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Michelle Ellen Ayala is a new motherto baby Sean and new wife to husband Willie. She enjoys spending timewith her family, cooking and talking into wee hoursof the night. You will mostly find her reading a new play or working on new productions her friends are involved in.  This is her second production as Ashley with Panoptic Theatre and hopes there are many more....Continued


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The Sessions  | Open: 08/25/10 Close: 08/27/10 - Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Panoptic Theatre, in association with Manhattan Repertory Theatre Summerfest 2010, presents THE SESSIONS.

THE SESSIONS arouses the question: What's going on in your bedroom?!

Four couples expose themselves, body and soul, in this voyeuristic look at relationships:

A young married couple decides to spice up their sex life by engaging in a threesome.

A “down-low” gay couple's relationship comes to a head when one of them is ready for a change.

A couple casually dating are forced to deal with issues of body image and societal pressures.

A middle-aged married couple ventures into uncharted territory when an S&M adventure goes awry.

Watch what happens when the sex ends and the conversation begins.


Wed. Aug. 25 @ 9pm, Thu. Aug. 26 @ 9pm, Fri. Aug. 27 @ 9pm


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