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Open: 03/03/14- Close: 03/03/14 The School Of American Ballet's 2014 Winter Ball
Reviewed for By: Ashley Griffin

The School of American Ballet’s 2014 Winter Ball was a truly wonderful evening. Celebrating the 80th anniversary of SAB, the Koch Theater lobby was transformed into a winter wonderland in truly elegant NYCB fashion that brought to mind the iconic Ballet balls of “Black Swan,” and “The Turning Point.”

The highlight of the evening was a delightful mini film that was screened for guests in which former SAB students talked about what the school, and the training they received there meant to them. In addition to current NYCB principals, the film included iconic artists, such as Chita Rivera who I had no idea had attended the school.

About mid way through the evening current SAB students performed for the guests. While the students were lovely as ever, and beautifully proficient in the Balanchine style, I found them to be missing an artistry and musicality that sadly seems to be fading from many young students coming up the ranks in Ballet schools across the country. But the performance was a lovely addition to the evening, and I wish that they had included more such performances.

The School of American Ballet is a national institution and deserves tremendous support. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate them in such a delightful way. 

David H. Koch Theater : 20 Lincoln Center Plaza