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Esai’s Table  | Open: 03/19/20 Close: 04/25/20
Following the journey of three young black men, ESAI'S TABLE takes place on a mythical night-sea where destiny meets eternity atop an ancient magical table. It is an epic tale of black lives, friendship, family and love.

The Making Of) How to Save the World in 90 Minutes  | Open: 03/04/20 Close: 03/14/20
Cherry Lane Theatre (Angelina Fiordellisi, Executive Director;  Seri Lawrence, Artistic Director) is proud to announce a workshop presentation of a new work, The Making Of) How to Save the World in 90 Minutes by writer/composer Shawn Randall, directed by Alfredo Narciso and mentored by Diana Oh ({my lingerie play}). Performances will run March 4 – 14, 2020, at the Cherry Lane Studio Theatre (38 Commerce Street). For tickets, schedule and more information, please visit

What if all the world’s problems stem from the lack of these three things – awareness, knowledge, and empathy? Observe, and participate if you choose, as a group of humans create the frequency of music, words, and movement to achieve an extraordinary goal: To Save The World. Shawn Randalls (The Making Of) How to Save the World in 90 Minutes combines spoken word, music, improvisation, and movement towards collective transformation.

Mayakovsky and Stalin’  | Open: 10/17/19 Close: 11/10/19
Legendary poet/playwright and off-off Broadway pioneer Murray Mednick will direct the New York City premiere of his newest work, Mayakovsky and Stalin, at the Cherry Lane Theatre for a four-week run beginning Oct. 17. Opening Oct. 19 – Nov .10 The newest work from legendary poet/playwright and off-off Broadway pioneer Murray Mednick is a dramatic character study incorporating historical footage and photos to explore two distantly connected relationships: that of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and his wife Nadya, and of Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and his married lover and “muse” Lilya Brik. The Cherry Lane Theatre is located at 38 Commerce St., New York, NY 10014.

For more information and to purchase tickets, call 866-811-4111or go to

Original Sound  | Open: 04/30/19 Close: 06/08/19
A young Nuyorican beat maker calls out a rising pop star for ripping off his track. ORIGINAL SOUND is a fierce, funny, musical journey through the heart of an unforgiving industry.


ORIGINAL SOUND will begin its limited run on April 30 and run through June 8, 2019, celebrating its opening night on May 9, 2019, at the Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce Street, NYC). It will play Monday – Friday at 7 pm; Saturday Matinees at 5 pm and 9 pm. NO SHOWS on Sunday (Exception: No performances on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27; Added show on Friday, May 31 at 5 pm & 9 pm). Running time is 90 minutes and tickets to ORIGINAL SOUND are $55 general admission ($45 previews); $85 premium tickets ($75 previews)  and are available by visiting, by calling 866-811-4111 or by visiting the Cherry Lane Theatre Box Office.


ACTUALLY, WE’RE F**KED  | Open: 02/26/19 Close: 04/07/19
In ACTUALLY, WE’RE F**KED, four millennials order take-out every Thursday, drink too much wine and argue over how to rescue the planet.  They know the world is a dumpster fire, and they’re the generation to fix it.  That is, until someone makes a life-changing announcement that challenges their beliefs, their relationships and whether babies should have their own Instagram accounts

The Maturation Of An Inconvenient Negro  | Open: 02/20/19 Close: 03/02/19
 Wednesday, February 20 and run through March 2 at the Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce Street, NYC).  Tickets are $25  and can be purchased by visiting or by calling 866-811-4111.


This solo show of heightened poetry and raw self-reflection takes the audience on the subversive journey of a young Black man coming into himself, as he struggles to break free of what he holds onto most tightly. In The Maturation of an Inconvenient Negro No one is safe. Nothing is sacred.

First Love  | Open: 06/07/18 Close: 07/08/18
Cherry Lane Theatre (Seri Lawrence, Janio Marrero, Co-Artistic Directors) is proud to announce that Academy Award nominee Michael O’Keefe and Angelina Fiordellisi will star in its upcoming Founder’s Project presentation of Charles L. Mee’s FIRST LOVE, directed by Kim Weild. Performances will begin on June 7, the production will open on June 14, and run through July 8 at Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce Street). Tickets are $65-$95 and are available at $65-$95

A couple in their sixties meet and fall in love—for the first time in their lives. Through the eyes of celebrated playwright Charles L. Mee, First Love embraces Edith and Harold as they work their way toward one another through the accumulated baggage of their lives, wondering if they can avoid sabotaging the last chance for love they'll ever have.


"The Only Hills We've Ever Had" by Audrey Webb Reading  | Open: 04/23/18 Close: 04/23/18
Reading of 2018 Judith Barlow Prize Winner Audrey Webb's play, "The Only Hills We've Ever Had" on Monday, April 23rd at 7pm at the Cherry Lane Theatre.

The Annual Judith Barlow Prize is awarded to a student playwright for an exceptional one-act play inspired by the work of an historic female playwright, and is awarded by not-for-profit History Matters/Back to the Future.

A national coalition of theater professionals with an entirely unique mission, History Matters/Back to the Future promotes the study and production of celebrated women playwrights of the past and their plays in colleges, universities, and theaters throughout the country and seeks responses to those plays by contemporary playwrights.

Anyone interested can RSVP here to this free event:

The Traveling Lady  | Open: 06/07/17 Close: 07/16/17
Penned by the beloved playwright and master storyteller Horton Foote, THE TRAVELING LADY is the unforgettable tale of an intrepid woman who journeys to a small town in 1950’s Texas to reunite with her husband upon his release from prison.  A poignant story of loss and redemption, THE TRAVELING LADY looks into the heart and soul of America. 

