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 Nicole J. Bubolo  |  Author

Nicole J. Bubolo is a local playwright hailing from the New York 'burbs, Northport to be precise. Various works of hers were produced over the years in New York and North Carolina, including the Expanded Arts Theatre Company in New York City. Most recently she participates as a leading member in the Long Island based writers group Writers On The Verge. Nicole is glad share her creativity as a part of Zephyer Fest at  Wings Theatre.<...Continued


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Zephyer Fest - A 24 Hour Play Festival  | Open: 03/06/10 Close: 03/06/10 - Wings Theatre
Take five directors, five writers, twenty actors and twenty-four hours, and you have a fabulous evening of theatre!  Join Zephyer Rep for the very first Zephyer Fest, where twenty-four hours previously the writers are given the parameters, the next morning the directors and actors are given the script, and the finished product is shows to you on Saturday night at 7p!  At the end, prizes are awarded to the shows as voted by the audience, and an awesome time is had by all!