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New York, NY    10009

Phone: 212-995-5302
Location: East 4th Street between Avenues A and B
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Subway Info: Take the F or V train to 2nd Avenue or the 6 train to Astor Place or the N or R train to 8th Street

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The Hero  | Open: 03/01/14 Close: 03/30/14
A prodigal son returns from the battlefields of WWI, apparently a hero of the Great War, and charms his way into the hearts of his brother's son, wife, and ward, as well as most of the small town they now call home.

But old habits die hard.

A poignant play about the search for heroes, the value of reputation, and the nature of honor and sacrifice.


Roman Fever - Gilded Stage Festival  | Open: 01/13/14 Close: 01/26/14
Closely held secrets unravel when privileged matrons revisit the scene of their Gilded Age


A Thousand Deaths - Gilded Stage Festival  | Open: 01/15/14 Close: 01/26/14
In A Thousand Deaths, by Jack London, adapted to the stage by Anthony P. Pennino, Joshua believes he has found a cure for death. He needs to test his theory, though, and uses Henry as his guinea pig...over and over and over again.
A Core Creative Production

NB: This performance is part of a "double bill," and is presented along with GOLD COAST, by Stages on the Sound.


Gold Coast - Gilded Stage Festival  | Open: 01/15/14 Close: 01/26/14
Gold Coast, created by Stages on the Sound, evokes the culture and personalities of the Gilded Age with a focus on the stylized entertainments of the era. Stories of gold and
glamour told by the poorest of the poor.

NB: This performance is part of a "double bill," and is presented along with A THOUSAND DEATHS, by Core Creative Productions.


Bunner Sisters - Gilded Stage Festival  | Open: 01/14/14 Close: 01/25/14
Wharton's first novella about the poor, the immigrant, and the disenfranchised: a tale of surreal vulnerability for women on their own at the end of the nineteenth century.


The Tragic Muse - Gilded Stage Festival  | Open: 01/15/14 Close: 01/25/14
The tale of an ambitious young actress whose comet-like ascent disrupts and transforms the life of a political family, adapted by Mark Dundas Wood.


Edison's Elephant - Gilded Stage Festival  | Open: 01/16/14 Close: 01/25/14
In 1903, on Brooklyn's Coney Island, Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant. Moreover, he filmed it, for all to witness. Based on historic accounts: the life and death of Topsy, the Circus elephant who, after much abuse, retaliated against those who harmed her, and who was ultimately executed for her actionsthen made the subject of Edison's film Electrocuting an Elephant.
A new play by David Koteles


Fifty Shades of Gilded - Gilded Stage Festival  | Open: 01/17/14 Close: 01/21/14
P.T. Barnum, looking to create one last great spectacle before he passes to the great beyond, creates a live staged competition, "The Greatest Reality Show On Earth". Luminaries of the Gilded Age from Nellie Bly to Nikola Tesla duke it out amongst the singers, dancers, jugglers
and other circus performers to see who can be the most outrageous, the most ostentatious, and who is the champ at "gilding the lily" on the world's very first reality show.
A new play by David Lally


Joan and the Gentelman Juggler - Gilded Stage Festival  | Open: 01/16/14 Close: 01/19/14
A fantastical coming-of-age adventure that mixes found interviews and virtuosic juggling with the friendship of two very different teenagers in the spirit of America's best loved storyteller for children.
A new play by Gabrielle Sinclair, Thom Wall, and Ric Walker
Produced by The Adventure Collective


A Man's World  | Open: 09/14/13 Close: 10/13/13
Frank Ware is living on her own terms in 1910 Greenwich Village and thriving. A rising novelist documenting New York's underclass, all the more esteemed for her breaking the stereotypes of women writers, she is the well-loved center of a vibrant crew of striving artists, and the loving foster mother to an orphaned boy. But her independence and generosity cannot protect her from the gossip of the less successful, nor the doubts of a man she loves. When questions of her adopted son's parentage take over her closest relationships, Frank is forced to test her ideals agsinst the harsh realities of the world she always risen above.


Founders Festival: My First Lady  | Open: 01/18/13 Close: 01/27/13
A new play by David Koteles
March 1801: You are cordially invited to join Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and Thomas Jefferson's daughters for an afternoon of tea and pleasantries at the newly-opened President's House. All slaves must be left at the door. My First Lady seeks to explore how a tea party becomes a battle of race, class, gender and the American Dream

From JAJ Productions


Founders Festival: Revolt! Death! And Taxes!  | Open: 01/17/13 Close: 01/27/13
A new experience by Zero Boy.
The Boston Revolt sparked the American Revolution and Independence. The man that all the founding fathers thought of as the founder was Sam Adams. Beer maker or muckraker? Riot leader or politician? Zero Boy takes you on sonic, comic, and visual journey to Boston and England to learn what really happened!


The Parchment Copy: A new play by Dan Evans
July 4, 1776: the Declaration of Independence proclaimed the birth of our new nation. August 2, 1776 : the Continental Congress reconvened to actually sign the great document. On the eve of the signing, at Benjamin Franklin's home in Philadelphia, eight leading Patriots are drawn together in these perilous times that try men's souls.