THE DOOPLES IN THE LAND OF DOO - the Musical  | Open: 12/15/15 Close: 12/20/15
"...Once upon a time...a long, long time ago there was a land so far away that nobody has yet to find it. The name of this land was "Doo" and the people who lived there were very friendly writing tools, called "Dooples".

Those Who Can't Do  | Open: 11/01/13 Close: 11/08/13

Young teacher Lillian finds herself in the middle of a high school sex scandal involving her grade nine girls and the majority of the senior hockey team. In order to battle the humiliation and sexual shame forced upon the girls, she must first battle her own.  See more at

Knyum  | Open: 10/27/13 Close: 11/03/13

To supplement his meager artistic life, Guy works graveyard shifts at the Hotel East Houston in New York City. Between the hours of 11pm and 7am, the hotel lobby transforms into a theater for Guy’s dreams and nightmares. In this space, he encounters his parents, Ma and Ba and their stories of sacrifice as survivors of the genocide in Cambodia. The hours drudge on as Guy tries to find relative answers to the questions that plague him the most: Where are you from? Where are you going?  See more at

The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook  | Open: 10/19/13 Close: 11/02/13
The All For One Festival presents, The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook, a solo show for young audiences. Born without his right hand, David has spent a majority of his life trying to complete checkpoints on his journey to be “normal.” On this journey to get there, David dealt with bullying, exclusion, and loneliness. In turn he used his creativity to eventually become the unlikely hero at recess. The Boy Who Would be Captain Hook is a smart and important story for children and parents alike about acceptance and inclusion and how to not let circumstances peel away who we really are as human beings. 

About the Company: The All For One Festival

The All For One Theater Festival presents outstanding solo shows that inform and inspire, together with workshops and panels to enhance the development and appreciation of solo performance. The festival serves as a curated gateway to a network of performing and teaching opportunities that All For One has begun, and will continue, to build. 

A Little Potato and Hard to Peel  | Open: 10/20/13 Close: 10/27/13

In his warm, smart, and engaging autobiographical solo show, David Harrell delivers a hilarious and insightful look at living with a disability. He was born without his right hand. His parents, having never known anyone with a disability, promised he would never be different. He soon realizes, however, the metal hook he wears on his right hand does in fact make him feel different.  See more at

Another Medea  | Open: 10/19/13 Close: 10/26/13

The incarcerated Marcus Sharp, a charismatic and enigmatic onetime New York actor, recounts in gruesome detail how his obsessions with a wealthy doctor named Jason and the myth of Medea lead to horrific, unspeakable events.  This provocative, minimalist meta-monodrama is an examination of the use and prevalence of myth in our lives as well as the dangers in becoming too immersed in a role.  See showtimes and more at

Beyond Words  | Open: 10/12/13 Close: 10/19/13

One the most acclaimed multi-disciplinary artists in America today, Bill Bowers employs an eloquent mixture of music, monologues and mime in his on-going investigation of the silence surrounding the enigmatic matters of gender in our culture today.  Often compared to Chaplin and Keaton, he has performed throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For Beyond Words, Bowers draws his characters from life and moves beyond mere anecdotes to create a vibrant and visual poetry.  See more at

The Other Mozart  | Open: 10/12/13 Close: 10/19/13

The story of Nannerl Mozart, the sister of Amadeus. It tells the true story of this prodigy, a keyboard virtuoso and composer, who as a child toured through all of Europe performing with her brother, to equal acclaim, but who faded away and left behind nothing of her own.  See more at

About the Company: All For One Theatre Festival

The All For One Theater Festival is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of solo performance.  The annual Festival takes place in New York City and offers extraordinary solo theater, workshops and panels to increase awareness and appreciation of the form.  After the Festival, the organization works year around to book AFO shows in order to create sustainable opportunities for solo artists and teachers.  AFO also works to create opportunities in education and community engagement for all solo artists.  See more at

Slut Energy Theory  | Open: 10/12/13 Close: 10/19/13

One woman’s story about abuse, laughter, life, & pushin’ on through to the other side. Told through music, spoken word and monologue, U’Dean Morgan speaks her mind as an elderly, yet ageless, woman whose harrowing life experiences have left her anything but speechless. From the opening song, she tells you exactly what she thinks about sex, heaven, lies, truth, you, herself and whatever else you might ask her – if you have the nerve!  See more at

A Carlin Home Companion  | Open: 10/11/13 Close: 10/18/13

Deftly weaving her amusing yet poignant family stories with classic video footage of her father’s career and family memorabilia, Kelly Carlin, the only child of iconoclastic comedian George Carlin, takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions and pulls back the curtain on their life together off stage. Chronicling over forty years of her life with her father, Kelly warmly yet honestly reveals not only what it was like to be swept up by his life and career, but the struggles of their father/daughter relationship and ultimately what it took for Kelly to find her own place in the world.  See more at

No Escape  | Open: 10/30/12 Close: 11/18/12

Kairos Italy Theater--the preeminent Italian theater company in NY, proudly presents “NO ESCAPE,” four One-Acts by Dino Buzzati, commemorating the 40th anniversary of his death. Buzzati, known as “the Italian Kafka,” was one of the most significant Italian cultural figures of the last century. 

The 4 works will be presented in English and the original Italian, respectively, and will star: Ilaria Amadasi, Laura Caparrotti, Rosemary Fine, Lucia Grillo, Emily McNamara, Marta Mondelli, Amy Frances Quint and the great Italian film and theatre actress Lydia Biondi. The Monologues will be directed by Laura Caparrotti and other company members. Set Design by Lucretia Moroni. 

The featured one-acts include: THE SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR/LA TELEFONISTA (McNamara/Quint), THE CLOCK/L’OROLOGIO (Grillo/Amadasi), ALONE AT HOME/SOLA IN CASA (Fine/Biondi) and STRIPTEASE/SPOGLIARELLO (Mondelli/Caparrotti). 

