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Assholes & Aureoles  | Open: 07/27/09 Close: 08/02/09
The top-selling show from last year’s Indianapolis Fringe Festival hits the New York stage as The Midtown International Theatre Festival presents ASSHOLES & AUREOLES, beginning July 27th.

An explosive and politically audacious comical collusion between playwright Eric Pfeffinger and the volcanically energetic actors Diane Kondrat and Karen Irwin, ASSHOLES & AUREOLES merrily shreds social mores like so much wet tissue paper, and is every bit as messy. Their collaboration has led to critics writing things like "If comedy shows had encores, I’d still be at the theater," "Belly laughs will mitigate the shock you feel," and "The effect reminded me of someone juggling silk scarves: delightful and much harder than it looks."

ASSHOLES & AUREOLES played to standing ovations and sold-out houses at last year’s Indianapolis Fringe and won NUVO magazine's best new play award. It's getting great reviews in Cincinnati before it makes its New York premiere this summer. 

Playwright - Eric Pfeffinger
Director - Leonora Trey
Actor - Karen Irwin
Actor - Diane Kondrat
Producer - Jeremy Handelman
Creative Consultant - Nell Weatherwax
Fight Choreographer - Adam Noble

Outroverted  | Open: 07/17/07 Close: 08/04/07
A show for the chronically unaccepted, Outroverted shows "reality" through the colorful eyes of those who are different; frustrated gamer geeks, fat lunatic wenches, struggling black actors, closeted virgins, and socially stifled women.

Five shows. Five voices. Countless moments of awkwardness.

Premiering shows, written and performed by, Simona Berman (No Boundaries), Brian Bielawski (Out of Character) Craig Durante (Holding Out), Richie McCall (Me & Steppin') and Susan Rankus (Renaissances).

Never Missed a Day  | Open: 12/01/06 Close: 12/16/06
In "NEVER MISSED A DAY", a group of coworkers throws a retirement party for the office legend. In between toasting their hero and telling their tales, the men unexpectedly find their dark secrets coming to light. Deuce, everyone's favorite co-worker, is retiring after 43 years with the company. As his officemates arrive at his send-off party, they joke, reminisce and tell their stories while they await the coming of their feared boss, the Bowtie.

At the party, Deuce looks back on his career and is left to decide whether to make a final stand against the tyrannical Bowtie, or retire in peace, taking with him a gold watch and the secrets he has kept hidden for years. In the traditions of Arthur Miller and David Mamet, playwright Ken Jaworowski has fashioned a tragicomedy that explores the dreams and the disappointments behind life in the corporate world.

M is for the Million Things  | Open: 02/02/06 Close: 02/11/06
where necessity is the mother of invention
directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan
David Palmer Brown* Burt Edwards* Patricia O'Connell* Marta Reiman*

two generations of love, passion and opera
directed by David Gautschy
Peter Farrell Joanie Schumacher*

Bad influences... Bad behavior!
directed by Harry Peerce
C.K. Allen Bob Manus Linda Segal*
(This play will not be run on Thu, Feb 9 and Fri, Feb 10)

the Valley of the Shadow has a new Queen
directed by Paula D'Alessandris
Gregg Adair C.K. Allen Maggie Fales Leslie Gwyn*

End Caligula  | Open: 07/21/05 Close: 08/07/05
"With such a great theatrical collaboration around this great pairing and script, let me act as tribune for the people in proclaiming, ‘Bring forth the franchise!' " - Fred Backus,

"...[Ryan] Blackwell is giggle-inducing as a callow, linguistically challenged young senator and [Matt] Scott strikes a gleeful balance between slippery and sincere as the senator who initiates the murder plot..." - Backstage

History is full of dictators but Caligula's madness is legendary. "End Caligula" is the story of the tyrant's last days before his assassination and follows the plotting of two senators in their determination to end an unhappy and confusing time in Rome, for the good of the people. To the senators' dismay, the people seem to enjoy having Caligula - a descendent of the treasured Augustus and the esteemed Caesar - as their emperor, so how can the two conspirators justify such a terrible act? Perhaps by leaking a few stories to the press regarding Caligula's activities behind closed doors? Does he really put on performances in his bedroom dressed as Venus for unfortunate visitors? And what about his fondness for horses - just how deep does his equestrian passion run? Unartistically Frustrated is proud to present the world premiere of "End Caligula" as part of the Midtown International Theater Festival this summer at the Jewel Box Theater. Starring, Ryan Blackwell, Katherine Harte, Heather Lasnier, Matt Scott, Offie Sherman and Jesse Sneddon. Directed by Stacee Mandeville, one of the teachers filmed in the recent hit, "Mad Hot Ballroom". Stage Manager, Jennifer Mushkin and Assistant Stage Manager and Fight Captain Katherine Harte. Cartoon art by Jeremiah LaBrash. The Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF) is the brainchild of John Chatterton, publisher and editor of OOBR ("the off-off-broadway review"). Read the full review!
The Baby Is Blue  | Open: 07/20/05 Close: 08/06/05
Steve is haunted by the distant memory of his little sister. Polly can't forget the baby she never had. Angel can't escape the song he wishes he'd never written. How far will they go to kill the things they can't deny?

Matt Schatz's The Baby Is Blue is an imaginative drama which explores the tragic consequences of a child's game.

Ethan Baum
Ayelet Blumberg
Michael Hardart
*Elizabeth Schmidt

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Radium  | Open: 03/24/05 Close: 04/16/05
An erotic, lyrical drama in two acts, RADIUM is a study of gay realtionships and the rawness of desire in the interrelated lives of five urban gay men as they search for intimacy. Containing nudity and forthright in its subject matter and language, RADIUM is suggested for mature audiences only.