From Shore to Shore: A One Woman Show by LuLu LoLo
A one-person performance of a farcical melodrama portraying the ghostly laments of Aaron Burr and his daughter, Theodosia Burr Alston, as they haunt the shorelines of Battery Park and South Carolina. Burr, remembered as the man who killed Alexander Hamilton, was also a visionary who advocated the rights of women.

LuLu LoLo Productions!


Founders Festival: A Servant for Life  | Open: 01/16/13 Close: 01/26/13
A new play by Andrea Pinyan.
Thomas Jefferson - a founding father with conflicting beliefs on slavery.
Phillis Wheatley - a slave who earned her freedom though her poetry.
When these two come face to face in an imagined conversation, she will question his attitudes towards her race - and he will challenge her definition of freedom.

A Radio Hound Production


Founders Festival: A Room in the Middle  | Open: 01/17/13 Close: 01/26/13
A new play by Vladimir Zelevinsky.
1787, Massachusetts. Farmers, returning from the Revolutionary War, find their homes in foreclosure. The farmers decide to protest and begin what will be known as Shays' Rebellion. After a disastrous attempt to take the Springfield arsenal, the surviving rebels are pursued through the blizzard by a superior force of state regulars. Three rebels are cornered in an abandoned farmhouse and have less than an hour to decide how their futures will unfold


Harlem on my Mind  | Open: 01/18/11 Close: 01/29/11

A celebration honoring the literary and musical astonishments of the Harlem Renaissance. Four new commissioned plays, as well as authentic songs of the era by Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Irving Berlin, others and poetry by Angelina Grimke, Langston Hughes and others. With: Paule Aboite, Andrew R. Cooksey, Keldrick Crowder, Z. Louis Finney, Sydney Allyson Francis & Emani Spence. Music Director: Eugene Abrams

A semi-autobiographical, multi-character, solo show by 6’6” writer/performer (and former professional power forward) Brandt Johnson, "Give and Go is a" “…high-spirited one-man cavalcade of characters...(," which tells the story of an ambitious and eager Billy Tyler, whose love of basketball and dogged discipline earn him positions on high school and college teams — yet fail to get him a spot in the NBA. When he applies the same grit to Wall Street, the rewards are immediate, but the love is gone. Leaving a lucrative career in investment banking, he returns to bank shots and finds himself on a European tour playing against the Harlem Globetrotters, losing every game. But it is there he discovers that true success is not about winning; it’s about loving the game you play.

First presented at FringeNYC 2007, "Give and Go" is newly re-written and freshly conceived. praised, "Johnson shows fantastic range with his many characters without losing entertaining similarities....As today’s sports pages increasingly fill with ugly personal sagas...Billy’s story restores regard for the athlete, as he demonstrates integrity and a willingness to learn lessons in his search for identity. Oh, and he has a sense of humor."

André  | Open: 03/02/07 Close: 04/01/07
Metropolitan Playhouse presents André, an early American verse drama about our first traitor.

George Washington wrote of him, "He was more unfortunate than criminal." Alexander Hamilton said, "Never perhaps did any man suffer death with more justice, or deserve it less."

They are talking about Major John André, the tragic collaborator with Benedict Arnold. First performed in 1798, William Dunlap's tragedy follows the charming and poetic anti-hero to the gallows. Written in blank verse, the play nods to its British predecessors, while demonstrating distinctly American sympathies, attitudes, characterizations, and histories.

Twainathon  | Open: 01/15/07 Close: 01/28/07
Metropolitan Playhouse embarks on a Twainathon -- its second an annual festival of performances inspired by an American author. Twainathon includes musicals and monologues; dance performances and full length plays; as well as adaptations and biographies. Additionally, each evening of the festival will lead off with a reading or recital of one of Twain's works. The shows are divided into seven different programs (or "Riverboats"), each consisting of one to three presentations. Click here to access a complete schedule with show summaries.
The Truth  | Open: 11/10/06 Close: 12/10/06
The Metropolitan Playhouse presents Clyde Fitch's The Truth, a rare revival of a comedy of manners by one of the most influential and infamous turn-of-the-20th-century playwrights you've never heard of. When the snooping Eve Lindon catches Becky Warder chatting with her lascivious ex-husband, she aims to expose the affair in front of both of their households. Becky has a reasonable explanation for their meetings, but she's a pathological liar who insists on embellishing her story. Before long, her reputation and her marriage hang on the changing of her ways. The Truth is the second play of Metropolitan Playhouse's "Season Fifteen: Black and White," exploring American history and drama to comment on our Manichean age.
Moby Dick  | Open: 05/31/05 Close: 06/19/05
One-man, one-hour adapation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

First presented in 2003 in New York, this production uses Melville's language to bring audiences on the adventure of the whaling ship Pequod. Inhabiting each of Melville's indelible characters, Moore brings young Ishmael, the mysterious cannibal Quee-Queg, and the indomitable Captain Ahab to life.

Children’s Crusader  | Open: 05/01/05 Close: 05/21/05
The story of Florence Kelly and early 20th Century cursader for children's rights
East Village Chronicles: Volume 2  | Open: 01/20/05 Close: 02/12/05
Eight new plays about the sub-cultures that have shaped East Village History
Comedies and dramas inspired by neighborhoods within the neighborhood.

CHRONICLES Consists of two separate evenings of works:

Series A: 1st Generation (4 stories of the Prime Movers)
Series B: 2nd Generation (4 stories of the Next)