Cast Member Profile: MARGIE SUVALLE

Margie Suvalle  |  Actress

Margie hails from Boston and earned a BA from Pitzer College in California. Los Angeles: American Pie, VIP, Felicity and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; studied at the Groundlings. New York: studied at HB Studios, Atlantic Theater Company and Upright Citizen’s Brigade; performing with improv troupe Noo Yawk Tawk, created and starred in the hit parody Cex and the Sity, and wrote and produced several shows, including Pie Obsessed Drunken Fatties, Good On Paper, Damaged Dancers and The Poop Show. Practicing and teaching yoga is her other life passion.<...Continued


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Production History

Fall 2010 Plus 1 Solo Show Festival  | Open: 10/10/10 Close: 10/11/10 - Bridge Theater at Shetler
An evening of four funny and smart original solo shows. Two performances only!

JACKed Up by Mark Gessner, directed by James Angiola
A hilarious and whimsical look at one man's journey from Dude to Dad.

I’m Fired! by Margie Suvalle, directed by Matt Hoverman
A comedy about getting let go, laid off and fired and finding a place to belong.

Can’t the Revolution Wait? by Jamila Webb
The daughter of two revolutionaries sets out to find her own rebellious voice.

Call Me by Katherine Williams
In a sea of texters and Facebook stalkers, one woman challenges her potential suitors to unplug.

With special musical guest Erica Russo