Written in the late 1950s, these solo pieces represent the dark side of “La Dolce Vita.” These passionate and proud women are trapped in their respective lives. A criminal news reporter for 30 years, Buzzati brings that experiences to these monologues proving he is a master of irony  as he examines such themes as solitude and death. 

Ticket 2 Eternity  | Open: 08/14/12 Close: 08/25/12

Ticket 2 Eternity follows our young actor Dan, as his parents’ insane need for him to be famous sends him hurdling from his past to present as an over-eager reporter forces him to reveal his real desire - to be a waiter. Chasing fame never tasted so good!


Ticket 2 Eternity stars Adyana de la Torre, Brendan Wahlers, Laris Macario and Jay Rivera. Directed by Javier Perez-Karam. Assistant Directed by Angela Rodriguez. Stage Management by David Alejandro Smith. Set/Lighting Design by Sarah Cogan. Sound Design by Andy Cohen.  Choreography by Carlos Neto. Music by Maria Linares.  


Please visit for more info about cast and crew.


Ticket 2 Eternity Productions Inc was formed in November 2010, and since then has produced 4 one –act play festivals featuring original works by local playwrights, and over a dozen readings and events. Ticket 2 Eternity Productions was originally formed by Company Director, Adyana de la Torre with Jay Rivera and Brendan Wahlers to bring actors, writers, and directors together to produce works that inspire hope, illuminate reality and tickle the heart strings. Matthew Ethan Davis, Writer in Residence.


Cherry Lane Studio Theatre is located at 38 Commerce St. 3 blocks south of Christopher Street and 2 blocks west of 7thAve. 1 Train to Christopher St.

Pieces  | Open: 08/11/12 Close: 08/19/12

When an openly gay Hollywood power player is brutally murdered, his body parts distributed around the city of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Public Defender Rory Dennis is assigned the defense of Shane Holloway, the damaged young man accused of the crime.  While unlocking Shane’s past, Rory is forced to confront his own scorching ambivalence about his place in a community to which he’s lost almost all connection.  Pieces examines a culture fighting against fragmentation even as it moves toward unprecedented social and political visibility, and the personal cost of divisiveness within a people still shaping its identity.
Chris Phillips was raised in Austin, Texas, and while attending UT Austin, began writing and performing his own work in scholastic competition. Once in Los Angeles, he worked as a contributing film reviewer for MOVIELINE and OUT magazines, which led to his editorial work at FRONTIERS (2001-05).  A musical he co-wrote, Dreams, was selected as one of six new works in the 2010 Disney/ASCAP workshop directed by Stephen Schwartz. Chris directed a workshop production of his first play, Revolver, as part of the CT Tuesdays new works program at Celebration Theatre. Revolver received a GLAAD Media Award nomination for Outstanding Los Angeles Theatre.  Chris directed a short film adapted from one of the vignettes featured inRevolver, "“the things i cannot change,"” which screened at the Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in 2011.  Returning to CT Tuesdays, he directed the workshop of his second play, Elysian Fields, which was then chosen for presentation at last years’ New York International Fringe Festival, where the play enjoyed a sold-out run and received an Individual Performance award for one of its cast members. Chris was chosen as an award recipient by the Robert Chesley Foundation, which supports the work of LGBT playwrights. Chris is proud to report that Revolver will receive its premiere full production as part of Celebration Theatre's 30th anniversary season in 2013.
Brian Zimmer (Director) graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.  Following graduation, Brian worked as an actor for local Minnesota theatres such as Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Park Square, and Minnesota Opera.  After years of performing, Brian turned his focus to choreography and directing, working with several high schools throughout Minnesota.  He then relocated to California, directing productions for the San Diego Junior Theatre.  After a six-year break from the theatre world, Brian returned to his true love, and in 2011 had the privilege of Assistant Directing two productions with Damaso Rodriguez at A Noise Within theatre in Pasadena -- Tennessee Williams’ Eccentricities of a Nightingaleand Eugene O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms -- reigniting his passion for the stage. 
We Play For The Gods  | Open: 06/01/12 Close: 06/23/12
Women's Project will end its 34th season with an off-Broadway show of epic proportions when seven playwrights, four directors, three producers and five actors collaborate on one world premiere play titled from the famous Ellen Stewart quote We Play for The Gods.
We Play for The Gods stars Annie Golden, Amber Gray, Alexandra Henrikson, Irene Sofia Lucio and Erika Rolfsud.  It begins performances Friday, June 1, at 8:00pm, opens Monday, June 11, at 7:30pm for a run through Saturday, June 23, at the Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce Street. 

 "We Play for the Gods was prompted by the question 'on whose shoulders do we­as women theater artists­stand?'" said Women's Project Producing Artistic Director Julie Crosby.  “This question led 14 artists of the Women's Project Lab to Ellen Stewart, the legendary founder of La Mama who in the 1960s blew open the doors of dramatic expression and gave voice to an extraordinary and diverse generation of theater artists.  Inspired by her words, 'We play for the Gods and in return, they play for us,'this collaborative play was developed at Women’s Project over eighteen months, three workshops, abundant good humor, and the occasional mojito."

 We Play for the Gods is the tale of four ordinary women working in a research institute ­Annie Golden, Amber Gray, Irene Sofia Lucio and Erika Rolfsud­and one trickster goddess, Alexandra Henrikson, who messes around with their lives as only a deity can.

 The designers are Jennifer Moeller, scenery; Moria Sine Clinton, costumes, Scott Bolman, lighting; and Stowe Nelson, sound.  Zac Chandler is stage manager, assisted by Julie DeVore.

