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Asian Belle  | Open: 07/15/10 Close: 08/01/10
The daughter of a Vietnamese war bride aspires to be a Southern Belle. Asian Belle is the touching and often funny tale of one girl's struggle with her own identity...

About the Company: FilmGym

Production Company and community to further develop the craft of acting and directing through a devoted and accomplished group of artists.

Three American Women: A Trilogy  | Open: 07/13/10 Close: 08/01/10
Meet three women on their American journey of discovery. Sit for a while in the Continental Garage with Odessa as she waits for her car repairs, and learn why she desperately needs to get home. Meet Rachael, a lawyer in a small New England town trying to help her brother and struggling with century’s old Indian mores. And listen to Janice, a Taiwanese-American store clerk who gabs incessantly about everything from great musicals to her hopes for the future.

Smart, funny women we can relate to! Enjoy awesome inspiring theater!

Weekend With A Killer  | Open: 04/03/10 Close: 04/18/10
Teatromania presents the world premiere of Weekend with a Killer, a romantic comedy with a dash of a Dame Agatha Christie crime novel.  The two main characters He and She are from two very different stations of society. When they meet at the crossroads of life, each is faced with a decision that will irrevocably determine their futures.


 The production stars Deirdre Brennan, Lucio Polosa and Louise Rheas.  The production team includes Ron McIntyre (production coordinator, sound design and music arrangement),  David Ogle (set and lighting design), and Bonnie Hilton (stage manager). 

The Imagination Window is a fast-paced all-comedy industry showcase featuring new actors as well as actors
with solid experience in theatre, commercials, film, television, and stand-up comedy.

Romantic Stories features comedy and music.
This amusing production is approached as a one-act comedy with diverse actors acting and singing.

WICKED LOVE (2/25 7:30PM)
Wicked Love is an evening of comedy featuring short scenes and monologues, with a touch of music.
The evening features all original work and all original music created by company writers & actors.
It will be a fun, fast-paced night with talented performers.

I Heart Manhattan is The Actor’s Project NYC’s very-popular,
always sold-out, all-comedy industry showcase, which will have you laughing-out loud!


Theatrical Tales  | Open: 10/05/09 Close: 10/05/09
Theatrical Tales is a fast-paced all-comedy industry showcase featuring new actors as well as actors
with solid experience in theatre, commercials, film, television, and stand-up comedy.

The Actor's Project Nyc Season 14 Industry Showcases!  | Open: 06/08/09 Close: 06/11/09
Out of the Blue (Monday June 8 at 7:30PM)

Staged (Tuesday June 9 at 7:30PM)

Melodramatic (Wednesday June 10 at 7:30PM)

Love & Laughter (Thursday June 11 at 7:30PM)


The Optimist  | Open: 03/20/09 Close: 04/12/09
THE OPTIMIST looks at the volatile and surprisingly hilarious clash of passion and genetics when three well-bred, intelligent 20-somethings -- fraternal twin brothers Noel and Declan and Noel's ex-girlfriend Nicole -- encamp at a cheap motel in Tallahassee, Florida on the eve of a friend's funeral, and the marriage of the young men's father to the woman with whom he had a longstanding affair while their mother was still alive. Sex, mortality and unrequited love lurk throughout the play as the trio anticipates the funeral of their young friend, and the wedding of the father who the young men believe was responsible for their beloved mother's death.

Out Cry  | Open: 11/29/08 Close: 12/21/08
A play about theatre, writing, and acting
starring Mia Katigbak ("Dogeaters") and Eduardo Machado ("The Cook"),
directed by Thom Sesma

The National Asian American Theatre Company (NAATCO) presents a revival of the Tennessee Williams classic OUT CRY -- a play about theatre, writing, and acting -- with previews set to begin November 29, prior to an official press opening December 4 at Abingdon Theater (312 West 36th Street), starring Mia Katigbak (DOGEATERS) and Eduardo Machado (THE COOK). Thom Sesma directs.

