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Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Address: 440 Lafayette St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY    10003

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BREAKING THE SHAKESPEARE CODE  | Open: 05/23/19 Close: 06/02/19
“Shakespeare's poetic language has always been the argot of lovers, but never have two people been wooed and won by it so intensely than the characters in John Minigan's compelling Breaking the Shakespeare Code. It is one of the finest plays you'll see… Stephen Brotebeck has directed a brilliantly acted production of [John] Minigan's intelligent play about the coded language of reluctant lovers. [Miranda] Jonte and [Tim] Weinert electrify the stage like a modern Beatrice and Benedick with their exquisitely nuanced performances and onstage chemistry. In many ways, the play is a love letter to the power of Shakespeare's words as well as to the acting profession itself, and anyone who cares about either of these things will find this show exhilarating.” - Pete Hemstead, Theatermania

Eighteen-year-old Anna approaches Curt, a callous young acting instructor at the women’s college she attends, to ask him to coach her for an upcoming audition. Though initially dismissive, he agrees to work with her only when she survives his challenges to her work on Julius Caesar’s Portia. Their lives converge personally and professionally over the next sixteen years as they try to find the right moment and opportunity to finally reveal their true feelings for one another.

Monetizing Emma  | Open: 06/17/09 Close: 06/26/09
Monetizing Emma follows Emma Dorfman, a teenager in 2013 who's to be "monetized." Boutique investment bank Thackeray Walsh is arranging the first-ever securitization of smart teenagers. Nothing like the insanely convoluted securities that brought the global economy to its knees in 2008-2009, this bond is backed by something far more valuable than sub-prime mortgages or toxic assets. It’s backed by an A-list pool of adolescents pledging their future earnings. They get money now in return for a share of their subsequent income. Emma Dorfman’s one of the chosen elite. A shy 15-year-old who most days shuttles between bullies at school, a pushy mom and a fantasy life inspired by Jane Austen, she’s not exactly sure she wants to be “monetized.” But Thackeray Walsh has special plans for her and Emma may be forced to trade her split reality for something doubly scary…and far more adult.

A Night Near the Sun  | Open: 05/12/06 Close: 05/27/06
A young girl disappears for three days before waking up along the side of the interstate, setting off a series of events that culminates in tragedy. A Night Near the Sun explores the consequences of alienation, alien abduction and obsession in small town USA.

assistant director JAMIE KLASSEL


set design JOE POWELL
assistant set design AMANDA HALEY
lighting design GEORGE GOUNTAS
costume design MELISSA HALEY
sound design RYAN DOWD

Pages From The Journal  | Open: 02/20/06 Close: 02/28/06
Originally titled Pages from the Journal of a New York City Nigga, this hour long performance is the story of a man on a subway train who finds the journal of Jamal, a brotha from Brooklyn who shares his feelings with his journal, the only thing in the world he feels he can trust. Through movement, music and dialogue, this one man show written, directed, and performed by Tomas follows Jamal's emotional journey through the pages of his journal. Issues such as the affects of Hip Hop on today's youth, HIV/AIDS, homophobia and feminism, just to name a few, are addressed.
His Hers And Ours  | Open: 02/08/05 Close: 04/20/05
Reaching the American dream sometimes means walking a path of obstacles.
But, in breaking barriers, one can learn, grow and change.

An amusing battle of the sexes that takes place somewhere in the south sometime in the 1940s. "His, Hers and Ours" is the story of budding entrepreneurs and best friends Rita Jones and Thelma Lou, who partner to open a beauty shop - right next door to Burt Carlson's barbershop. Burt, a man who thinks that woman should stay at home, cook, clean and take care of children, is not pleased by the new business in town. Loudly complaining to his customers and cohorts about the space being rented to "a bunch of hens," not to mention the potential loss of their Friday night crap games, he threatens them with banishment from his establishment if any go to her aid.

Rita and Burt snap and snarl at each other, but with the help of Bullah Dillard, the preachers wife, and Billy Thornton, a talented young handyman who longs for a high school diploma, the two beauticians get their business up and running. Burt and Rita eventually manage to reach a flirtatious meeting of the minds and he with his and she with hers go on to reach an understanding that leads to what becomes Ours.