About the Company: Women's Project

Now under the leadership of Julie Crosby, Producing Artistic Director, Women's Project remains devoted to its mission of producing and promoting theater created by women. To that end, we:

women’s perspectives on a wide variety of political, social, international, religious, and cultural topics

established and emerging women artists at WP’s home, the Julia Miles Theater

*Mentor exceptional writers, directors, and producers through WP’s Lab

new works and classic plays by women in readings and workshops

new works and adaptations of classic plays by women

on behalf of women theater artists within the national and international professional theater

students in grades 1-12 about the cultural and historic significance of women theater artists

women of achievement from a variety of fields at our annual Gala

audiences and theater professionals to the power and range of women theater artists.

Letters To Clio - Part Ii, Margarita  | Open: 08/14/10 Close: 08/14/10
Buenos Aires, Argentina. March 24, 1976. A military coup overthrows the democratic government. Their goal is to crush any perceived “subversives”. In her home, Margarita waits for her 21-year-old daughter Rosa to return. But Rosa never returns.

Based on first hand interviews, this one woman-show tells the riveting tale of the voices of the Mothers of Argentina¸ Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo. Adorning different characters Ms. Jones presents a captivating picture of a woman’s struggle and growth as she moves from her role as wife and mother to that of political advocate. Wearing a white kerchief and carrying a photo of her missing daughter in her hands, Margarita marches every Thursday with other women like her. They circle the Plaza de Mayo, their voices representing hundreds of missing faces.

Call Me William  | Open: 07/18/10 Close: 07/24/10
You might know Willa Cather as the Pulitzer Prize winning author of My Antonia and Death Comes to the Archbishop; what you might not know is that she was a cross-dressing lesbian in Nebraska in 1890, and that she had an adoring secretary/ life partner who called herself "Willa Cather's slave."

Prudence Wright Holmes has performed on and off Broadway and in many regional theatres. On Broadway, she appeared with Meryl Streep in Happy End, Maggie Smith in Lettice and Lovage, George C. Scott in Inherit the Wind, The Light in the Piazza at Lincoln Center and on the National tour. She also had featured roles in the films Sister Act I and I with Whoopi Goldberg, Kingpin with Woody Harrelson and In Dreams with Annette Bening, My Own Love Song  with Renee Zellweger and After.Life with Liam Neeson. She wrote and performed her solo show Bexley, OH! at New York Theatre Workshop.

She is the author of Monologue Mastery and Voices of Thinking Jewish Women (Biblio Press 2003) . She has read her work at KGB Red Room, The Living Room, and the Cornelia Street Café.





Nunsense  | Open: 07/01/10 Close: 07/16/10
The 25th Anniversary Revival On its original stage!

NUNSENSE follows the riotous escapades of five nuns from the Little Sisters of Hoboken who realize that one of their own, Sister Julia, Child of God, has accidentally poisoned to death 52 fellow nuns in the convent while the quintet was off playing Bingo.  The show's musical numbers include "Nunsense is Habit-Forming," "So You Want to be a Nun," "The Dying Nun Ballet," "Baking with the BVM" and "Holier Than Thou."

Winner of four Outer Critics Circle Awards, including Best Off-Broadway Musical, Nunsense has become a must-see international phenomenon. It made its Off-Broadway debut at Cherry Lane in 1985 and returns this summer to commemorate its silver anniversary. Join the Sisters of Hoboken as they put on their infamously funny talent show that will surely tap dance its way to your heart.


Paternity  | Open: 05/18/10 Close: 05/29/10
Cherry Lane Theatre's 12th annual Mentor Project.

Mentored by Craig Lucas - author of the plays PRELUDE TO A KISS, RECKLESS and THE DYING GAUL, and a Tony nominee for his book of the musical A LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA - Winter Miller's chaotically funny play PATERNITY is about a woman who wants to have a baby and be a single mother, and the man who happens to love her madly and challenges her decision.  In addition to mentoring Ms. Miller's play, Mr. Lucas will also direct PATERNITY. Two time Tony Award-nominee Daphne Rubin Vega will portray Tina (the youg woman who wishes to become a single mother), additional casting is TBA.

Cherry Lane Theatre's 12th Annual Mentor Project  | Open: 03/16/10 Close: 05/29/10
3 World-Premiere plays, by 
3 emerging playwrights, mentored by 
3 award-winning playwrights.

Performance dates, directors, initial casting and design team are set for the Cherry Lane Theatre's 12th annual Mentor Project - which includes the world-premiere of three plays by emerging writers: Ruth McKee's STRAY, directed by Giovanna Sardelli (BENGAL TIGER AT THE BAGHDAD ZOO) and mentored by David Henry Hwang, performing March 16th through March 27th; Nate Rufus Edelman's THE BELLE OF BELFAST, directed by Eric Tucker (CLOSER) and mentored by Charles Fuller, performing April 27th through May 8th; and Winter Miller's PATERNITY, mentored and directed by celebrated playwright Craig Lucas, performing May 18th through May 29th,  all at the Cherry Lane Theatre Studio Theatre (38 Commerce Street).

Winner of an American Theatre Wing Award, a Village Voice Obie Award and the Dramatist Guild's James Kirkwood Award for fostering new work by contemporary playwrights, Cherry Lane Theatre's Mentor Project each year pairs a new writer with an established playwright for a season of script development, casting, rehearsal and world-premiere productions of their works for the stage.  Mentor Project has become an important national launching pad for new writers and their plays:  later this year, Mentor Project playwright Sheila Callaghan's play LASCIVIOUS SOMETHING will be presented Off-Broadway in a co-production between Cherry Lane Theatre and the Women's Project, and just last year Cherry Lane presented an Off-Broadway engagement of Deidre O'Connor's critically-acclaimed play JAILBAIT at its third and newest performance space, The Cherry Pit in Greenwich Village.

