VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at the Clemente

Todays Date: 09/29/22
Last Update: 08/01/16 01:03:28 PM
Address: 107 Suffolk Street   (between Rivington & Delancey)
New York, NY   

Official Fringe Venue

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#Blessed  | Open: 08/13/16 Close: 08/25/16
In the wake of an act of violence committed by charismatic high school senior Michael against devout freshman Liana, a handful of teens try to piece together the irrefutable truth – only to find that it may not exist. Weaving ancient tradition with now, #Blessed is a play about faith, rape culture, and what it means to be a young woman today. Premiering at FringeNYC this August, it is a modern day book of revelations. #Blessed in presented by Semicolon Theatre Company, a company run entirely by artists aged twenty-one and younger.

Ain't She Brave: A Play of Poetry  | Open: 08/10/14 Close: 08/24/14
In a journey toward self-discovery four women, Uhuru (Freedom), Njozi (Dream), Nia (Purpose), and Imani (Faith), embark on a heart-pounding trek through America’s past to recover their names. Poetry, song and movement fill this memoir of black women in America.
1h 30m   National   Buffalo, NY   
Drama   Spoken Word/Poetry   
Enter Your Sleep  | Open: 08/19/14 Close: 08/24/14
Childhood best friends, Glory Zico and P.K. Whylde, meet in a wild night of dreams to unravel their complex friendship, battle their sadness, and, ultimately, face a looming, dark truth.
1h 15m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Campo Maldito  | Open: 08/16/14 Close: 08/23/14
Angry ghosts are disrupting business at a tech startup in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. When the CEO hires a Santeria priest to purify the office, he gets more than he bargained for. A dark comedy about gentrification and the afterlife.
1h 0m   National   San Diego, CA   
Cookie Ireland Has a Giraffe  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/23/14
Can a corporation fill the gap when the world's children have lost their ability to imagine? Cookie Ireland knows.
1h 50m   Local   Somerville, NJ   
Drama   Comedy   
Hot Steams  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/23/14
In a futuristic ride through torture and imprisonment a man finds himself jailed and dressed in a Santa suit with no memory. He interrupts the solitary confinement of an accused murderer. Sanity’s at stake as they face unscrupulous law enforcement.
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
A Touch of Forever  | Open: 08/10/14 Close: 08/23/14
A bipolar pornography writer hallucinates one of his characters, a prostitute is given a lucrative proposal, and a struggling actor also struggles with his relationships. Vulgar, funny, and heartbreaking, this character driven ensemble explores angles of sex, happiness, and love.
1h 40m      New York, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Destiny is Judd Nelson  | Open: 08/10/14 Close: 08/22/14
"Destiny is luck." "Destiny is getting lucky." Humorous as it is poignant, absurd as it is profound, DESTINY IS JUDD NELSON follows a group of young New Yorkers searching for meaningful connections in a city where timing is everything.
1h 15m   Local   Queens, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Freaks: a legend about growing up  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/22/14
On a summer night in Florida, with the stars of magic and irresponsibility perfectly aligned, four friends have gathered to summon a hurricane, to rekindle lost love, and to see if wormholes exist. Whoosh.
1h 20m   National   Pittsburgh, PA   
Drama   Comedy   
I Am Not I  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/22/14
Jane Jimenez's quinceanera is approaching. She'd rather wear a tuxedo than her gown. How will her parents react when they discover she's not who they think she is? Dance and live music underscore one family's struggle to define identity.
2h 10m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   FringeHIGH   Comedy   
The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/21/14
Two clowns get married and move into a closet. It's cute, at first. But then little things become Big Things. And Big Things become EXCRUCIATING. Ernest and Ernestine are trapped. Will Love be enough?
1h 10m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Clown/Mask   
Brown & Out  | Open: 08/13/14 Close: 08/16/14
From the west side to the east side, six short plays from LA celebrating the Latino/a LGBTQ experience. These untold stories will make people laugh, cry, and open their hearts to what it means to live brown, out, and proud.
1h 20m   National   Los Angeles , CA   
Comedy   Drama   
Sitting Shiva  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/14/14
Old scars are reopened and new wounds inflicted as three brothers reunite to mourn and pay their respects to the family's dead father. Can the family survive sitting shiva?
1h 45m   National   Los Angeles, CA