VENUE #13: Sheen Center - THE LORETTO

Todays Date: 06/30/22
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Address: 18 Bleecker Street  (at Elizabeth)
New York, NY   

Official Fringe Venue

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My Personal Hell  | Open: 08/10/14 Close: 08/24/14
To escape a fate worse than his own death, Tucker Tomkins must solve his own murder. Does he have the detective skills to rise to heaven or just a snowball's chance in Hell?
1h 40m   Local   The Bronx, NY   
FringeHIGH   Comedy   
Skyline  | Open: 08/10/14 Close: 08/24/14
In 1962, as the jet age takes flight and urban renewal alters the face of Manhattan, beautiful, historic Pennsylvania Station is slated for demolition. Architect Paul Silver struggles to save both the doomed landmark, and his own soul.
2h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Musical/Opera   Drama   
ANTHEM  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/23/14
Why do we sing the national anthem? This dynamic, original musical explores that question through personal American stories, inspired by real war letters. Each song contains words from the anthem, woven together to form the song that represents our nation.
1h 10m   National   Los Angeles, CA   
Musical/Opera   Multi-Media   
Held Momentarily  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/23/14
Trapped on a stalled New York subway, seven strangers realize it's not just the train that's stuck. A poignant musical comedy about making connections, living in the moment and moving on in life... and a woman just went into labor.
1h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   
The 8th Fold  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/23/14
Two planes, two towers and four boys forced into manhood, searching for a path towards a brave new beginning. Direct from London, the new musical, 'The 8th Fold' celebrates the power of friendship, hope and the courage to start again.
2h 5m   International   London, UNITED KINGDOM   
Musical/Opera   Drama   
The Boston Tea Party Opera  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/22/14
New love blooms - and old loyalty dies, as Sam Adams leads a rebellion against an empire's high taxes, heavy-handedness and invasions of privacy. A mythic, modern version of the moment Americans discovered their identity as a people.
3h 30m   Local   Hoboken, NJ   
Musical/Opera   FringeHIGH   
I'll Say She Is  | Open: 08/10/14 Close: 08/22/14
The historic and hysterical first revival EVER of the Marx Brothers' 90 year old first Broadway show, the only one of the team's stage vehicles never to have been filmed.
2h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Musical/Opera   
Twelfth Night  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/22/14
Classic comedy of shipwrecked siblings and the hilarity that ensues reimagined as a folk musical. Featuring on-stage instrumentation and ten original songs inspired by Shakespeare's text, this production breathes life into a familiar journey through mistaken identities and gender-confused courtships.
1h 45m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
FringeHIGH   Musical/Opera   Comedy   
Generation ME the Musical  | Open: 08/09/14 Close: 08/17/14
At age 15, Milo Reynolds had it all: a seat at the popular table, a perfect girlfriend... So when he kills himself on Monday morning, his friends and family are left questioning everything they thought they knew about him.
2h 45m   National   Sacramento, CA   
FringeHIGH   Musical/Opera   Drama   
The Princess Pyunggang  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/17/14
The story of Princess Pyunggang is a Korean ancient tale that tells the unforgettable love between a foolish and the princess of Goguryo. This story combines Korean traditional drumming instruments songs and dances to deliver a breathtaking performance.
1h 30m   International   Seoul , KOREA   
Musical/Opera   Performance Art   
DANCING MONK IPPEN  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/15/14
DANCING MONK IPPEN is the Japanese divine musical.Set in Japan in the 13th century.IPPEN is a real person in history.He was born in SAMURAI and lived BUDDHIST MONK to save people by DANCING and SINGING.
1h 20m   International   Tokyo, JAPAN   
Musical/Opera   Drama