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Address: 52 White Street
New York, NY    10013

Location: (Two blocks South of Canal Street in Tribeca)

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Black & Blue  | Open: 08/19/10 Close: 08/21/10
What began as a fundraiser for The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective (a group of artists striving to revisit both classical and American classic theater) has emerged into an engaging evening of theater that follows the journeys of a Trekkie, a lonely art lover who fantasizes a friendship with Jackson Pollock, a stoner, a cheating husband and a remarkable young woman with blue hair. These one-act plays, BLACK (Billy Learns About Captain Kirk) and BLUE collide in a moment of joy - the sight of a Pollock: Autumn Rhythm, Number 30.

Buy tickets here: AND BE SURE TO LEAVE OUT THE 'WWW'!!! Students, e-mail for a discount code!

Stanley's Party  | Open: 04/24/10 Close: 05/31/10
Manhattan Children’s Theatre proudly presents:

Music/ Lyrics by Seth Bisen-Hersh
Book by Caroline Cala

Based on "Stanley's Party" and "Stanley's Wild Ride" by Linda Bailey with illustrations by Bill Slavin

Starring:   Kyra Bromberg, Crystal Davidson, Ryan Makely, Derek Rommel & Barry Shafrin

"Stanley is really a good dog. Really. He listens, does what he’s told and never makes a mess. Well, almost never – It’s just that he’s dying for excitement and temptation is around every corner. All ages will love to test the boundaries with Stanley and his friends as they realize that being on their own isn’t exactly what they thought it would be."

April 24 - May 31, 2010
Saturdays & Sundays at Noon & 2pm
Special Memorial Day performances Monday May 31 at Noon & 2pm

Reservations:  212-352-3101 or
Tickets:    $20  ($50 Priority Seating)
Manhattan Children’s Theatre
52 White Street in Tribeca (2 blocks south of Canal Street between Broadway and Church)

Direction by: Bruce Merrill
Musical Direction by: James Olmstead
Choreography by: Erin Porvaznika
Sets and Props by: Cully Long
Costume Design by: Nora Gustuson
Lighting Design by: Anjeanette Stokes
Sound Design and Technical Direction by: John D. Ivy
Production Management: Christie Love Santiago
Stage Management: Livia Hall
General Management: Danielle Cogan
Managing Director: Chris Alonzo


4 Variations Of Mee  | Open: 10/18/09 Close: 10/18/09
New York, NY: September 25, 2009, Jeremy Bloom (“Stylish and inventive”-Theatermania; “Appropriately Pure”-New Yorker), and 2009 Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab members Will Fulton, Annie G. Levy and Gabriella Willenz, are all scheduled to direct 4 VARIATIONS OF MEE dedicated to OBIE award winning playwright Charles Mee, a benefit on Sunday, October 18th, at 7:30pm, benefiting MTWorks, at Manhattan Children's Theatre (52 White Street, between Broadway and Church Street, 2 blocks south of Canal Street).

A testament to Mee’s (re)making project, these 4 emerging directors will display their strengths and creative aesthetics, as they each sequentially approach a quadrant of Charles Mee’s BIG LOVE, a tale of fleeing brides, forced marriages, and murdered grooms (a modern re-making of one of the western world's oldest plays, The Danaids by Aeschylus).

The performance will feature 36 actors, including MTWorks Company Actors Sarah Chaney, Ryan Clardy, Anthony Crep, Louise Flory, Lara Gold, Barrie Kreinik, Adi Kurtchik, Dianna Martin, Madalyn McKay, Antonio Minino, Maureen O'Boyle, Colleen Piquette, Mark Emerson, David Stallings, Misti Tindiglia and Susan Wallack.

Executive Director Cristina Alicea helms the producing team. The production features lighting design by Sarah E. Ford, sound design by Martha Goode, prop design by Julie Griffith, and choreography by Carolina Almont.

