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Judy Kerr  |  Actress

Judy Kerr crashed her way into acting by convincing Joan Darling to allow her to bypass the five-year waiting list and become her class assistant, then her on-set assistant. Judy began her career doing plays at La Mama Hollywood in the 70s. She starred and toured with Jane Powell in Neil Simon’s Chapter Two and with Bill Macy in I Ought To Be In Pictures. She’s appeared in films and television – is noted for her fabulous scream in Manic Cop and making a beer milkshake for Nick Nolte in Cannery Row. Judy is an acting and on-set dialogue coach. ...Continued


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The Last Laugh  | Open: 02/15/11 Close: 02/26/11 - Sidewalk Studio Theatre
June Johnson and Melinda Rogers are two faded TV divas.  Years ago they were stars of competing #1 sitcoms who littered the gossip rags as bitter rivals for ratings, awards and husbands!  They are in for a surprise when two former cast members conspire to create a cable TV reunion.  Starring Emmy winner Joan Darling, Judy Kerr, Kerry Shear and Darby Hinton (TV's Israel Boone from "The Daniel Boone Show"), The Last Laugh is a new comedy by award-winning playwright Bill Svanoe directed by Emmy winner Blake Bradford.