Chain Theatre

Todays Date: 02/18/20
Last Update: 01/25/20 10:26:11 AM
Address: 21-28 45th Road
Long Island City, NY   

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Subway: 7/E/M/G to Court Square/Ely

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CHASING THE RIVER  | Open: 02/07/20 Close: 02/22/20
Recently released from prison, a young woman returns to her childhood home - the scene of the crime that put her away when she was just a teenager. Still entwined in the memories of her tumultuous youth, she struggles to break free and focus on her future. Chasing the River is about survival, second chances and learning to bet on yourself.

About the Company: Chain Theatre
The Chain Theatre is a production company whose goal is to create artistic work that is accessible, relatable, and invokes a visceral response in the audience through the mediums of theatre and film. We provide opportunities for New York based artists to experience challenging subject matters and universal themes. A deep respect for the narrative is the driving force behind the cultivation of original texts, the further investigation of recently produced work, and the reclaiming of existing classics for a modern audience. The material chosen focuses on the cyclical nature of history and complexity of the human spirit. The Chain provides professional platforms for new artists and true independent filmmakers to showcase their work and to share their personal stories and original ideas in our communities.