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Todays Date: 06/28/22
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Address: 152 West 71st Street
New York, NY    10023

Location: South side of 71st Sreet, east of Broadway
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Closest subway: 1, 2, 3, 9 to 72nd Street. Walk south on Broadway to 71st Sreet to theatre

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Twelfth Night  | Open: 11/03/11 Close: 11/19/11
In TWELFTH NIGHT, Viola, a young woman shipwrecked and stranded in the seaside city of Illyria, sets a series of events into motion that create a tangled knot of mistaken identities, bewildering desires, practical jokes, and ribald revelry that only time and fortune can untie.

Inspired by the films of auteur Wong Kar-wai, Leviathan Lab’s re-imagining of Shakespeare’s classic romantic comedy will be set in Hong Kong in the 1960’s during the twelve days of Christmas. “The lush sensuality and deep sense of nostalgia that permeates the Hong Kong depicted in Wong Kar-wai’s films from the 1960’s – In the Mood for Love, Days of Being Wild – feels like the kind of Illyria that makes your heart swoon,” says Eusebio. “That feeling of being drunk on love and romantic spirit seems perfect for the world of TWELFTH NIGHT, a play very much about emotion grown to excess.” Eusebio adds, “The music of Hong Kong in the 1960’s was a crazy mix of Chinese opera stars, Nat King Cole crooned in Spanish, and a lot of 1960’s western pop imported by Filipino club musicians. This collage of musical styles provided Jason Ma with a feast of inspiration for Shakespeare’s most musical play.”
CAST: Ka-Ling Cheung*, Tina Chilip*, Chris Doi, Andrew Eisenman*, Jojo Gonzalez*, Marcus Ho*, Karen Tsen Lee*, Eugene Oh Eileen Rivera*, John Roque, Kurt Uy*, Roger Yeh
* indicates members of A ctors’ Equity A ssociation

About the Company: Leviathan Lab

Leviathan Lab is a professional creative studio founded in 2009 that includes more than 75 Asian-American actors, writers, and directors. Leviathan Lab invests in the advancement of both emerging and established Asian American performing artists by featuring them in new works by Asian American writers, in fresh interpretations of classical plays, and in original works for film, tv, and new media.

Down The Road  | Open: 06/01/11 Close: 06/26/11

A young Korean War veteran returns home to California to find his parents have died in a house fire and his wife has left him for another man.  Having no other family he leaves for Middle America in search of a distant cousin.  When he arrives, he finds a woman with five daughters living in a small town haunted by secrets.

Originally titled ARE YOU FROM DOWN THE ROAD?, the play was turned into a film titled DOWN THE ROAD, directed by Juan Reinoso.  The film won the Best Feature Filmed in Oklahoma at the 2005 BareBones International Film Festival and the DIGI award at the International Digital Cinema Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Cast: Renée-Michele Brunet, Kelsey Moore, Renée Petrofes, Vincent Petrosini, Kyla Schoer, Autumn Stein & Kristina Thompson

Understudies: Yury Lomakin, Susan Neuffer, Kaylee Souther & Natalie Wetta

The Choice One-act Festival  | Open: 03/23/11 Close: 03/27/11
The Complete Theatre Company presents The Choice One-Act Festival; which opens on March 23rd at 8:00 p.m. The evening offers a fun and unique range of works. Company actors take part in this diverse and highly theatrical exploration.  The Choice One-Act Festival celebrates and supports the achievement of emerging playwrights and directors.


The Ex, Written by Chris Fitz, Directed by Mary Birnbaum

City Life, Written by Elyse Nass, Directed by Stacee White

The Field, Written by Rachel Barclay, Directed by Ronald Grimshaw

Impotence, Written by Jeannie Hart, Directed by Michael Tartaglia

Final Destination, Written by Bryan Bradford, Directed by Alexander Casasnovas

Up and Down, Written by Peter Turo, Directed by Dina Vovsi

One Small Thing, Written by Travis W. Williams, Directed by Martin Peacock

An Impossible Love, Written by Tom Jensen, Directed by Natalie Glick

Cast: Adam Lebowitz-Lockard, Alexandra Hynes, Andrew Houlihan, Ashley Hamilton, Cassie Fireman, Christian Caldwell, Edward Snyder, Janice Bishop, Jarrod Luke, Jennifer Onvie, Joe Carr, John Mulcahy, Julie O’Neill, Leo Dority, Maria Smith, Martin Cohen, Melissa Smith, Michael Griffiths, Michael Livingston, Paul Davee, Rachel Johanson, Starsha Schiller, Renee Petrofes

Crew: Katherine Scott, Lauren Hennessy, Noelle Fair, Rachel Loebs, Victoria Weinberg

Producer: Annie Ward




About the Company: The Complete Theatre Company

The Complete Theatre Company is open to all styles and approaches that help the members reach their full potential.

Our philosophy is that 'we learn by doing.'

We believe that a well-functioning community is vital to the development of talent and an excellent theatrical experience.

Just as great individuals make for great groups, so great groups make for great individuals.

