Sande Shurin Theatre

Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 09/14/05 07:08:58 PM
Address: 311 W 43rd Street
New York, NY    10036

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Out, Out Damned Clock: Faust meets Macbeth  | Open: 11/03/05 Close: 11/13/05
Comedy-drama bringing together these two literary giants
Arms and the Man  | Open: 04/30/05 Close: 05/15/05
Comic drama about love and war established Shaw as one of the finest wits of his time. In this new production Bluntschli, a soldier who prefers a supply of chocolates to bullets, is played by a woman, giving new depth to Shaw's iconoclastic romantic play. Bluntschli surprises the young Raina by climbing through her bedroom window looking for shelter, starting a chain reaction of events that shatter Raina's idealistic notions of love and war.
Mushroom in Her Hands  | Open: 04/29/05 Close: 05/15/05
Mushroom In Her Hands is "Alice in Wonderland" with all the sex and violence you always knew was just below the surface of the novel. Lewis Carroll was the pseudonym adopted by the Oxford don and Anglican deacon Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who once famously said, "I am fond of children (except boys)." In this new play, the playwright takes episodes from the novel, and reinvents them as speculation on what the relationship between Dodgson and the real Alice Liddell might have been.
Eastern Standard  | Open: 03/10/05 Close: 03/20/05
Richard Greenberg's play about a cross section of people during one fateful summer