Cast Member Profile: TIMOTHY RYAN

Timothy Ryan  |  Actor

Timothy is extremely happy to be a part of this production of Dulcy, and to be working with Zephyer Rep. Timothy was last seen as DJ in The All American Genderf*ck Cabaret. He fell in love with theater as a kid in Cleveland, Ohio and is living his dream of performing in New York City. He dedicates this performance to his amazing and supportive family and friends.<...Continued


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Dulcy  | Open: 06/18/10 Close: 07/03/10 - Wings Theatre
Dulcy, by George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly, is a zany, screwball comedy about Dulcy, the madcap young newlywed who loves her husband, the movies, and meddling in everyone else's affairs, not necessarily in that order.  Dulcy is certain that, with a little help from her, her husband will make a brilliant business deal, the daughter of a houseguest will elope with a silent film writer whom she has just met, her butler will stay out of jail, and the millionaire who is visiting will fall in love with another guest, even though she is married to Dulcy's husband's business partner!  Will Dulcy destroy everything accidentally instead?  It's certainly possible!