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Brady Adair  |  Actor

Brady Adair is happy to be performing with Zephyer Rep.  Entertaining audiences across the country, Brady has played over 50 roles in an extensive range of theatre and film productions.  New York credits include Walking the Dream (American Theatre of Actors), The Winter’s Tale (Wooden O) and various new works at Manhattan Children's Theatre.&...Continued


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Dead White Males:
A Year In The Trenches Of Teaching
 | Open: 10/06/10 Close: 10/16/10 - Bridge Theater at Shetler
Meet Janet, a rookie history teacher who goes from idealist to burnout as she fights insidious internal politics in her effort to truly affect her students. During her tenure Janet learns how to write a proper self-evaluation, censor musicals, and cultivate paranoia in a system dominated by constant accountability and deep corruption.

Tongue in Cheek Theater gives William Missouri Downs' biting satire its New York City premiere.

Dulcy  | Open: 06/18/10 Close: 07/03/10 - Wings Theatre
Dulcy, by George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly, is a zany, screwball comedy about Dulcy, the madcap young newlywed who loves her husband, the movies, and meddling in everyone else's affairs, not necessarily in that order.  Dulcy is certain that, with a little help from her, her husband will make a brilliant business deal, the daughter of a houseguest will elope with a silent film writer whom she has just met, her butler will stay out of jail, and the millionaire who is visiting will fall in love with another guest, even though she is married to Dulcy's husband's business partner!  Will Dulcy destroy everything accidentally instead?  It's certainly possible!

Our Town  | Open: 10/17/12 Close: 10/27/12 - Theatre 54 @ Shetler Studios
A love story between neighbors Emily and George, and a love letter to small town life in America.  Winner of the 1938 Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama.

Featuring original music by Philip Rothman.

About the Company: Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions

Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions mission is to produce thought-provoking comedies.  Founded in 2006, the company's more than 20 productions to date include Books on Tape (FringeNYC 2011), Dead White Males, Proof, Love Letters, Five Flights, Recent Tragic Events, and its ongoing festival of original solo works, the Plus One Solo Show Festival.