In Tennessee Williams' OUT CRY, Mr. Machado and Ms. Katigbak portray Felice and Clare, two actors on tour, siblings who are abandoned by their company in a decrepit theatre in an unknown place. Threatened by panic and fear these two actors perform "The Two-Character Play," whose characters are named Felice and Clare, brother and sister, which may or may not be about them. OUT CRY was first presented in New York in 1973. Earlier versions of the work, which premiered in London in 1967, were presented abroad under the title THE TWO-CHARACTER PLAY.

The Optimist  | Open: 03/20/08 Close: 04/12/08
From Ground UP Productions, the company behind last year's smash musical The People vs. Mona, comes Jason Chimonides' edgy, new play THE OPTIMIST, directed by Jace Alexander ("Rescue Me," "House, M.D.," "Burn Notice," "Xena: Warrior Princess" and more). THE OPTIMIST looks at the volatile and surprisingly hilarious clash of passion and genetics when three well-bred, intelligent 20-somethings -- fraternal twin brothers Noel and Declan and Noel's ex-girlfriend Nicole -- encamp at a cheap motel in Tallahassee, Florida on the eve of a friend's funeral, and the marriage of the young men's father to the woman with whom he had a longstanding affair while their mother was still alive. Sex, mortality and unrequited love lurk throughout the play as the trio anticipates the funeral of their young friend, and the wedding of the father who the young men believe was responsible for their beloved mother's death.

Starring Matt Burns, Caitlin FitzGerald & Chris Thorn*
Ryland Blackinton Apr 8 - 12

Producers: Kate Middleton & Matt Olin
Stage Mgr: Devan Hibbard
Set/Lighting Design: Travis McHale
Producer/TD: Dan Wheeless
Co-TD: Jeff Besselman
Costume Design: Elisa Richards
Fight Choreographer: Ron Piretti
Graphics: Wade Dansby 3
Photography: Randy Morrison

*denotes AEA

Theatre of the Diverse  | Open: 02/25/08 Close: 02/25/08
Theatre of the Diverse is a rainbow of comedy and drama, speckled
with monologues, songs, scenes, and sketch-comedy. This industry showcase promises to be
one of The Actor's Project NYC's strongest and most talent-filled theatrical showcases to date-shining
with a mixture of young-adult actors and seasoned professionals. You'll laugh-out-loud
with a cast of characters ranging from a drunken usherette to old women and men trapped in young sexy bodies.
Actors have spent months preparing a theatrical event that is fast-paced, funny, and touching.
Just for Giggles  | Open: 02/18/08 Close: 02/18/08
Just for Giggles is The Actor's Project NYC's very-popular, always sold-out, all-comedy showcase,
which will have you laughing and giggling even after you leave the theatre!
Even in your dreams that night! The evening moves as fast as a fairy in a forest with funny stories,
funny songs, sketch-comedy, and comedic scenes.
It will be a fun, magical night with talented actors sharing their stories, characters, and imagination.
It's hilarious! It's Just for Giggles!
Tapnyc Presents: Scandal In Manhattan  | Open: 11/30/07 Close: 11/30/07
Scandal in Manhattan
A comedy written and directed by
Bobby Holder

Scandal in Manhattan is a cross between the movie CLUE and the television show DESIGNING WOMEN. The comedy is a very fast-paced farce, which is moved along swiftly by the acts (and yearnings) of a flamboyant front-desk supervisor, at a mid-town Manhattan hotel, who is continuously being overwhelmed by his straight staff and his "questionably straight" guests. All hell, lust, and love break loose when a young handsome gentlemen and an impatient southern woman, accused of killing her father with roach poison, arrive to check-in. The hotel (and the play) is packed full of peculiar individuals, each completing a life (and laugh-out loud) journey.

Scandal in Manhattan will be followed by:
The Late Night Sketch-Comedy Show, which is a cross between SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW. A few of the sketches: Shirley Temple wants Milk and Cookies! Movie Review! Encyclopedia Jack and Kleptomaniac Granny, The Doll, and much more!

