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Jessica Seley  |  Actress

Jessica Seley (Circe/Sip) is happy to be involved in her first Zephyer Rep production with such a wonderful cast and crew. She'd like to thank all her friends and family and those who've helped her along the way for their support, love, and insight. Past theatre credits include Woman As Mother; Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes Love; Blatant; Lysistrata; and the film The Track Meet which recently played at the Williamsburg Film Festival. ...Continued


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Odyssey  | Open: 12/09/10 Close: 12/19/10 - Wings Theatre
Coming up with the Trojan Horse worked out pretty well for Odysseus. Except it all just went downhill from there...
As a single man carrying the weight of the world, Athena's most clever student has to pass through all the trials of the great in order to redeem himself.
But Kate Marks' imaginative adaptation makes it as entertaining for us as it is grueling for Homer's tragic hero.
Who said Tiresias couldn't be an old queen spinning her disco ball in the Underworld?
The Cyclops a spoiled brat screaming for his punk Daddy Poseidon?
Circe a feminist Toulouse-Lautrec grand dame who whips her adoring pigs into submission?
Full of wonder, magic, and silly jokes, this acrobatic whirlwind of a journey reminds us all of our daily battle with the elements and endless dance with fate.  
Did you love The Red Curtain movies of Baz Lurhmann? Want to be immersed in your theatre experience?
Then this is a show you don't want to miss!