The one night only benefit event stays true to MTWorks’ mission by creating work inspired by playwrights and regions outside of New York, and the establishment of their acting repertory.



4 Variations of Mee
4 Directors. 4 Approaches. Charles Mee’s Big Love.

A One Night Only Benefit Event
Sunday, October 18th, 2009
7:30 p.m.
Manhattan Children's Theatre-52 White Street (between Broadway and Church Street, 2 blocks south of Canal Street)

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online by visiting or at the theater’s Box Office, half an hour before Showtime.

All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to Maieutic Theatre Works in their efforts to produce their upcoming spring show.

More info at:

Harry the Dirty Dog  | Open: 01/10/09 Close: 02/22/09
Manhattan Children's Theatre is pleased to announce its first production of 2009: "Harry the Dirty Dog", based on the book by Gene Zion and adapted for the stage by Karen Abbott. Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Bruce Merrill directs.

Harry just HATES taking a bath. He hates it so much that one day he decides to never take a bath again and he runs away from home. He is so thrilled with his newfound freedom and the many friends he meets along the way that he doesn't realize what a mess he's made of himself. He's so dirty that his family doesn't even recognize him! Kids of all ages will relate to Harry and his brave adventures in this adaptation of Gene Zion's classic children's book.

Featured in the weekend cast are: Kevin Fitzpatrick (Narrator); Kristen Fleming (Girl); Matthew Minor (Boy); Nicole Rhatigan (Harry).

Featured in the weekday cast are: John Dillon (Boy); Caitlin Gold (Narrator); Jennifer Olen (Girl); Tamar Pelzig (Harry).

The Design Team and Crew include: Andrea Steiner (Scenic/Props Design), Anjeanette Stokes (Lighting Design), Jen Raskopf (Costume Design), Terra Vetter (Stage Management), Chelsee Venis (Stage Management). John D. Ivy (Sound Design & Technical Direction), Christie Love Santiago (Production Associate), Danielle Cogan (General Manager).

"Harry the Dirty Dog" is the third show of Manhattan Children's Theatre's 2008-2009 Season which also includes: If You Give a Pig a Party and Stanley's Adventures – A Manhattan Children's Theatre World Premiere! Since opening its doors in 2002, Manhattan Children's Theatre is proud to have served over 125,000 children, families, schools and other non-profit youth organizations within our community through our mission of providing affordable, high-quality theatrical entertainment for young audiences.

This production is suitable for all ages.

Elves and the Shoemaker  | Open: 11/15/08 Close: 01/04/09
Grimmsville takes on a contemporary, urban beat in this adaptation of the well-loved Brothers' Grimm tale. A fairy tale doesn't have to be "old fashioned" just ask Eric, the shoemaker, as he tries to sell his shoes in a world that is clearly and quickly passing him by. His loyal wife and doting, but clever, daughter love him dearly, but they know something must change to keep their family financially afloat. Could they ever imagine that help would come to them from a couple of homeless elves? All ages will enjoy MCT's comedic adaptation of this timeless tale a tale of giving without expectations, of being accountable for one's actions and, most importantly, for remembering the true love of a family.
Manhattan Children's Theatre 2006-2007 Season  | Open: 09/30/06 Close: 05/20/07
If you Give a Mouse a Cookie
Based on the book by Laura Joffe Numeroof
Adapted for the stage by Jody Davidson
September 30-November 12, 2006
(Suitable for ages 4 and up)

How can one tiny mouse make such a terrible mess? When a young boy is home alone for the afternoon, he is met by a seemingly harmless little creature...harmless that is, until he asks the boy if he would share a cookie with him. Giving that mouse one cookie sets off a chain of events the boy will never forget! This rollicking comedy will keep all ages giggling, and certainly weary of ever having a mouse as a pet!