The Mentor Project continues Cherry Lane Theatre's long and rich history of presenting works by both emerging and seasoned playwrights that reveal the social consciousness of our ever-changing world.  Now 83 years old, and New York's longest, continuously-running Off-Broadway theatre, Cherry Lane is known as "the birthplace of Off-Broadway," and since the 1920's has been home to such iconoclastic writers as O'Neill, Saryan, Auden, Albee, Odets, Orton, Mamet, Lanford Wilson, and many others. 

The Belle Of Belfast  | Open: 04/27/10 Close: 05/08/10
Cherry Lane Theatre's 12th annual Mentor Project.

Mentored by Charles Fuller, who won the Pulitzer Prize for A SOLDIER'S PLAY and is the author of the plays ZOOMAN AND THE SIGN and THE BROWNSVILLE RAID, Nate Rufus Edelman's sharp and darkly witty play THE BELLE OF BELFAST is about seventeen-year-old Anne Malloy, who is lost and angry after the tragic killing of her parents to a terrorist's bomb. Like many who suffered and survived during Ireland's "Troubles", she turns to the comforts of her local parish. However, her passion is not for the Church, but for her confessor and confidant Father Reilly, forcing both to re-evaluate where one finds solace and faith during a time of conflict.  Directed by Eric Tucker, THE BELLE OF BELFAST has a cast which includes Evan Thompson (CITY OF ANGESL, 1776), Elvy Yost ("Bandslam" with Lisa Kudrow and Vanessa Hudgens), Katie Fabel (The Irish Rep's ERNEST IN LOVE), Sam Redford (Academy Award-nominated THE HURT LOCKER), and Terry Donnelly (THE YEATS PROJECT).

Stray  | Open: 03/16/10 Close: 03/27/10
Cherry Lane Theatre's 12th annual Mentor Project.

Mentored by David Henry Hwang - winner of the 1988 Tony Award for Best Play for M BUTTERFLY, and a Tony nominee in 1998 for GOLDEN CHILD - Ruth McKee's racially charged play STRAY concerns James and Rachel, who seem like the perfect parents: well-educated, successful, middle-class...white. But when their adopted son from Uganda is threatened with expulsion from school, they are confronted with the real challenges of parenting a traumatized child in suburban America.  Directed by Giovanna Sardelli, STRAY has a cast which includes Emily Ackerman (ReENTRY, THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY), Brianne Bergson, Antony Hagopian (FROST/NIXON), Petronia Paley (ON THE WAY TO TIMBUKTU, "Guiding Light"), and Lisa Ramirez (EXIT CUCKOO).

Extinction  | Open: 02/13/10 Close: 03/14/10
With a cast featuring James Roday, Michael Weston, Amanda Detmer and Stefanie E. Frame, EXTINCTION is Mr. McKinley's play about what transpires between two college buddies whose annual outing of male-bonding and debauchery veers precipitously off course when unmet expectations spiral into a volatile showdown.

EXTINCTION will be presented Off-Broadway by Red Dog Squadron in association with the Cherry Lane Theatre. The actor Dule Hill, Mr. Roday's co-star on "Psych," is also a producer of the play.

Gabe McKinley's plays include "Welcome Home Rock Rogers," "The Kitchen Sink Play," "Funny" and "Floodplains." His play "The Grave" was the winner of the Samuel French Short Play Festival, while another short play, "Hero's Grave" was recently performed at London's Old Vic. Playwright McKinley comes from a family of scribes, including brothers James and Jesse, writers for The New York Times.

James Roday stars as 'Shawn Spencer' in the upcoming fifth season of the USA Network original series "Psych." His New York stage credits include "The Three Sisters (Off-Broadway)," "Twelfth Night," "A Respectable Wedding," and "Severity's Mistress". Mr. Roday studied theater at New York University's Experimental Theatre Wing and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. He has also starred in several feature film roles including, "Beerfest," "Don't Come Knocking," "Rolling Kansas," and "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Michael Weston has appeared Off-Broadway in "Snakebit" and in Kenneith Lonnergan's "The Waverly Gallery" (Pasadena Playhouse) and several plays at Williamstown Theatre Festival. Film credits include: "The Last Kiss," "State of Play," "Pathology," "Garden State," "Dukes of Hazzard," "Hart's War," "Lucky Numbers," "Looking For Sunday," "Wedding Daze," and "Coyote Ugly." He's had recurring roles on "Six Feet Under," "Scrubs," "Law and Order: SVU," and currently "House" on Fox-TV.

Amanda Detmer's earned her MFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Stage credits include Cecily in "The Importance of Being Earnest" and Constanza in "Amadeus" at the Guthrie Theatre. Film and television credits: Saving Silverman, The Majestic, "Drop Dead Gorgeous," "Law &Order," and others. She currently has a recurring role as Morgan Gellman on "Private Practice".

Stefanie E. Frame's credits include "Love Sick," (FringeNYC) and "Twelfth Night," (Lake George Theatre Lab). She has appeared in several independent films, including "You Don't Know Me" (Audience Choice Award, NYC Downtown Short Film Festival). Stefanie also narrated "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives" (PBS NOVA) and played Renee in "The Kill Point" (Spike TV).

Wayne Kasserman directed the L.A. premiere of EXTINCTION. He is a founding partner and creative director at NYCOLLECTIVE in NYC, where he produces film and theater projects (most recently IOWA 08). As an actor, his credits include major roles in theatrical productions, as well as work on television series such as "Knight Rider", "The Kill Point", "Crash", "Law &Order" and "The Jury." BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, MFA from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

EXTINCTION has scenic design by Steven C. Kemp, lighting design by Mike Durst and costume design by Gali Noy.


