Cast Member Profile: AIZZAH FATIMA

Aizzah Fatima  |  Actress

Aizzah is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Recent performances include Dear Brutus, Last Summer At Bluefish Cove, The Vagina Monologues, and the original ensemble piece Ripe For The Picking. Her film credits include Albert & Alice, It's All Been Arranged, and Dejeration. Aizzah has appeared on TV in Food Network’s Food Detectives. Dirty Paki Lingerie is the first solo show she has written. ...Continued


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Plus 1 Solo Show Festival  | Open: 05/02/10 Close: 05/03/10 - Bridge Theater at Shetler
An evening of funny and smart original solo shows. Two performances only!

How I Became An Astronaut by Fara Greenbaum:
One night, in the depths of despair, a woman gets hungry, buys a sandwich, and is inspired to change her life—discovering that she is allowed to pursue any dream she has...even becoming an astronaut if she damn well wants to.

Dirty Paki Lingerie by Aizzah Fatima:
Dirty Paki Lingerie gives a heart-breaking glimpse into the complicated lives of American Muslim Pakistani women at the juncture of two different cultures.

The Make-Out Queen by Bronwen Prosser:
Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, but when it’s not…damn.