A Christmas Carol
By Charles Dickens
Adapted for the stage by Bruce Merrill
November 18-December 31, 2006
(Suitable for ages 5 and up)

Modern movement with both traditional and original music bring this well-known holiday tale to life. As the heartless miser Scrooge faces his future through the visits of four uninvited spirits, he awakens Christmas morning with a new heart. This family holiday tradition reminds us all to look within ourselves and renew our spirits of compassion and generosity.

Three Little Pigs
Book by Sarah Norris
Music & Lyrics by Kyle C. Norris
January 6-February 25, 2007
(Suitable for all ages!)

Pat, Patterson and Patty are piglets in every sense of the word, except that they are skinny rather than fat! That doesn't stop Bad, the big bad singing wolf, from still wanting to eat them though! Spend a day in the lives of these three piggies as they learn that their differences make them special, and how through working together they can overcome anything. This musical comedy will keep all ages in huffin' and puffin' hysterics!

Go, Dog. Go!
Based on the book by P.D. Eastman
Adapted for the stage by Allison Gregory and Steven Dietz
March 3-April 8, 2007
(Suitable for all ages!)

Is that a DOG I see driving that Dodge? Dogs take on human characteristics in this circus-like adaptation of the popular children's picture book! Watch canines dance, swim, climb trees and even drive cars in this musical comedy good for all ages!

Miss Nelson has a Field Day!
Based on the book by Harry Allard and James Marshall
Adapted for the stage by Joan Cushing
April 14-May 20, 2007
(Suitable for ages 4 and up!)

Miss Nelson's "alter ego", Viola Swamp, is back in full form and intends to
whip the Smedley School's 3rd grade football team into shape! With her strict rules and strategic discipline, the Tornados might just win a game this year after all. This musical adaptation will have the whole family rooting for the team!

Little Tales – Theater for the Pre-Schooler  | Open: 01/19/07 Close: 02/22/07
When a mean and selfish Tsar threatens the livelihood of her family, Natasha must use her wits to solve some of the toughest riddles on earth. With help from her animal friends Mouse and Rabbit, she sets out on a journey to find the answers to questions such as "What is the strongest, the fastest and swiftest thing in the world?' and ‘How can 150 chicks be hatched in only one day?" Audience members help Natasha find clues to solve the riddles and bring her safely home to her family.
If You Give a Mouse A Coolie  | Open: 09/30/06 Close: 11/12/06
How can one tiny mouse make such a terrible mess? When a young boy is home alone for the afternoon, he is met by a seemingly harmless little creature...harmless that is, until he asks the boy if he would share a cookie with him. Giving that mouse one tiny cookie sets off a chain of events the boy will never forget! This rollicking comedy will keep all ages giggling, and certainly weary of ever having a mouse as a pet!

Recommended for Ages 4 and up.

Rapunzel  | Open: 08/11/06 Close: 08/26/06
Part of FringeNYC. The witch. The tower. The big hair. When a classic fairy tale comes to life in their living room, two children try to "fix" it. See the children's musical Clark Gesner ("You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown") called "delightful." Part of FringeJr, the New York International Fringe Festival's productions for families and groups with children from 5 to 12.
Little Tales  | Open: 06/06/06 Close: 06/29/06
MCT's third Little Tales series presents folk tales from Greece, home of Aesop and his famous fables! The tales will include: Country Mouse & City Mouse, The Boy Who Cried Wolfe, The Tortoise and the Hare and other favorites. Using puppetry, masks, live action and plenty of audience participation, these performances are a perfect vehicle to introduce this young age group to the joys of live theater.

These productions are suitable for children ages 2-6.

Little Tales  | Open: 04/18/06 Close: 05/24/06
MCT's second Little Tales series presents folk tales originating throughout the continent of Africa. These tales chronicle the adventures of Anansi, the lazy but sneaky spider, Dukufruioko, the gracious and friendly turtle and Zomo, the wise and creative well as plenty of other animals and characters from the region. Using puppetry, masks, live action and plenty of audience participation, these performances are a perfect vehicle to introduce this young age group to the joys of live theater.

