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Open: 06/02/22- Close: 06/12/22 SKY OF DARKNESS
Siting Yang’s Sky of Darkness is a documentary-style play that takes a somber look at neocolonialism, race, and the perils of personal choices in the face of complex global issues. Loosely adapted from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and informed by the harsh 1975 critique of the novel by African writer Chinua Achebe, the work is based on actual, first-person accounts of Chinese nationals who found themselves in the service of a huge government-owned industrial conglomerate selling and operating military equipment in West Africa. Focusing on the developments that get little exposure in the Western media, Yang’s play asks questions pertaining to the social and ethical consequences of the modern-day expansion of Chinese industrial power in the Black Continent.

Theaterlab : 137 W 14th St