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Todays Date: 11/30/21
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MAY I DANCE ON YOUR SCREEN?  | Open: 10/01/21 Close: 12/31/21
May I Dance on Your Screen? is the newest online project by Chinese-born Rourou Ye, known for her reality-defying performances that combine dance, design, shadow puppetry, and multimedia technology. What sets it off from her previous project is the intention to create work that could not exist in the non-digital realm and convey the complex feelings related to the pandemic isolation. Confined to her home and deprived of the usual human contact and the opportunity to create in a physical space, the artist embarked on a journey of making innovative in form, dreamlike short dance films that strive to touch audiences metaphorically when real touch is not an option. Ranging from playful to wistful to heartbreaking, Ye’s works also reveal the challenges of her Chinese immigrant experience in the U.S.

A Zoom conversation and Q&A with the artist, led by the renowned dance writer Wendy Perron, is scheduled for October 28, 2021, at 7:30 pm (RSVP at