Tales of Laughter - An All-Comedy Showcase  | Open: 10/15/07 Close: 10/15/07
One Show, One Night Only:

Tales of Laughter-A Comedic Showcase

October 15th, 2007
The Abingdon
Mainstage Theatre
312 West 36th Street
@7:30 PM

Tales of Laughter is another version of our very popular all-comedy showcase featuring sketch-comedy and other short-funny stories. The evening begins Scooby Doo Style with a camping trip from hell where the instructor insists the campers tell tales of laughter, not tales of horror. The evening also features: an oversexed grandma in Sexy Septuagenarian, a flamboyant singer in Straight Eye for the Queer Rapper, and a country mishap in Dumped in Dollywood.
This showcase sells out fast- so make your reservations ASAP. (Approximate running time: 1hour and 25minutes)

The People vs. Mona  | Open: 07/12/07 Close: 08/04/07
Set in Tippo, Georgia (population 8,000), THE PEOPLE vs. MONA is a love story, courtroom drama, musical comedy and fate-of-a-small-town-hanging-in-the-balance all rolled into one. Mona Mae Katt, owner of the wildly popular musical hangout, The Frog Pad, stands accused of killing her husband on their wedding day. If convicted, Mona will go to jail, and her beloved Frog Pad will be turned over to developers. Mona?s fate (and the Frog Pad?s) rests in the hands of everyman local defense attorney Jim Summerford, who has never won a case against charismatic prosecutor and majoral candidate Mavis Frye?who also happens to be his fiancée. As the trial unfolds amid a rollicking Southern roots score, the town?s many secrets are revealed, and Jim and Mona recognize a budding attraction between them.
Crazy Actors on Drugs  | Open: 07/14/07 Close: 08/03/07
Seven drug-crazed actors improvise a show in front of your very eyes, using the latest state-of-the-art improvisational techniques, including body painting, foul language, and extensive gratuitous nudity.
The Hunt for Treasure  | Open: 06/26/07 Close: 07/08/07
Five Stars – Toronto Fringe Festival

For the adolescent odd-couple Jason and Mark, it starts off as another weekday morning - sitting around, chasing cats in the park. But during a game of Bottle-bee, they discover a mysterious pirate's treasure map and EVERYTHING changes. A comedic quest ensues through a bizarre fantasy world that ultimately tests their friendship.

"Comic chemistry to treasure... Enjoy the journey" - View Magazine

"...the audience at the show I saw guffawed loudly throughout" - CBC

Please note: This show is for mature audiences only.

The Actor's Project NYC Presents  | Open: 06/18/07 Close: 06/18/07
Monday June 18 at 7:30pm
The Abingdon at 312 West 36th Street
Two Shows in One Night at One Low Price of $25.00
Reservations 212-560-0991 www.TheActorsProjectNYC.com
Funny Player - Comedy Showcase
Step right up! It's the Funny Player Fair where Comedic Actors take you on a laugh-out-loud ride with some of the most hilarious stories and sketches ever performed, such as Planet of the Homosexuals, Silence of the Squirrels, and Cougar Hunting.
Dramedy - The Advance Troupe Show
Dramedy is a fast-paced production with a touch of drama, but also some of our best comedic sketches such as Shirley Temple's American Idol Audition, Babytalk, Redneck Auction, and Pitch Black Theatre's Shakespeare in the Dark.
Midsummer Night's Dream: A Comic Jewish Satire  | Open: 03/28/07 Close: 04/01/07
Could Shakespeare's best-known comedy be a Jewish religious lampoon written by a woman? That's the basis for "Midsummer Night's Dream: A Comic Jewish Satire." This radical new production will be presented by the Dark Lady Players.
Dreams Of Friendly Aliens  | Open: 03/10/07 Close: 04/01/07
A northern New Jersey family redefines dysfunctional â€" a husband obsessively waits for months in his bathrobe for his wife's return from the grocery store; his son hones his skills as a white rap artist who has visions of alien abductions; and the grandmother recites the same shopping list again and again. A high school guidance counselor and a police officer intervene to restore order, but the fractured family only spins further out of control. The wife's return would help matters, but where is she?
The Actor's Project NYC Presents A Night of Dramedy!  | Open: 02/05/07 Close: 02/05/07
The Actor's Project NYC presents:
Masks of Theatre – A Thespian masquerade featuring a carnival of actors performing monologues and scenes featuring a theatrical scene about a professor who is haunted by his ex-wife for bringing young men home. 2nd show is a short play titled Protect the Crotch, which is an alcohol influenced tale about a secret, a murdered dog, a passive aggressive homosexual struggling with his bullheaded straight roommate, and their path back to trust.
The Actor's Project NYC Presents:  | Open: 10/16/06 Close: 10/23/06
Monday October 16 at 7pm: Storm in Manhattan-A Polished Theatrical Showcase and The Telephone Man Doesn't Die Last - A faced pace comedy about a scatterbrained mother, her fanatical children, and a psycho maid.

