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Carol Neiman  |  Actress

Carol is delighted to be starting the new year at Wings, working and playing together with old friends and new. Recent credits include: The Unfortunate Honeymoon of Tony and Steve (Grammy Jean) and I, Undertow (Eunice) by Blake Bradford; Bird House (Rita) by Kate Marks; Nick Taylor's indie film, Paradise East (Eunice); and (voice) reader of D.H. Lawrence's "Corazon and the Parrots" for Mornings in Mexico, multimedia art installation produced by Tamar Guimares.<...Continued


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Personal Appearance  | Open: 01/11/11 Close: 01/22/11 - Wings Theatre
This rollicking and timeless comedy is one heck of a ride (and was adapted by Mae West as the film GO WEST, YOUNG MAN). It tells in the lightest and most frolicsome fashion about a famous movie star who travels about the country making personal appearances to promote her latest film. This lady, however, is so susceptible to masculine charm that she has to have a special manager with her to keep her out of mischief. She simply cannot resist flirting with any good-looking young man who happens to cross her path. It can easily be imagined into what amusing complications this propensity involves the movie star, when she stops at a combination tourist home and gasoline filling station attended by a couple of good-looking youths!