A World Elsewhere! Arias In The Key Of Clown  | Open: 08/15/09 Close: 08/27/09
"It's OK to be lost... But I want to be lost with you.”

A World Elsewhere! Arias in the Key of Clown is a story about love, loss, loneliness, and community in the big city. Using exlusively gibberish language, musical movement and vocals and traditional European clowing techniques, this ensemble based collaboration analyzes the migration of the artist to New York City and all the possibilities that lie therin. The ensemble of wanderers, captained by director/creator Ben Newman, begins an investigation into these themes with humor, art, beauty and love.
“The tradition of clowning demands that the human experience deny nothing. This inherently gives an audience the opportunity to look at the world in such a way they haven't before, and walk out of the theatre with an appreciation of the storm we all choose to live in.” –Ben Newman, Director-

This funny & inspirational ensemble collaboration depicts the migration of artists to NYC & all the possibilities therein. Inspired by traditional European clowning techniques, actors use movement & gibberish to tell the tale of love, loss and A World Elsewhere!

Featuring- Justin Ness*, Lucy McRae, Melissa Johnson, Andrew Harriss, Trevor Dallier, Monica Moreau and Neil Fennell

The Painters Project  | Open: 05/21/09 Close: 05/30/09
An evening of short plays by seven performers about seven famous artists: Van Gogh, Magritte, Klimt, Dali, Hopper, Bacon and Pollock.  Written and performed by Tristan Grigsby, Guen Donahue, Mauro Bossi, Sophia Remolde, Dinh Doan, Dara O’Brien, David Shih

Keep Your Eyes Open  | Open: 08/20/08 Close: 08/23/08
Keep Your Eyes Open is an original play written and performed by 5th and 6th grade NYC girls. It is the FIRST play created by children to be selected for FringeNYC. Keep Your Eyes Open is a one-act satire detailing the unexpected journey into the world of Winnifred, a frustrated, enthusiastic, outspoken, hopeful, tech-savvy 10-year-old on a mission to find female role models. Join Winnie and the girls of Westbrook Middle School as they navigate the rocky waters of 5th grade and voice their insightful concerns and perspectives on an age run amok thanks to tabloid magazines, America's Next Top Model, Soulja Boy, Disney, sexist gym teachers, and...a history of unsung superwomen!!
Van Driver  | Open: 05/09/08 Close: 06/07/08
Take a magic carpet ride with Van Driver! Wordsmith, World-explorer, Mind-tripper and Revolutionary. Waldo : "Van" Driver and friends thrill audiences throughout May (Friday and Saturday nights) with their multimedia circus of the wild, weird and wonderful. Regarded by some as a prophet and others as a madman, Van's often outlandish, but eerily insightful world views are undeniably life-altering! For more about Van visit ~ Theater with an E/R!!
The World Premiere of The Mercy Swing  | Open: 08/10/07 Close: 08/25/07
This psychological sex tale blends painful truth and raucous humor to tell the story of Rachel, 20-something New York woman of privilege who recreates sexual experiences she had as a young woman with every man she meets. No one can stop her from repeating events that happened on The Mercy Swing.
The Long Ride Home - a journey in 791 miles  | Open: 07/20/07 Close: 07/22/07
How far would you go to get the one you want...back? THE LONG RIDE HOME is a journey of first love, lost love and second chances. In 1994, we meet a young Paul and James as they take a road trip to Savannah where they suddenly find their relationship to be more real than they ever expected. Frightened by the possibilities, they part ways. Seven years later, we meet an older and hopefully wiser Paul and James, portrayed by two different actors, who decide to give their relationship a second chance. But some wounds never heal. As James struggles to battle his addictions, Paul loses more than he ever thought possible. Will the two overcome their past and be able to love each other, imperfections and all? And will the many roads they travel finally lead them back home?

This production contains adult themes and nudity

The Memory of Water  | Open: 05/17/07 Close: 06/02/07
The Memory of Water is a tender, comedic examination of the layers of memory and the ties of family; memories that shape who we think we are. When their mother dies from the complications of Alzheimer's, Mary, Teresa, and Catherine all return to the family home in the north of England. As they sift through their mother's belongings the three sisters also sift through their own often contradicting memories of childhood. Past secrets and present expectations come to light as this dark comedy unfolds in a witty and moving exploration of how love and family leave their marks on us. (Winner of the 2000 Olivier Award for Best Comedy.)

The Production is a NYC Equity Showcase

Starring: Victoria Bundonis*, Zoe Frazer, Borden Hallowes*, Abby Overton*, Karen Sternberg, Todd Reichart

Hearts and Minds  | Open: 06/24/06 Close: 06/24/06
Hearts and Minds, takes place in post 9/11, mid-Iraq America. While traveling through an airport, Anton experiences love-at-first-sight, then arrest and interrogation from paranoid, pre-emptive airport security on the hunt for terrorists. Love, like luggage, is lost and found, and so is Anton's sense of security.
All That Fall  | Open: 05/24/06 Close: 06/03/06
The play follows Maddy Rooney, an ancient woman "destroyed with sorrow and pining and gentility and church-going and fat and rheumatism and childlessness," on a perilous journey to the train station to meet her blind husband on his birthday (he "may be a hundred") and accompany him home through the wind and the rain. On the way she encounters a succession of vivid characters (All That Fall has the largest cast of any of Beckett's plays), most based on people Beckett knew in his youth. The play is a riotous, existential romp that is so rich with innuendo it has been called "a tour-de-force in audial pornography."
Girl  | Open: 04/25/06 Close: 05/06/06
This searingly honest story depicts the inner lives of three girls, revealing how they deal with absent fathers, former best friends, sex, drugs, self-abuse and date rape - no one said being a girl was easy.
Hoodo Love  | Open: 04/04/06 Close: 04/15/06
In a southern tale of love, magic, jealousy and secrets, Toulou escapes from the Mississippi Delta cotton fields, to pursue her dream of singing the blues in Memphis. When she meets a rambling blues man, the notorious Ace of Spades, this dream is realized in a way she could never have imagined.
Hick & Holden  | Open: 01/11/06 Close: 02/17/06
In this romantic comedy, a college student from India comes to the U.S. to study engineering, but ends up getting a first-hand look at the other electives America has to offer, like Sex, Porn, Violence and The Catcher in the Rye.

