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Eric Kubo (lyricist) is a lyricist, bookwriter, and props designer. He has interned/worked at TheatreWorks and the O’Neill Theater Center, where he served as the assistant to Paulette Haupt, the artistic director of the Music Theater Conference. Past/current works: Song of the Sea, with Yui Kitamura (GMTWP, Strasberg Institute); Yaseko, an original translation and adaptation of Federico García Lorca’s Yerma (Yale College); I Am Jim Thompson with Zac Kline and Mark T Evans (GMTWP, OCU Stripped), Mumbai, with Bix Bettwy (Prospect Theater), and a modern-day musical adaptation of <...Continued


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I Am Jim Thompson  | Open: 02/18/10 Close: 02/28/10 - Wings Theatre
I Am Jim Thompson is an exploration of the life and disappearance of
Jim Thompson, an American businessman noted for revitalizing the Thai
silk industry, who disappeared on Easter Sunday, 1967 in the highlands
of Malaysia. He was never found.

The multi-narrative musical explores Jim Thompson at three stages in
his life. He is portrayed by three different actors: age 25, a
graduate student in architecture yearning to leave the confines of his
suburban Delaware upbringing; 35, a spy in Southeast Asia during World
War II and an architect struggling to find his place in post-War
America; 55, a silk-magnate in Thailand seemingly at the top of the

I Am Jim Thompson is an American story about a man trying to connect
with himself, understand the people he loves and ultimately struggle
to find his place.