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Jamie Brickhouse  |  Actor, Author

Jamie Brickhouse (Playwright and performer) called “a natural raconteur” by the Washington Post, is the author of the critically-acclaimed memoir and award-winning solo show Dangerous When Wet: A Memoir of Booze, Sex, and My Mother and I Favor My Daddy, which debuted at the New York International Fringe Festival and was awarded "Best Bet" by Theater is Easy. ...Continued


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I FAVOR MY DADDY  | Open: 02/22/19 Close: 03/10/19 - Kraine Theater
Is Jamie (4-time Moth champ and “natural raconteur” -Washington Post) the full-blown version of Daddy Poo—not the Catholic, conservative part, but the gay, alcoholic part? “Jamie lights up the stage…a riveting, thoroughly polished performance…comedic perfection.” (Theater Is Easy “Best Bet” of New York International Fringe Festival)

Darkly comic, “I Favor My Daddy” is the follow up to "Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My Mother." That show was about Jamie’s drinking and sexuality, and his mother Mama Jean. This show is about Jamie’s father, Daddy Poo, and HIS drinking and HIS sexuality. Jamie struggles to discover who his father really was. In the last years they have together, Jamie reveals his secrets to Daddy Poo. Will Daddy Poo finally reveal his own? We'd sooner see a Jewish pope ordained. Shows from gay men about their relationships with their dads are rare, especially ones packed with the originality, mordant humor and poignant heart of “I Favor My Daddy”.

I FAVOR MY DADDY  | Open: 10/12/18 Close: 10/27/18 - FringeHUB
Called "a natural raconteur" by the Washington Post, Jamie Brickhouse returns to the NYC stage with the world premiere of I Favor My Daddy at Fringe NYC 2018. It is Jamie's (voices on Beavis and Butthead; 3-time Moth Slam champ, New York Times published author) follow-up to his critically-acclaimed and award-winning solo show, Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My Mother. That show was about Jamie’s drinking and sexuality, and his Texas tornado of a mother Mama Jean. I Favor My Daddy is about Jamie’s father Earl aka Daddy Poo and his drinking and sexuality. “With this show, I’ve flipped the artistic process,” says Brickhouse. “I wrote and published Dangerous When Wet the memoir first. This time, I Favor My Daddy the show, will come out before the book.”

Daddy Poo is an octogenarian, ribald Catholic conservative accepting of his son’s homosexuality and arrested alcoholism, but is he in denial about his own? After he dies suddenly Jamie begins to realize that the constant postmortem refrain of the folks in town—“You favor your daddy,”—is true from his skin down to his marrow. Is Jamie all the things Daddy Poo was, but didn’t quite become: gay, alcoholic, writer? Is Jamie the full-blown version of Daddy Poo?

Critical Acclaim for Dangerous When Wet

“The show is as stylish as his slick sport coats. . . Brickhouse is a natural raconteur whose sharp writing defines the piece. . . the entertaining Dangerous When Wet must be one of the most polished one-man shows at Fringe this year.” —Washington Post

“So polished it almost feels too big for the Fringe...Brickhouse [has] a vocal range finely calibrated to the unique needs of each beat...he writes with fiendish pith.” —San Francisco Chronicle

Audience Choice Award WINNER 2017 FRIGID Festival New York

“BEST BET” 2017 FRIGID Festival New York: Theater is Easy

“BEST OF 2018 CAPITAL FRINGE:” DC Theater Arts Scene

“BEST OF” &” SOLD OUT” Awards San Francisco Fringe Festival 2018

 “Hilarious…[and] dark... [Jamie is a] top teller.” —TimeOut New York

uproariously funny…absorbing…masterful timing…insightful.” –St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Thoroughly entertaining.” —Theater is Easy

“Stunning performer.” —NY Theater Guide

Breath-taking…a must-see production.” —DC Metro Theater Arts (5-stars)

“Jamie holds the audience in his thrall the entire time.” —DC Theatre Scene