Also coming up...

MENTOR PROJECT 2006 3 new plays by 3 emerging playwrights
Be there for the first PUBLIC READINGS!

HOODOO LOVE by Katori Hall, mentored by Lynn Nottage
In a southern tale of love, magic, jealousy and secrets, Toulou escapes from the Mississippi Delta cotton fields to pursue her dream of singing the blues in Memphis. When she meets a rambling blues man, the notorious Ace of Spades, she realizes her dream in a way she could never have imagined.
Public Reading Monday, January 23rd at 2:00pm

LASCIVIOUS SOMETHING by Sheila Callaghan, mentored by Michael Weller. August fled the country to be with his beautiful young Greek bride on a secluded Mediterranean island, where he planted a modest vineyard. Now, Reagan's in the White House, his wife is pregnant, his crop is robust, and he is about to experience his first wine tasting, when a woman in a large-brimmed hat arrives.
Public Reading Monday, January 30th at 2:00pm

GIRL. by Megan Mostyn-Brown, mentored by Theresa Rebeck
This searingly honest story depicts the inner lives of three girls, revealing how they deal with absent fathers, former best friends, sex, drugs, self-abuse and date one said being a girl was easy.
Public Reading Monday, February 6th at 2:00pm

Public Readings are open to the public, $10 suggested donation. Reserve at 212-989-2020

Cherry Lane Theatre is located at 38 Commerce Street, 3 blocks south of Christopher Street, west of 7th Ave.

Phaedra X 3  | Open: 11/29/05 Close: 12/22/05
New York-based, international touring theater company
proudly presents
Phaedra x 3
Three provocative adaptations of one tragic tale of desire and ruin
Performed in rep
Directed by Ianthe Demos
From the classic to the post-modern, the elegant to the raunchy, the three shows include:

Jean Racine's Phedre translated by Ted Hughes
Tuesdays and Fridays @ 7pm
In the most classic version of Phaedra in the series, Ted Hughes follows the story of the Phaedra and her insatiable desire for her stepson Hippolytus, the bastard child of her husband and his former mistress. Translated from Racine's 17th Century French verse, Phedre explores the disastrous consequences of forbidden love in a world where desire is a plaything of the gods. This struggle of power versus desire erupts in a frenzy of obsession, admission, guilt, and ruin.

Matthew Maguire's Phaedra
Wednesdays @ 7pm, Saturdays @ 2pm
Corruption, privilege, money, and power reign supreme in Matthew Maguire's take on the ancient myth of Phaedra. In place of Phaedra and her husband King Theseus, we find Faye and her husband Thomas, the head of the most powerful multinational corporation in the country whose ambition is as ruthless as his lust. Cross Dynasty and the Sopranos with good ole' fashioned Greek tragedy and you'll experience Matthew Maguire's tale of doomed love.
Matthew Maguire won an OBIE for his work in I Don't Know Who He Was and I Don't Know What He Said, a one-man play written and directed by Mac Wellman. As a playwright, his other works include The Tower and The Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo.

Sarah Kane's Phaedra's Love
Thursdays and Saturdays at 7pm
In Phaedra's Love, playwright Sarah Kane imagines a world where excess, lust and violence rule. Though Kane's Hippolytus is bored, promiscuous, slob who has already slept with her daughter, Phaedra's passion remains undaunted. In a play where Ubu Roi meets Quentin Tarantino, the fumblings of this doomed family are as comedic as they are violent. Kane skewers the royal family, the Church, and the breakdown of the family as she takes us to the myth's final bloody conclusion.
Kane's shocking career, which includes Blasted, Cleansed, Crave, 4.48 Psychosis (which just ended a run at BAM), was cut short when she committed suicide in 1999 at the age of 28.

Phaedra x 3 was created and workshopped in the mountains of Northern Greece during the summer of 2005. Rehearsing in the tiny village of Papingo, the ensemble of six actors performed for audiences in the villages of Northern Greece, culminating in a showcase at an outdoor amphitheater in Monodendri in July. With Phaedra X 3, OYL not only brings a classic story to the stage, but expands its horizons by exploring three very different imaginings of one tragic story. Whether one prefers classical pieces, modern adaptations, or racier action onstage, Phaedra x 3 offers something for every audience.

One Year Lease, founded in 2000, is a New York-based theater company dedicated to revitalizing classic texts. They have created a community of American and international artists who work together on productions that are performed both in the United States and abroad. Recent productions include Phaedra x 3 (Monodendri and Papingo, Greece; Antigone (The UnConvention Theater Festival, Abingdon Theater, New York); Machinal (Theater for the New City); Look Back in Anger (Abingdon Theater Arts Complex, New York); Oresteia (Theater for the New City, New York; Deree College Amphitheater, Athens, Greece; Theatro Alfredo Chiesa, Milan, Italy; Antigone (The Raw Space, New York; Theatro Technis, Athens, Greece) and Miss Julie (Sanford Meisner Theater and The Pulse Theater).
For more information, please visit

Bhutan  | Open: 11/08/05 Close: 11/19/05
Frances Conroy wonders how she ended up here. Her mother is driving her crazy. Her aunt is stalking a married man. Her brother is in prison. Each day Frances' future drifts farther and farther away. She dreams of Bhutan but can barely find the kitchen door
Downtown Urban Theater Festival 2005  | Open: 06/22/05 Close: 07/02/05
Two weeks of urban theater by a cross section of urban playwrights and performing artists. This year's diverse collection of works cover topics ranging from war to homelessness, love and sex to gender identity and, geographically, from the Bronx and Queens to Manhattan.