Our company is dedicated to artistic self-expression and creative interactivity.


Acting Alone  | Open: 11/05/09 Close: 11/21/09
The true story of Lee Harvey Oswald and the only story of the JFK assassination.

When Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, he was barely 24-years-old. Acting Alone reveals Oswald’s fascinating life, focusing on his peripatetic childhood, defection to the Soviet Union and unraveling marriage to his Russian bride upon their return to the United States. Told Rashomon-style through the eyes of Oswald, his enabling mother Marguerite, brother Robert and wife Marina, the play unveils the dramatic events that led to Oswald’s showdown with history at Dallas’s Dealey Plaza.

Nick Scoullar stars as Lee Harvey Oswald. Rounding out the cast are Stephen Graham as his brother Robert, Vivian Neuwirth as his mother Marguerite, and Monika Hunken as his wife Marina.

Sound Design: Noah Aronson
Production Stage Manager: Michelle Beige

My Dead Mother is Funnier Than You  | Open: 04/03/08 Close: 04/13/08
Dating in NYC sucks? You betcha. First date criers, pants-crapping setups and online dating horror stories abound as a single woman in NYC struggles to break out of bad habits with men, including her widower father.
Uncle  | Open: 02/10/07 Close: 03/04/07
The story of Brent, a young, gay, successful composer, raised in the Upper Midwest and currently residing in Manhattan, who gains the courage to confront his conservative family's beliefs when a secret photograph of a deceased uncle is discovered. Inspired by a true story, the uncle's hidden past is uncovered just as a new romance has been embarked on.
Jitter  | Open: 06/15/06 Close: 07/01/06
"JITTER" tells the story of four New York City kids, friends since high school and now in their twenties. Lyndie and Paul are engaged to be married, but Paul is still curious and would like to test the waters with Daniel. Daniel has long carried a flame for his best friend but doesn't want to be a home wrecker. Meanwhile Jo and Alice can't help fighting in the street; as these two women, passionate in love, break up for the third and final time - or is it? Lives are forever changed in the course of one night as limits are tested, boundaries broken and secrets revealed.
Freak Winds  | Open: 03/17/06 Close: 04/22/06
FREAK WINDS tells the story of brash young insurance salesman Henry Crumb, who is forced to take shelter in a stranger's house during a freak storm. The mild-mannered homeowner Ernest is not interested in Crumb's insincere sales pitch, but together with his live-in companion Myra rather indulges in displaying his own twisted intellect. A series of warped mind-games takes Crumb on a string of tantalizing twists and turns, as the smug salesman becomes a lamb to the slaughter...
Nora  | Open: 02/23/06 Close: 03/12/06
Based on Henrik Ibsen's controversial play, written in 1879, NORA centers on one woman's personal struggle for identity ... and opens a door onto a real marriage facing common problems. The Ingmar Bergman version, originally presented in Germany in 1981, is a psychological drama that "cuts to the chase" and exposes the heart of A Doll's House since it eliminates minor characters and keeps only what is vital to tell Nora's story.

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Zastrozzi: The Master of Discipline  | Open: 10/06/05 Close: 10/23/05
A swashbuckling satire set in late 19th century Europe, Zastrozzi pits its title character, a German "master criminal" and judgmental atheist, against an idealistic Italian artist and self-proclaimed "messenger of God" who has also murdered Zastrozzi's mother. Having taken several years off from his criminal escapades, Zastrozzi is committed to demise of his ideological counterpart. Although the artist has thus far managed to evade him, Zastrozzi creates a new and ingenious plot using his former lover, "the greatest seductress in Europe", to insure his enemy's destruction. Just as Zastrozzi closes in on the artist, he discovers his true nemisis to be an entirely different man.
Blood and Honey  | Open: 06/23/05 Close: 07/03/05
BLOOD and HONEY is a visceral work of image-driven theatre that illuminates women's experiences across cultural lines. Integrating movement, text, and music it takes us on a compelling journey of intimate relationships in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. The actors play multiple characters in a series of vignettes magnifying the consequences of imposed social roles and taboos. BLOOD and HONEY articulates the longings of generations past and present, and with humor and tenderness reveals our human (mis)behavior
The Two Gentlemen Of Verona  | Open: 04/07/05 Close: 04/17/05
Shakespeare's rarely-done early comedy foreshadows many of the delightful characters, zany plots and lively humor that mark all his comedies. And, it has a dog! Presented in the usual Deptford style – uncut and set in the time and place the playwright set the action.

(Brennan Roberts (as Launce, with his dog, Crab)

El Salavdor  | Open: 02/02/05 Close: 02/12/05
In El Salvador, six American journalists are stationed in a hotel suite-turned-newsroom in San Salvador during the civil war. Surrounded by combat zones and witness to the ravages of war, the men attempt to produce news footage as the villages, and their personal lives, crumble around them. Tension mounts when controversial footage of a young boy being shot by a sniper is thrown into the mix. El Salvador is a timely and compelling look at the effect of the media on war coverage and the effect of war on the human mind and spirit.