VENUE #14: Sheen Center - THE BLACK BOX

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 05/06/16 01:32:18 PM
Address: 18 Bleecker Street  (at Elizabeth)
New York, NY   

Official Fringe Venue

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UNIVERSAL ROBOTS  | Open: 06/03/16 Close: 06/26/16
The Great War has just ended. The fledgling Republic of Czechoslovakia boasts a thriving artistic community. At the center of that community is Karel Capek, a celebrated playwright and a passionate advocate for all his newborn nation can achieve. But this brave new world arrives faster than Karel could have ever expected when a young woman walks into his life with a strange mannequin in a wheelchair... a mannequin that gets up and walks all by itself. 

UNIVERSAL ROBOTS offers a compelling alternate history of the Twentieth Century, imagining the invention of the robot in 1921 Czechosolvakia and chronicling the shocking consequences of that invention right up to the present day.

Part science fiction thriller, part love story, part political allegory, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS is a fast-paced, riveting story of war, faith, art and technology that culminates, in the words of NYTheatre's Martin Denton, in an "edge-of-your-seat finish equal to the best storytelling of stage and screen."

About the Company: Gideon Productions, Llc

GIDEON PRODUCTIONS crafts lively, engaging plays that explore what's strange about being human and what's human about being strange, using familiar genres and cultural touchstones as a springboard to something wholly unexpected. Gideon primarily produces work by playwright Mac Rogers, including Viral (Outstanding Production of a Play, FringeNYC 2009; 2010 ITBA Outstanding Off-Off Broadway Show; two ITBA citations for Individual Performances), Universal Robotsco-produced with Manhattan Theatre Source (4 2009 NYIT Award Nominations, including Outstanding Playwright and Production of a Play), and Hail Satan (Outstanding Playwright, FringeNYC 2007; Backstage "Performance to Remember"). Gideon has also produced several musicals by Williams/Rogers/Williams, including Fleet Week (Outstanding Musical, FringeNYC 2005), Air Guitar (FringeNYC 2006), and The First Annual St. Ignatius Channukah Pageant (Theatre Row, 2005). Gideon and Mac Rogers spent three years in residence at the Vampire Cowboys' monthly episodic workshop, The Saturday Night Saloon. Gideon's own Blueprint Project presented four playwrights' (Mac Rogers, August Schulenburg, Crystal Skillman, and Catherine Trieschmann) profoundly different takes on the exact same plot.

Close to the Bone  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/24/14
A boy moves with his father and dog from suburban California to a village in Honduras in 1979. Through his eyes, we discover the people and dynamics shaping their paradise. But can this peace last? Based on a true story.
1h 25m   Local   NYC, NY   
Drama   Solo Show   
Natural Causes  | Open: 08/10/14 Close: 08/24/14
After a hospital is isolated by Hurricane Katrina, a doctor is charged with murdering three patients. Experience the complex exploration of the moral dilemma that challenged the medical staff, and the district attorney in his search for justice.
1h 20m   Local   Bronx, NY   
Drama   FringeHIGH   
With a Shrug  | Open: 08/18/14 Close: 08/24/14
Shelley is cleaning out her old childhood home after the death of her estranged and reclusive father, when Chris, a boy from up the street, comes by to retrieve something he had let her father borrow.
1h 30m   Local   Utica, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Coyote Katie's Return  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/23/14
A reclusive, Oklahoma taxidermist stumbles into a relationship with a bereaved psychiatric nurse. Their awkward romance is threatened when the past staggers onto the doorstep, dragging a 30-year-old urban legend along for the ride. A quirky love story of bestial proportions!
1h 50m   Local   New York, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
This is Where We Live  | Open: 08/14/14 Close: 08/23/14
US premiere, winner of the 2012 Griffin Award. Two teenagers collide like a modern day Orpheus and Eurydice in a dead-end Australian town. A dark, moving comedy infused with the rhythm of beat poetry.
1h 0m   International   Sydney, AUSTRALIA   
Drama   FringeHIGH   Spoken Word/Poetry   
Horn of Sorrow  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/22/14
A moving play that speaks for itself – it incorporates music, dance, humour and mime, all with a relevant theme. This award-winning production follows the plight of the rhino in its endless battle against extinction and the forces edging it along.
0h 55m   International   SOUTH AFRICA,    
Warm Enough for Swimming  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/22/14
Mom drowned years ago. Grandma died yesterday. Eddie fled his wedding. And Bridget can't make coffee. Can estranged siblings clean the living room when the bride arrives with a post-recession pyramid scheme and a Russian Mafioso stalks their childhood home?
1h 40m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Well Adjusted  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/22/14
"Beth, it's Kate. Mark invited Ben's ex-girlfriend to a fictional party at our house tonight. We have no food, drinks or guests. Also, Ben is mid panic attack because he's wearing sweatpants. Sooo... help? Get wine?"
1h 40m   National   Charlottesville, VA   
How Do You Say Mother in Esperanto?  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/21/14
A young couple is forced to reexamine their notions of intimacy, fidelity, and family when secrets from the past reveal that some encounters are closer than others. Human emotions and otherworldly phenomena create a volatile mix in this comic drama.
1h 20m   Local   Queens, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Over  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/21/14
Nicole and Jack are over. Before he walks out, her little sister arrives, confused and (probably?) drunk. No one is ready for the shocking truth as each learns the consequences of sacrificing too much to please someone they love.
2h 20m   Local   Queens, NY   
The Practice Child  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/21/14
An eccentric manchild tries desperately to escape the shadow of his perfect younger brother in this offbeat comedy about love, poetry, fratricide, malignant brain tumors, senile neurosurgeons, astronaut sperm donors, and one seriously messed up family.
1h 15m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Skin In The Game  | Open: 08/11/14 Close: 08/17/14
Three underprivileged high school seniors compete for a full-ride university scholarship during an overseas event match - only to discover that the competition may result in at least one member of the group never returning home.
1h 40m   National   Philadelphia, PA   
Drama   Comedy