The Shows -

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 @ 7:30pm
By James Gillard
DUTF 2003 Best Audience winner James Gillard returns with a new work about
a writer who pens a fantasy world laced with seduction, terror and tragedy,
taking you on a psychological excursion through substance abuse.
Unbeknownst to him, he's about to write his greatest work – "his life."

THURSDAY, JUNE 23 @ 7:30pm
Come Back To Me
By Jesse Cameron Alick
Come Back To Me is a tale about religion, secrets and communication in the African American family. With a poetic arrangement that flows easily from amusing banter to sticky political debates, playwright/Zen master Jesse Cameron Alick combines different voices and personalities, weaving Buddhist and Christian prayers together and taking on the themes of mistaken conception, judgment and the true nature of unconditional love.

Cross Lines: A Black Woman's Perspective
By Ebony Washington (with Patricia Belizario)
In this debut play by award-winning poet/writer Ebony Washington, a woman travels across the country to speak with five women about politics. They share their diverse opinions of Black women . . . and the importance of getting involved with the political process?

FRIDAY, JUNE 24 @ 7:30pm
Inside Cherry Pitz
By Cyndi Freeman
Young Cherry longs to be a Drag Queen like her dad (Harry Pitz) but she meets with adventure in Tinseltown where, by a sudden fluke, she makes it big as an Elvis impersonator. But with fame comes a price – the longer she plays Elvis, the more her life begins to unravel.

SATURDAY, JUNE 25 @ 7:30pm
The Dakota
By Bill Fowkes
Two worlds collide in this new play by playwright/author Bill Fowkes when a 71-year old gay resident of New York's most fabled apartment building entertains his first visitor in five years.

Diary of a Baby Diva
By Holly Bass
In this one-woman showcase, writer/performance artist Holly Bass traces a perennial good girl's transformation, from her conservative, traditional Baptist upbringing in suburban California to her immersion in NYC's gay nightclub scene, finally culminating with her discovery of an inner diva who incorporates the best of both worlds.

TUESDAY, JUNE 28 @ 7:30pm
B4T (before testosterone)
By Imani Henry
In this funny and powerful multi-media work, writer/performer Imani Henry presents three people who tell their stories of being Black, female-bodied and masculine in today's society. The action spins the threads of discovery, loss and love that connect these three people.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29 @ 7:30pm
Murphy's Law
By Reg E. Gaines
Reg E. Gaines, Tony/Grammy-nominated writer of Bring in Da Noise Bring in Da Funk, unveils a sociopolitical, critical analysis of Black America, seen through the eyes of two Black homeless men, which takes places in Union Square Park a day after September 11th.

THURSDAY, JUNE 30 @ 7:30pm
Stockholm, Brooklyn
By Desmond Hall
Award-winning director/writer Desmond Hall presents a moving play about Brice, a man who made it out of "da hood" and became a business professional. However, he doesn't believe in giving back to that community because it never gave him anything. One night Brice gets kidnapped by a couple of bumbling thugs and then experiences Stockholm syndrome (where a captive sympathizes with his captors.)

FRIDAY, JULY 1 @ 7:30pm
Tours of Duty
By Mel Nieves
Two brothers in Queens (one a Gulf War veteran and the other about to go on his first tour of duty in Iraq) debate the choice of serving your country during a questionable time of war and the cost that, that choice to serve has on one's personal life as well as on their families.

3 To A Session: A Monster's Tale
By Desi Moreno-Penson
Taking place in a surrealistic realm between life and death, a man and two women engage in sexual play-acting scenarios, leading them into memories of loss, love, adolescent sexual longing and domestic violence.

SATURDAY, JULY 2 @ 7:30pm
The Bronx Witch Project
By Alba Sanchez
Nuyorican actress, writer and comedienne Alba Sanchez presents an urban tale that crosses through cults and cultural borders – from boarding schools in Manhattan to the armpits of the South Bronx. It's a provocative sendup of Latina life and statements on racism, politics, love and religion

Dottie Hope  | Open: 06/08/05 Close: 06/11/05
Dottie Hope is Laurie Sanderson's riveting true story of hope and survival in Hells Kitchen in the 1970's and 80's. Dottie Hope is the pen name Laurie adopts when she is 5 years old and writes letters to God asking for help and guidance in her tumultuous life. When her pool shark father, her hero, spirals down into an alcoholic and pill-popping haze it turns the family upside down, leaving a little girl few outlets for sanctuary. When she discovers the glamour of Studio 54 she is easily seduced into the chaos, befriending Andy Warhol and eventually becoming the first Fiorucci girl at 16 years old. She finally develops her own identity and builds confidence while cleansing herself from past demons...until it all suddenly comes back to her again.
Brickworks!  | Open: 02/11/05 Close: 02/19/05
BRICKWORKS is comprised of three short pieces:
"Stab Me, Why Don't You?" which is four short monologues by Adam Knight;

"dropsy," Kelly Giddish's reflective observations on a love in crisis;

Mat Smart's comedy "The Debate Over Courtney O'Connell of Columbus, Nebraska" in which two men vie in a public forum for the love, and honor, of a young woman.