Cast Member Profile: MICKEY O'SULLIVAN

Mickey O'Sullivan  |  Actor

Mickey O'Sullivan (Hamlet) is pretty flippin’ excited to be playing with Riff Collective in Drowning Ophelia. O'Sullivan has recently been onstage in New York with "Waiting for Lefty" at the Portmanteau and The Working Theatre, "Uncle Morty's Funeral" by Joanna Zelman, "Melodrama Play" with Craig Newman, "Twelfth Night" with Time-Space, and "Wake" with Aisling Arts. ...Continued


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Drowning Ophelia: A New Rock Musical  | Open: 02/25/12 Close: 03/04/12 - Under St. Mark's Theatre

After her self-proclaimed “tragic” drowning, Ophelia finds herself in purgatory with nothing to do but wait for the inevitable- Hamlet to arrive. What else does a girl do in her situation but start a band and head out on tour? Through Drowning Ophelia, we see one girl with a microphone, a rocking band of Shakespeare’s most lovable clowns, and the story of Hamlet told through an exciting theatrical concert of sex, drowning, and rock ‘n’ roll.