Cast Member Profile: G.J. DOWDING

 G.J. Dowding  |  Director, Producer, Artistic Director

G.J. Dowding is a writer, director, and performer living in Brooklyn, New York. He attended both Wagner College and New York University, studying everything from vocal performance, music theory, acting, journalism, and fiction/poetry writing. Predominantly trained in acting, he is currently interested in exploring  physical theater and performance art through collaboration of different artistic mediums. Continued


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Quizzically Quimsical  | Open: 09/07/12 Close: 09/09/12 - The Gene Frankel Theatre
  Enter a queer imagination and embark on  an exploration of exploitation....

An original performance piece made up of poetry, prose, narrative, music, choreography, and movement with an immersive set design. This is a story about a boy on a queer journey toward self-fulfillment. The journey is shaped by the boy's first influence from a feminine force, a femme fatale: his mother. Upon identifying with a queer identity, the struggle becomes appropriating the haunting presence of his eccentric mother within the realm of exploring what queer means to each individual: both sexually and emotionally. How do we ever know when we have reached solid ground? How do we ever know when we have taken root into something concrete?