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Address: 357 W36th street
New York, NY    10018

Phone: (212) 929-2545
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A GHOST TALE  | Open: 10/17/19 Close: 10/19/19
Interpreted from a 17th century exorcism story, A Ghost Tale follows Alma, a young girl who has been possessed by a spirit. This contemporary adaptation is founded on a scholarly look into the dybbuk stories in the Jewish world, and their function as a form of pulp fiction in shtetl environments. In this version, a departure from the norm, Alma attempts to fight the spirit on her own.

A Ghost Tale was created in collaboration with Roni Cohen, a scholar of 16th and 17th century popular Jewish literature, and features puppets designed and crafted by Brecher.

Brecher, a puppeteer, artist, and teacher from Tel Aviv, combines autobiographical details with political and historical events. He has written sketches for television, and performed in the television shows Srugim and Stissel.

US Premiere