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Open: 08/04/22- Close: 08/21/22 MAROONED! SPIT&VIGOR PLAY SERIES
Acclaimed small theater company spit&vigor (“tenacity ground into every red velvet seat - in other words, I love it” - Vulture)  has transformed their 16 x 16” rehearsal studio into a desert island this summer for their play series MAROONED! - featuring heartstopping plays by several up-and-coming and established playwrights, all about those times when we all can find ourselves marooned on a desert island. Some plays are darkly comic, like Peter Oliver’s Jamaica, about vacationing yuppies who engage their baser animal instincts while watching an annual turtle race, or Z. Quinn Reynolds’ Silver Blood(s), wherein a mystery person washes ashore and claims to be the infamous, marauding pirate, Silver Blood, to two marooned sailors - one of whom already happens to be the famed pirate Silver Blood.

spit&vigor theatre co. : 58 Second Ave