Monday October 23 at 7pm: To Boldly Go- A Laugh-out-Loud Comedic Showcase and The Telephone Man Doesn't Die Last - A faced pace comedy about a scatterbrained mother, her fanatical children, and a psycho maid.

Foggy Bottom  | Open: 09/02/06 Close: 09/24/06
A philandering mid-level State Department bureaucrat, pretending to be the Assistant Secretary of State promises one green card to three illegal aliens, all beautiful young women. When the three women show up at his office on the same night to cash in on his promise, farcical hilarity ensues...and then a fourth woman arrives, with an entirely different plan in store for him.
Why D’ya Make Me Wear This, Joe?  | Open: 07/18/06 Close: 07/21/06
Joe is a 1940's love story, this time about two women. Aubra is a housebound, Fifth Avenue opera diva, whose career collapsed when she was crippled in the polio epidemic of 1931. Charlie is a modern day "Rosie the Riveter," whose job as a projectionist at the Flatbush Cinema fuels her dreams of becoming a movie producer. Charlie's fiancé arranges for Charlie to take care of Aubra, while he and Aubra's fiancé go off to fight in the Second World War. While the men are away the two women fall desperately in love. But, the war soon ends and they both must decide between their love for each other and their responsibilities to their men. So explodes the complexities of what it means to be gay or "crippled" or a woman in the 1940's.

Part of the Fresh Fruit Festival

Cherish - the US Premiere  | Open: 06/07/06 Close: 06/25/06
"Cherish" follows the dramatic reverberations of a surrogacy dispute between a gay couple and a lesbian couple, whose parental instincts threaten to tear them apart. Duncam's play deals with not only the issue of gay parenthood, but with the universal struggle to be true to ourselves while doing what is best for our families. In "Cherish" the characters face a truth that echoes in all of our lives: "The things you can't have -- they define you, shape you. They belong to you. They're not an outrage to natural justice. They are nature. They're something to be cherished."

"This story of two gay couples trying to raise children is thought-provoking. Cherish will stir your emotions and make you laugh." Nicholas Linnehan, Theatre Talk
"One of the greatest pleasures in attending theater is to fall into the web of a history well woven and encircling. Cherish is a text that you can enjoy this way. It carries us through surprise to surprise without falling into the temptation of rebellious sensationalism. The story of so large an action that it destroys what it loves is so stunning that what is less important here are the details of the sexual orientation of the people. The genius of the playwright is exactly in the subtlety and smoothness of the chain of events. They take us to the end of the play with a beautiful elegance that permits us to let down our moral guard and to see the true moral challenges. " Victor Weinstock, El Economista

" Cherish is a truly moving show which deftly deals with some of the most taboo social issues of today's society. It's a must see for all adult audiences. The audience learns that's its in a child's best interest to have two loving and caring parents regardless of how the child is brought into the world. With the perfectly whimsical staging, and the seriousness of the issues, the characters skillfully leave one uncertain at times whether to laugh or cry. " Nilson Netto, Brazil Press

