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Open: 10/22/21- Close: 11/13/21 THE MARVELOUS MRS. MCCLUSKEY
Her husband’s an ex-con, her kids are stupid, but Ernestine McCluskey wants something more. She gets more than she expects when her clown nemesis becomes her manager and convinces her to try standup comedy! Join the crazy in this improvised comedy between desire, disgrace, and friendship.

Developed by and Starring: Nannette Deasy, Tony Bozanich, Sam Katz, Jamie Maloney, Vikki Martin, Connie Perry, Marc Adam Smith

Praise for IRTE

  • WINNER, Best Comedy, Tucson Fringe Festival 2020
  • WINNER, Artists Whose Work Made Me Laugh the Most, Asheville Fringe Arts Festival 2017
  • WINNER, SHITFA (Supreme Honorary Improvised Theater& Film Award), 2014 Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre and Film Festival


The Producers Club : 358 West 44th between 8th {e_addres