her generation, who captivated the world for over half a century, looks back on her fabulous career on the stage and her tempestuous love affairs with the Royalty of Europe. Through it all there is never a trace of regret from this woman who, through all her ups and downs, lived life to the fullest and on her own terms.

Nirenstein also brings to life some of the performances Bernhardt was famous for, including works by Victor Hugo (Ruy Blas), Racine (Phaedra), Alexander Dumas (La Dame aux Camilias), and Victorien Sardou (Fedora), among others.

The Tragedy Of Abraham Lincoln  | Open: 04/13/06 Close: 05/07/06
THE TRAGEDY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, a new drama by M. Stefan Strozier, is coming to Where Eagles Dare Theater (347 West 36th Street), April 13th-May 7th, 2006, Thursday-Saturday at 8 p.m. & Sunday matinees at 7 p.m. LINCOLN is Strozier's third play to appear off-off Broadway.

LINCOLN is a very well-wrought and focused play. Alan Kanevsky is directing a cast of 20 actors and a full crew. The play covers the last year of President Lincoln's life, and all of the events surrounding it. The play has one central, unmistakable theme, which is surprisingly relevant to 2006. In fact, this theme is most likely news to most people; unless, they are very familiar with the subjects of the American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.

Strozier is the founder of La Muse Venale Acting Troupe, which is producing LINCOLN. The large cast features off-off Broadway's greatest actors. If you are in search of talent, LINCOLN is an excellent way to find it. LMV's primaries will be available after the play for discussion, along with the cast and crew, in one of John Chatterton's studios.

La Muse Venale, Inc. has produced nine plays at myriad of theatres, and in different, prominent festivals in New York City. LMV is a NY State Board of Education-approved, not-for-profit organization. Part of our mission is to bring theatre to those who do not normally experience it. Therefore, we have performed our plays in homeless shelters over 10 times, as well as in public parks. LMV is a young and growing theatre company, which has become a place where artists work together, again and again, to create our plays.

Tickets to LINCOLN are available at For more information, please visit our Web site: To obtain a press or industry comp, please contact the producer at Thank you!

Secrets  | Open: 04/13/06 Close: 05/07/06
Gerald Zipper's drama looks at three married couples, all long-time friends and what happens when the illusions each have built about themselves come crashing down and they're forced to look at themselves as they really are, not as they wish they could be.

Featuring: Rick Kincaid*, Darren Lougee,* Alyce Majors, Lissa Moira, Tom Sminkey* and Elena Zazanis

The production is an Equity Showcase

Servy n Bernice & 4Ever  | Open: 03/30/06 Close: 04/08/06
This is a gritty contemporary, urban play, about an interracial relationship between two people who are struggling with their own identities. It was produced on Broadwat in 1992, with Ron Eldard currently in DOUBT, and Cynthia Nixon oof Sex and The City, and Rosie Perez.
Inherit the Wind  | Open: 03/03/06 Close: 03/05/06
Play about the Scopes "Monkey" Trial
Beyond The Veil  | Open: 02/02/06 Close: 02/26/06
A scientist in Victorian England finds his ordered life turned upside down in this erotic
mystery when he suffers a personal tragedy predicted by a medium and receives a
visitation from a long-dead love during a seance. Determined to test the validity of
spiritualism, he begins a series of experiments that may end up costing him everything he
holds dear.

Presented by John Chatterton and the La Muse Venale Acting Troupe
Costumes, set, and visual effects designed by Roi Escudero "Bubi."

An Equity Showcase

The Whales  | Open: 01/05/06 Close: 01/29/06
The Whales is a very funny satire on the theatre industry, written in the manner of an Aristophanes comedy. The cast approaches 30 people and there is choreographed dance numbers and poetry and songs and, at the heart of it all, a moving story of triumph over adversity and an exploration of mental illness, schizophrenia and homelessness.
Dead Poets Come To Life  | Open: 12/16/05 Close: 12/18/05
Three actors resurrect the poetry and personas of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allen Poe. The theatre, in all its trickery, makes their poetry larger than life -- and greater than Death!
Last Day  | Open: 11/04/05 Close: 11/20/05
does love even exist? what is our role in today's over-populated society to pair off and mate? Last Day is a funny, touching piece set to the familiar tune of wedding bells and one couples confused, earnest attempt to live up to their present while honoring their past.

Part of the Where Eagles Dare Fall Festival

Simply Selma  | Open: 11/17/05 Close: 11/19/05
Selma fills her days by working as a stripper and taking care of her aging mother. Mama is determined to make a love connection between her daughter and their new neighbor, Michael. "Simply Selma" is a touching comedy/drama about relationships and sexual politics.
La Playa (The Beach)  | Open: 11/09/05 Close: 11/12/05
A work in progress of a cutting-edge dynamic multimedia site-installation of
performance-art and cafe concert.