Beyond Therapy  | Open: 05/09/06 Close: 05/13/06
. "BEYOND THERAPY" traces the precarious romance of Bruce and Prudence, two hapless singles who initially meet through a personal ad. After an utterly disastrous first date, the dejected pair retreat to their respective shrinks. Prudence's therapist (a lecherous bully with designs of his own on her) insists that she learn to accept imperfection, while Bruce's scatterbrained analyst gleefully suggests that he place another ad. But Prudence answers once again. The two discover some common interests and begin an uneasy romance--until the bisexual Bruce's live-in boyfriend becomes jealous of the budding lovebirds and takes matters into his own hands.
My Deah  | Open: 04/21/06 Close: 05/07/06
MY DEAH spotlights Gator Hedgepeth, a former Mississippi football star, and his plans to abandon his wife, My Deah - an ex-beauty queen from Louisiana with a penchant for a gossip-filled bridge game - to marry Simplicity Bullard, the daughter of the corrupt, one-armed Governor Bullard. When My Deah confronts her card-dealing friends (and Governor Bullard) and she lays out her plans for revenge . . . y'all just might could die laughin'!
Beyond Boundaries II- Echoes Continued  | Open: 04/26/06 Close: 04/26/06
Another passionate theatrical showcase from The Actor's Project NYC. The evening will consist of monologues, scenes, music, drama, comedy, and dance. A short, diverse, industry showcase. Featuring a scene from the play Rain: a comedy about what happens when a young girl finds out her model fiancé is cheating on her with his male college buddy. Featuring a scene from A Strange Hotel: a glimpse of what it would be like to be born again in young beautiful bodies. Also, the return of Venus The Mystic Psychic.
THE CAST: Brandon Abel, Tom Ashton, Ayo, Charity Bess, Greg Blatto, Allison Bloch, Brett Davidson, Claysey Everett, Richard Hymes-Esposito, Elizabeth Izzo, Deidre Ann Johnson, Jamie Kerezsi, Natasha Kotovsky, Rodney Ladino, Joshua Macuga, Lisa McQuade, Carrie Morettti, Christina Petroni, Sara Rosenzweig, Lizzie Schwarz, Lara Starr Sutton, Mercedes Vasquez, and Kasey Williams.
Othello  | Open: 03/17/06 Close: 04/02/06
Inner Circle Theater Company presents Othello, a stunning portrait of the rich verbal imagery in Shakespeare's epic tale of love and sexual jealousy. The play explores the objectification of women and the destructive forces unleashed by the men who seek to possess them.

Othello, Pascal Beauboeuf; Desdemona, Sybille Bruun; Iago, Chris Cotone; Roderigo, Brian Greer; Cassio, Sam Chase; Emilia, Elizabeth C. Rosengren; Brabantio, David Lamberton; Bianca, Claudia Casamassimo; Lodovico, Brian Linden; Gratiano/Iago Understudy, Mick Bleyer; Montano, Galway McCullough; Senator, Charles Baker; Gentleman, Matt Walley; Soldier/Cassio Understudy, Shawn McLaughlin; Desdemona Understudy, Amy Flanagan

Stage Manager, Michael Ormond; Assistant Director, Elizabeth C. Rosengren; Fight Director, Galway McCullough; Costume Design, Angel Jones; Sound Design, Jewels Eubanks

TDF Vouchers Accepted

Uncle Vanya  | Open: 03/01/06 Close: 03/05/06
Considered one of the most poignant evocations of thwarted desire ever written, Chekhov's classic masterpiece of wasted lives and frustrated longing centers around a remote farm in the Ukraine, tells of two obsessive love affairs that lead nowhere, and a flirtation that brings disaster.
Tape  | Open: 01/19/06 Close: 01/29/06
Belber's hip and provocative examination of relationships pits two former best friends against each other when one tries to get the other to reveal that he date raped a girl they both went out with in high school
Daniella Uses Dirty Words  | Open: 11/04/05 Close: 11/20/05
Meet Daniella, a Brooklyn teenager who—no matter how taboo the subject—just can't refrain from speaking her mind, much to the chagrin of her mother, boyfriend, school principal and classmates.

