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Todays Date: 06/30/22
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Address: 46 Walker St
New York, NY   

Phone: 212-868-4444
Location: North side of Walker Street
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Closest subway: 1, 9 to Franklin Street

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Jomama Jones: Radiate  | Open: 12/29/10 Close: 01/15/11
Jomama Jones - the dynamic and legendary performer last seen in NY in SRO engagements at Joe's Pub -- makes her U.S. comeback next month at Soho Rep and kicks off a national tour with her newest show, JOMAMA JONES: RADIATE.  A tale that speaks to the "comeback" in all of us, JOMAMAJONES: RADIATE combines Jomama's unique style of story and song, inviting theatre goers to share her journey into the unknown. Jones' bewitching, emotional and hilarious performance transcends mere hope or cynicism as she sets out on her own to seek authenticity, love and strength of soul. 

Jomama's latest CD, RADIATE will be released in tandem with the show. 

Jomama Jones first burst on to the scene in the early 1980's with R&B hits like "Ghetto (In My Mind)" and "Afromatic" -making her an instant fan favorite.  She graced the cover of magazines and made the rounds of the hip TV shows of the day (her appearances on Soul Train and Solid Gold are the stuff of legend).  She starred in the science fiction cult classic SISTER SOUL AND THE COLONIZERS FROM MARS.  But her conflict with the politics of the day led her to renounce her US career and leave the country in pursuit of other dreams.  She spent the next several years traveling extensively - both without and within.  Then, in 2009, Jomama began laying the groundwork for her return to the US.  She collaborated with wunderkind musician, Bobby Halvorson and crafted the album, LONE STAR.  She convened a new backing group, the Sweet Peaches.  She made select appearances in the States, building her momentum with Standing-Room-Only gigs including her sold-out LONE STAR CD release concert at Joe's Pub in New York City.

Directed by Kym Moore with music direction by Bobby Halvorson, JOMAMA JONES: RADIATE features Jomama Jones and her Sweet Peaches.  TheJOMAMA JONES: RADIATE band is led by Bobby Halvorson and features: Ted Cruz, Sean Dixon, Michael O'Brien and Kelly Rossum.

Design team for JOMAMA JONES: RADIATE is Arnulfo Maldonado (Set Design), Lucrecia Briceno (Lighting Design), Oana Botez-Ban (Costume Design), and Nick Kourtides (Sound Design).

Rambo Solo  | Open: 03/19/09 Close: 04/21/09
Nature Theater of Oklahoma's actor Zachary Oberzan has had a deep connection with the story of "Rambo: First Blood" since he was a boy of ten. He first saw the Hollywood blockbuster during one magical weekend spent watching free HBO. He knows the story by heart - but can he navigate all the perilous twists and turns of his own obsession with it? Set in the dark heart of Zack's tiny New York studio apartment, RAMBO SOLO follows one man's private passion to its limits, as he struggles to re-enact the entire First Blood story in all its sweaty dramatic detail.

Re-inventing Soho Rep's space, RAMBO SOLO takes us into Zack's world as he attempts to create a better movie version of the book-in his 250 square foot studio apartment and with a budget of $100. Counter pointing video, audio and the actor himself, RAMBO SOLO follows Zack's mighty struggle to tell a simple story.

Sixty Miles To Silver Lake  | Open: 01/15/09 Close: 02/08/09
A lifetime can pass in the sixty miles between a boy's soccer practice and his father's new apartment. In this world premiere production, playwright Dan LeFranc and Obie Award-winning director Anne Kauffman explore the dynamic - both hilarious and devastating - of a father and son trying to make sense of their relationship after a messy divorce. A haunted and fractured father-son tale, SIXTY MILES TO SILVER LAKE looks at the violent desire to erase the indelible marks that a father can leave on his only child and at the time and space that sometimes exists between the leather seats of a father's used car.

Philoktetes  | Open: 10/13/07 Close: 10/28/07
Ten years after abandoning Philoktetes on an island, his fellow soldiers return to retrieve him, now needing him to win the Trojan War: Jesurun creates a war-of-wills chamber piece about a formidable and broken man unwilling to fight in his comrades' war. PHILOKTETES has lighting design by Jeff Nash and costume design by Ruth Pongstaphone.
The Thugs  | Open: 10/05/06 Close: 10/28/06
A dark comedy about work, thunder and the mysterious things that are happening on the 9th floor of a big law firm. When a group of temps try to discover the secrets that lurk in the hidden crevices of their workplace, they realize they would rather believe in gossip and rumors than face dangerous realities.
Not Clown  | Open: 03/16/06 Close: 03/25/06
In a world where circuses have been banned, a renegade troupe re-enacts the story of a girl who longs for their outlawed clown life. Sublimely ridiculous, deeply moving, and at the same time a troubling allegory, NOT CLOWN is "political in ways that go beyond the politics of moment ... fierce, subtle, totally satisfying" (Austin American-Statesman).
Peninsula  | Open: 01/12/06 Close: 02/04/06
In the foreign, yet strangely familiar land of Peninsula, the shops are closing. The Priest is seduced, and the Doctor has been called away to the authorities. Flora's marriage dissolves, unleashing political and intimate repercussions. A work showing what it means to live in a culture of contentment surrounded by raging violence.


Sam Rudy

Everything Will Be Different  | Open: 04/07/05 Close: 04/30/05
Set adrift by the loss of her mother, alienated by her father's unwillingness to cope, teenage Charlotte finds refuge in the story of Helen of Troy, comforted by the idea that beauty and desire can destroy the world. In this quirky and mysterious new play - EVERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT - Mark Schultz explores teenage sexuality using history as a springboard into the unstable eroticism of a daughter grieving for her mother.