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Peggy Queener  |  Actress

New York: Nina, The Cocktail Hour: Justine, For Tiger Lilies Out of Season; Violet: Snake in Fridge: Vixen, The Eight: Reindeer Monologues; Deborah, I, Undertow (world premier); Lady Croome, Arcadia: Lady Caroline, Dear Brutus; Ranevskaya, The Cherry Orchard; Eleanor; No Sex Please, We're British.  Independent films: Won Ton Baby! (starring Gunnar Hansen and Debbie Rochon); Guy With a Camera; Disorder (Cannes, 2007); Prologue; The Puppet Show.<...Continued


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Fifi Lagrange: The Road To Fabulous!  | Open: 06/25/10 Close: 07/03/10 - Wings Theatre
World famous actress, fashion icon and "Fifi La Grange: The Road to Fabulous!" author, Fifi La Grange has just returned after a sudden and  mysterious four month disappearance.  Terrible rumors are swirling!  Will they ruin her for good?  Fifi's dear friend, Effie, a ShopTV addicted senior citizen, convinces her that appearing live on television, with the popular and all powerful entertainment host Jon Toddy, will revive her career.  Effie enlists the reluctant help of Fifi's other close friend, The Donut Lady, to bolster Fifi's case: they interview with Jon Toddy's right hand man, a fervent Fifi Fabutante, and end up sharing a bit too much.   Fifi's big day on "Jon Toddy's Grand Arena" finally arrives, and is shockingly marked by life changing events for everyone!