La Playa's protagonists have two things in common, something to hide and a motive to kill. Fate brings them together and through an extravaganza entertainment of performance-art, masque, music, drama, comedy and multimedia, their secrets will be exposed.

Performed by Andy Chmelko, Olivia Callender, Andrea Marie Smith, Eddy Rimada, Gregg Bellon and Bubi

Video Appearances: Dolores Diaz Special Video Appearance John Chatterton

Multimedia site-installation concept, video projections, masks and costumes created by Roi Escudero "Bubi"

Musical Director-Piano and Guitar: Jesse Cervantes

Original Songs by Roi Escudero, Jesse Cervantes, Donald and Melody Mc Cluskey

Latin Dances by Eddy Rimada Voiceover on the radio and PR LatinMedia.- Patricia Herrera .

This Spy Surfs  | Open: 09/06/05 Close: 10/25/05
SPY SURFS is a serialized mythic opera told instrumentally with surf & spy music, using computer generated vocalizations & multi-disciplined image events. Serialized mythic opera is a story form that keeps getting added to much like a soap opera. This is performed by musicians who neither sing nor speak, but play composed music couched in the vocabulary of surf (beach) & spy (film noir) music. Since the performers do not sing, computer generated voices are used to tell the story. All of this is framed in the theatric setting of modern media projection systems as opposed to traditional sets.

The work exposes the audience to the metaphysics of actual experience via the conduit of fine art performance mechanisms thinly disguised as consumer level popular acculturated music and visual work which allow the biomechanical effect to be technologically enhanced so that it may reach into the precognitive state of experience as decision in order to reveal the meta and micro relations easily apparent to even the most casual participant.

Revolutionary Chickens  | Open: 07/18/05 Close: 08/07/05
Rob Lok seeks to recreate the story of his family's escape from the
Chinese Cultural Revolution in this new multimedia piece, which combines
puppetry, masks, and circus arts to turn his tale of familial persecution
and exodus into an experiment in slapstick physical comedy.
Sixth Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival  | Open: 07/18/05 Close: 08/07/05
Nearly 50 shows in three weeks, ranging from comedies to musicals to dramas to solo shows

Playing at Five different venues - all on the same block:

The WorkShop Theatre Mainstage and Jewel Box Spaces
312 West 36th Street, 4th Floor

Where Eagles Dare Theatre and Where Eagles Dare Studio Theatre
347 West 36th Street, Ground Floor and 12th Floor (Studio)

Smash Studios
307 West 36th Street, 18th Floor

All theatres are located between 8th & 9th Avenues.

Actor. Comedian. Negro  | Open: 07/27/05 Close: 08/07/05
Baron Vaughn delivers an autobiographical examination of the everyday life of a man and his history as seen through the lens of blackness. In this comically outlandish production, Baron teams with none other than himself to preach on race, politics, family, absurdity and how black is back.

The world premiere of Actor. Comedian. Negro. is Written and Performed by Baron Vaughn is developed and directed by Brendan Hughes produced by Susan Vargo in association with Steven DeLuca.

When Silence Explodes: Fetus  | Open: 07/23/05 Close: 08/06/05
Can you hear them? Two girls who are just out of high school talk about...their dreams. One wants to be the first white female MC to earn the respect of the biggies. The other, she just wants to be American. But what exactly does "American" mean? Miss Prime educates Krisi in When Silence Explodes: Fetus.

Don't Break Your Egg  | Open: 07/23/05 Close: 08/06/05
Trying to write a show about your inability to get things done isn't easy - just ask Chris Fall. You'd think she would learn. A cross between Ellen Degeneres, Spalding Gray & Fozzie Bear! Christine's insights, excuses, and distractions are always hilarious and this time they actually saved a man's life.
A one-woman performance based on River Huston's experiences as a sex columnist, dominatrix, marijuana farmer as well as an arrest for obscenity, running a marathon, surviving two terminal illnesses, cellulite and back fat, writing books, being named poet laureate, earning several degrees, (that's Dr River Huston to you), dating, marriage, moving to the country and financial ruin. This show is a unique experience because it gives you a glimpse into the life of a woman who despite all odds has overcome some harrowing life challenges and managed to find humor in all of it.

River combines her comedic talent as a standup with storytelling abilities that she has honed the last 15 years of talking with audiences as diverse as Japanese research scientists, monks, Texans and elderly gay men who want to spice up their sex life. She is able to incorporate her poetry in a way that even people who don't like poetry will find moving, interesting and engaging. If you have had a bad day or bad decade this show will make you laugh.

River Huston is an award winning poet, journalist, performer and activist. She is the author of three books of poetry, "Jesus Never Lived Here", "The Bones of Susan" and "In Which I Lost 1000 Pounds" and in 1995 was named The Poet Laureate of Bucks County. River was awarded the Dorthea Lange/ Paul Taylor award for "A Positive Life: Portraits Of Women Living With HIV" and is the creator of "Goddess: A New Guide to Feminine Wisdom". River is working on her forthcoming memoir, Thirteen Dogs and a Goat, which will be out in the spring of 2006.

