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New York, NY    10018

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To Nineveh  | Open: 10/21/05 Close: 11/13/05
Rebekah and Isaac, parents to two grown sons, Jacob and Esau, struggle to make their way through their temptations, their sins, and their duties as the two young men prepare for their adulthood, and their roles in a more than normal family.For Isaac is the lawyer of God, Esau, the older son, the man to follow in his footsteps, Jacob the rebel, struggling with his own sexuality, at odds with all, but the favorite of Rebekah.

If the story sounds familiar it should.It's the dusty Old Testament tale, told in the present, of Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau: the tale of the struggle for power past birthright, of the deception used to achieve, and the question of who truly deserves.

A world premiere


Pulling Teeth  | Open: 07/21/05 Close: 08/07/05
Seth and Katie love God, oatmeal cookies, and each other. The only blight on their model Christian lifestyle is when Seth brings his work home. Their life consists of a sweet, simple routine: after Bible study, Katie cooks Seth's dinner while Seth removes the identifiable body parts of his latest "job." When a botched "job" comes back to haunt him, Seth and Katie will have to decide what, if anything, will make them directly participate in something they know is very, very wrong. A very dark comedy.
More for Your Money Festival  | Open: 04/28/05 Close: 05/15/05
Marvelous an allegorical comedy with music dealing with the draft, U.S. Foreign Policy, and Israeli/Palestinian Conflict. As the last eligible soldier of Propitiam, Billy Zzylk must deal with Kings, Sandboxes, and spontaneous musical numbers in his quest to return home to his wife and start a family.

Green is a surrealist/tragi-comedy about soldier recently returned from Iraq trying to regain his life and sense of normalcy. No atttempts at political statements here, people, just a real story with real people and, well, talking guns and cigarettes.

Intercourse revolves around two roommates, Zach and Caleb, who have just graduated from college. The play deals with their issues with relationships, one in the beginning stages and the other having been involved for several years, and their coping with making the transition into the real world.

Thursday through Saturday evenings at 8:00pm, Matinees on Sundays at 2:00pm. Green and Marvelous Misadventures... run together startinng April 28th-May 8th. Intercourse runs May 12th-May 15th. Tickets are $10, $8 dollars for Senior Citizens and Students with Valid ID. for Ticket information call 917-721-5637 or purchase tickets online at