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Andhy Mendez  |  Actor

Andhy Mendez (Johnny Lewis) was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the US when he was five years old. He has been acting since a young age and recently graduated from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts - The School for Film and Television. He is a member of SAG, film credits include For Love or Country The Life of Arturo Sandoval, and Cuban Blood. Theater credits include Macbeth, I am a Camera, Pullman Car Hiawatha, Between Two Worlds, and Duchess of Malfi. This is his first production at the Wings Theater and he is very happy to be a part of it. ...Continued


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The Downside Risk  | Open: 09/02/10 Close: 09/11/10 - Wings Theatre
Mike Williams has it all... a wife and two kids, friends that he can depend on, and a great job as a salesman for American National Products.  When his company is bought out by the mysterious IGM, things start to unravel.  New procedures appear overnight and quotas must be met.  Or else.  Now Mike is on a racing against the ticking clock to pull in the big ticket before he loses it all.

Bill Svanoe's play has been labeled the "Death of a Salesman for the Computer Age."  His plays have appeared all over the US and internationally and are published by Samuel French and Dramatists.  This marks the first NYC revival of The Downside Risk.