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Linda Hill  |  Actress

Linda Hill first made a name for herself in the field of improvisational and stand up comedy in San Francisco where she was in such groups as Spaghetti Jam, Femprov and National Theater of the the Deranged. Soon she struck out on her own as one of 8 women comics who were working in stand up at the time and she performed and became friends with such talents as Diane Amos (the "Pine Sol Lady"), Whoopi Goldberg, Marga Gomez, Tom Ammiano, Kevin Meaney and Robin Williams to name but a few. ...Continued


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Big City Hick  | Open: 11/13/10 Close: 11/21/10 - Wings Theatre
Big City Hick is the story of a country girl's love affair with New York City. Even as a little girl growing up on the outskirts of a small rural Kansas coal mining town Linda Hill already wanted to live in the Big Apple one day. Although the tiny four room house had no running water, there was the Zenith TV's flickering eye in the corner of the living room which told the little girl great tales of Broadway Show Girls and beautiful big houses and furniture. Her longing for that far away city was underscored by the great old country music that her parents' radio provided. The journey from there to the bright lights and Big City is a story of self discovery and self acceptance. It is a story of possibility and the realization that being true to your soul is the greatest dream of all.
It is a journey through the heartland in the truest sense of the word. It is a story of innocence lost and regained. It is an American story. A story for everyone who has had to fight to be who they truly are.