These productions are suitable for children ages 2-6.

Jack & The Beanstalk  | Open: 04/08/06 Close: 05/21/06
A Beanstalk in Brooklyn?? This very hip, New York version of the classic tale follows Jack, a forlorn "artist-type" who is forced to actually work for a living! When he finds the treasures the beanstalk offers, he realizes cell phones and bling-bling may not be the real blessings he was actually looking for! This production is suitable for audiences ages 4 and up.

Music direction by Kirstin Lee Rosenfeld
Direction by Bruce Merrill

Brave Irene  | Open: 02/18/06 Close: 04/02/06
By William Steig, author of Shrek! this tale follows Irene through challenging adventures as she tries to help her sick mother make ends meet. Facing the harsh winter elements such as Wind, Cold, and Darkness, Irene finds the courage and strength within herself to complete her mission-learning true love can actually save the day!

(Suitable for all ages!)

Little Tales  | Open: 02/21/06 Close: 03/29/06
MCT's first Little Tales series begins with folk tales from North America including the Navajo Indian Tales of Coyote's Rain Song and A Handful of Quartz, The Arikara Tribe's tale of The Coyote and Turtle's Race, the Ottawa Tribe's tale of the Mermaid and the Waterfall and The Cherokee tribe's tale of Tricky Rabbit's Fancy Dancing. Using puppetry, masks, live action and plenty of audience participation, these performances are a perfect vehicle to introduce this

These productions are suitable for children ages 2-5.

Last of the Dragons  | Open: 12/31/05 Close: 02/12/06
Princes are supposed to save princesses from Dragons! But what if neither the Princess nor the Dragon wants to cooperate? Based on the short story by E. Nesbit, The Last of the Dragons tells the story of a Princess and Dragon, both determines to break from tradition, but for very different reasons!

(Suitable for all ages!)

Brave Irene  | Open: 12/31/05 Close: 02/12/06
Finding strength and courage to forge on, even through the toughest elements is what gives Irene her name! Determined to deliver a dress to the Grand Duchess to help her sick mother make ends meet, Irene faces the dark of night, the strength of the wind and the sting of the cold...yet she doesn't give up! Irene's perseverance sets an example for children and adults alike! Manhattan Children's Theatre's musical production of William Steig's well-known book will warm the hearts of all this winter season.

Directed by Bruce Merrill
Music direction by Allison Jill Posner

Featured in the cast are: Chris Kloko, Maura Malone, Britni Orcutt, Perryn Pomatto, Dilhya Ross, Heather Weneck.

The Snow Maiden  | Open: 11/12/05 Close: 12/18/05
Based on Russian Fairy Tales, this story takes us on a journey with the daughter of Father Frost and Faerie Spring, who is not able to fall in love, since doing so would cause her heart to melt. But when she fears losing her two newly made friends because of this, she decides to take the chance of her lifetime!

(Suitable for all ages!)

Sideways Stories From Wayside School  | Open: 10/14/04 Close: 11/06/05
Wayside School was accidentally build 30 stories high instead of 20 classrooms wide (the architect apologized). However, attending class on the 20th floor is even more strange than tiring! Teachers turn students into apples, reading is done by standing on one's head, pigtails come to life and computers get thrown out of the window to teach lessons in gravity! Manhattan Children's Theatre's production brings Sachar's stories to live in a fast-paced comedic setting that will entertain anyone who has ever sat in a classroom.
Rapunzel  | Open: 04/16/05 Close: 05/22/05
In this twist on the classic fairy tale, Rapunzel is snatched from her parents on the night of her birth by the evil witch who lives next door and is raised in a tower for sixteen years. The beautiful young woman finds her prince, but he turns out to be quite different than she expected; he is her twin brother! Together, they defeat the witch and are reunited with their true parents. This musical adaptation is perfect fun for children (both BOYS & GIRLS) of all ages.

directed by Bruce Merrill, Music Direction by Timothy O'Brien.