Heaven help us.

In The Arms of Baby Jesus  | Open: 09/09/05 Close: 09/25/05
Three lives – an elderly Italian-American Grandfather and two homeless Vietnam vets – intertwine in an East Village apartment amidst the chaos of the 1988 Tompkins Square Park gentrification riots. An Equity showcase
Evensong  | Open: 07/28/05 Close: 08/06/05
Evensong is based on the poignant memories of six Americans over age 80 in Midland, Michigan whose life stories are woven into a text that resembles jazz music.
Project Playwright...The Show  | Open: 06/21/05 Close: 06/26/05
MADAIR Productions Presents a collection of previously unproduced short plays by fresh, talented playwrights from around the country. Together they create a study of varying degrees of dysfunction in humanity: from the heartfelt to the absurd, revealing inner demons, and exploring tabloid fantasies.

Featuring Plays by; Jacob Burstein-Stern, Michelle Carter, Rich Frost, Craig McNulty, and Adrian Quihuis.

Swimming With Sturgeon  | Open: 05/06/05 Close: 05/15/05
SWIMMING WITH STURGEON is a magically realistic tale of family and history. The story, woven through time and space (including a tour of the ninth century Mongol kingdom of Khazaria and a small town in Ohio's Appalachian foothills), is told through Dina, a woman called back from her comatose state to help her desperately lonely brother find his place in the world.
Rappacini's Daughter  | Open: 04/14/05 Close: 04/17/05
"Rappacini's Daughter" takes place in Bergamo, Italy, where a botanist, Giacomo Rappacini, has armed his daughter, Beatrice, against the evils of the world by confining her in a garden and raising her among the perfumes of poisonous plants. Manipulated by Pietro Baglioni, a jealous professional rival of Rappacini, a vain and worldly suitor named Giovanni gains access to Beatrice and falls in love with her in the splendid, deadly garden. In time, Giovanni becomes inured to the plants' toxins but becomes as poisonous as Beatrice. Unable to overcome his dismay at this, he lashes out at the young woman, and as the unwitting agent of Baglioni's vendetta, kills her. "Rappacini's Daughter" is a world premiere. This one act play is on a double bill. See Also: Bad Evidence
Bad Evidence  | Open: 04/14/05 Close: 04/17/05
"Bad Evidence" is a contemporary play in which a young, attractive married couple is agonizing over suspicion of infidelity. The couple, talking in bed after hosting a party, become increasingly hostile in their language and actions. Sex for them becomes a slow, spider-like dance in which each tries to release inhibitions and tempt the other partner into humiliating confessions by the use of "bad evidence." "Bad Evidence" is a NY premiere This one act play is on a double bill. See Also - Rappacini's Daughter
Caz Dies Alone  | Open: 03/11/05 Close: 03/26/05
A play about two friends, a cranky cameraman and an intimacy-phobic poet, who becomes rommoates with a free-spirited dancer from Long Island who unlocks their hearts and ruins her lives
Sunday On The Rocks  | Open: 02/23/05 Close: 03/06/05
On a beautiful Sunday morning in mid-October, three house mates decide to have scotch for breakfast. Elly is pregnant and considering an abortion, Jen is being harassed by an obsessive co-worker, and Gayle is just trying to keep order as she weighs a major life decision. Their problems are compounded by a fourth roommate, Jessica, a religious young woman whose own anxieties leave her little room to entertain their confused attempts to make sense of their lives. As they drink, joke and argue, they discover how difficult it can be to make a moral decision in an increasingly complex world.
The Owl & The Pussycat  | Open: 02/09/05 Close: 02/20/05
A revival of the 1964 hit Broadway comedy about a sexually repressed writer and a prostitute