She has been performing many incarnations of her one-woman show, Sex, Cellulite and Large Farm Equipment: One Girl's Guide to Living and Dying around the country from Boston to Omaha for the last 4 years in various venues including college campuses in almost every state, prisons, rehabilitation centers, theaters, cafes, bookstores, national and international conferences on health, women's issues and communicable diseases.

She has recently been working with coach, Cheryl King, who teaches internationally in Denmark, England and Wales, as well as in NY and Los Angeles and performs her own one-woman show, "not a nice girl" in theaters nationwide and abroad. Cheryl has helped River shape Sex, Cellulite and Large Farm Equipment into a truly polished, hilarious and moving performance.

Sex & Sealing Wax  | Open: 07/21/05 Close: 08/03/05
"SEX & SEALING WAX" is a one woman show about sex roles and the role sex plays in our lives. Seven characters from the past to the present get down and dirty with the way they see themselves in the media mirror – and confront archetypes that just won't go away. Meet a 1950's Bride, a ‘50's Stripper, a 70's Child trying out Barbie's latest sex roles, a conservative London Housewife of the 60's, a Long Island Divorcee, a Widow and a Latino Libertine who tells all. In a climate of rising "moral values" and shrinking "freedoms," sex roles are becoming more strictly deliniated than ever. "Sex & Sealing Wax" takes a piercing look at just how much things have really changed since the sexual revolution.
Cosmos/Ethos: From Bris to Abyss  | Open: 07/24/05 Close: 08/02/05
Cosmos/Ethos: From Bris to Abyss is composed of the solo works of Robin Goldfin (The Ethics of Rav Hymie Goldfarb) and Aaron Petrovich (A Cosmic Mishap in an Accidental Universe in America). In Ethics, a rabbinic lover of art question the misrepresentation of Jewish penises in art and finally reveals a deeper truth hidden beneath the canvas. Aaron Petrovich then awakens beneath the canvas of reality to an accidental universe organized entirely by chance in an impassioned monologue composed entirely of questions.

Excerpt from Interview:

What's your show about?

First of all, Cosmos/Ethos is a presentation of two solo works, so we're answering these questions together. In the first show, Robin plays a rabbi who loves art, God and his children but is unprepared to deal with a gay son, even though the rabbi does pay particular attention to the representation of penises in art. The play is the father's journey to love and accept his son: a little comic, a lot tragic—entirely Jewish. On the other hand, Aaron plays a man who is fairly well convinced that he would have stood a better chance with Jesus had Jesus farted in illustration of the human soul. Cosmic Mishap is an irreverent, relentless pursuit of meaning from a character who is losing a grip on tangible reality and trying to make sense of the purpose of living. Both shows, in fact, are irreverent, without losing compassion. It's a double bill ideal for anyone who is interested in exploring, along with us, the nature of the human condition. That's what drives us, anyway.

What's special about your show?

Cosmic Mishap is composed entirely of questions. We've never encountered a show like that—we don't think you have, either. We like questions. Ethics also asks plenty of them, with a Jewish intonation. And we're pleased to announce that it also includes a slide show of original watercolors by artist David Silverman, interspersed with images by Michelangelo.

What can audiences expect?

Audiences can expect passionate and compassionate writing and performances. We love the questions and we love language and out of them we make good theatre.

Passin' Time  | Open: 07/20/05 Close: 07/27/05
"PASSIN' TIME" traces the life story of Blue, who starts out as a little girl who just wants to play with Barbie dolls and live "happily ever after." But an unstable home life and molestation at the hands of a trusted baby-sitter take their toll on those dreams, and so teenage Blue re-invents herself as Joy (in the hopes of finding some). Unfortunately, Joy takes a liking to drug-dealing Boogie, who provides her with her first taste of cocaine and before long has her spiraling downward into drug addiction, homelessness and HIV-infection. Her final transformation, into the wise and all-knowing Z, forms the final part of this inspirational show.
The Mermaid  | Open: 05/05/05 Close: 05/29/05
1962: Judith begins her career as an actress at a college in Indiana.

1988: In Manhattan, Martin and his partner Ken prepare to adopt a child. Telling both stories simultaneously, The Mermaid reveals how the actions we take influence people we may never know.

A Story About Magic  | Open: 01/30/05 Close: 01/30/05
A Story About Magic is just that, a story about magic... real magic, ordinary magic, magic tricks, sleight of hand, grand illusion, and the simple magic that occurs when two people meet for the first time. Mixing magic, clowning, vaudeville and just the right amount of Vegas, A Story About Magic is a tale of two characters on an adventure through their imaginations. The work of Courtney Cunningham and Jeff Grow has been considered "delightful" (, "hilarious" (the Post), and "truly captivating" (The Village Voice)