Cast Member Profile: KAREN BRELSFORD

 Karen Brelsford  |  Producer

Karen Brelsford (Publicity/ Producer) is a resident member of Zephyer Rep. She worked as assistant director with Emmy winners Joan Darling and Blake Bradford in Joni vs the Bard: The Shakespeare Smackdown and recently costumed for Lysistrata, Spitfire Grill and I am Jim Thompson, and acted in Dear Brutus. Karen is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Company and has experience in stage, film and TV, including various Lifetime movies, NBC programs, and international commercials. She has both BS and MS degrees from the University of Victoria, where she specialized in Dendrochronology (tree-ring studies). ...Continued


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The Cherry Orchard  | Open: 03/31/10 Close: 04/10/10 - Wings Theatre
Set in 1923 in Charleston, South Carolina, Zephyer Rep's The Cherry Orchard brings to light the plight of the aristocracy as they see the demise of what was once the great Plantation era. The advent of the flapper age and the introduction of the Charleston dance craze provide clues to the changing moods of the future and the impending racial tensions.  Miss Lillian returns home from Paris to find her estate is soon to be sold.  Against the better judgement of their upstart neighbor Vernon, Lillian and her ineffective brother George do nothing to stop the impending sale, choosing to frollic around the estate watching the staff flirt and be flirted, her daughter start up a relationship with black rebel-rousing Peter, and everyone ignoring the loyal former slave Alexander.