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Enrique Huili  |  Actor

Enrique Huili (Ferdinand) attended the conservatory school at Shenandoah University for acting in Virginia where he transferred to the New York Film academy and earn his degree. Returning back to school right after NYFA, Enrique earned another degree at the Terry Schreiber Studio Conservatory Program. Enrique has been in a couple of Off Off Broadway shows including Macbeth and Danny And The Deep Blue Sea, which was his first time starring in a show. ...Continued


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A Wilde October: The Importance Of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband, Salomé  | Open: 10/01/10 Close: 10/31/10 - Producers Club Theatres
The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People: Jack and Algernon are best friends, both of whom are wooing ladies who think their names are Ernest. Comic calamity ensues as the two get caught in a tangled web of mistaken lovers, assumed names, and a lost handbag.

An Ideal Husband: Sir Robert Chiltern is the epitome of success - both in his public life and in his private family life. However, an indiscretion committed as a younger man threatens to dismantle all that he has achieved when the sinister Mrs. Chevely attempts to blackmail him. Chiltern and his wife turn to an old friend, Lord Goring, for assistance. Can Goring help the couple extricate themslelves from their scandalous plight?

Salomé: Herod pledges to his step-daughter Salomé that he will give her half of his kingdom if she will dance for him at a banquet at his palace. This unfolds while John the Baptist is held captive in Herod's cistern, and after the prophet has rebuffed the advances of Salome. Only one thing will satiate Salomé's desire after she performs the Dance of the 7 Veils - something taboo that plunges the entire atmosphere of the Tetrach's domain into an aura of doom.

About the Company: CityShow

CityShow is a New York City-based entertainment production company whose mission it is to bring first-rate quality live entertainment to the multitude of intimate performance venues of the metropolitan area. CityShow endeavors to identify and nurture the finest talent - showcasing these performers in an array of classical and contemporary artistic material. CityShow’s commitment to excellence is manifest in all of its production endeavors, providing a “high-production value” experience to the audience at a very affordable cost.

Macbeth  | Open: 10/01/09 Close: 10/11/09 - Producers Club Theatres
The Foolish Mortals Theatre Company proudly presents William Shakespeare’s supernatural thriller Macbeth, adapted and directed by Michael Hagins. This well-known tale of an ambitious warrior plotting to rule Scotland has been updated to the Prohibition era of the Roaring 20’s, with Duncan and the Scotland Mob ruling supreme. Macbeth (Andrew Montgomery) is Scotland’s loyal hitman who, with the help of his plotting wife (Kelly Barrett) and driven by the prophecy of three street urchins (Megan Hanley, Teri Monahan, Molly Moore Lehmann), will become the king[pin] at any cost and will eliminate anyone and anything in his way.

The Tempest  | Open: 09/16/10 Close: 09/19/10 - Looking Glass Theatre
The C.A.G.E. Theatre, in conjunction with The Looking Glass Space Grant Program presents The Tempest. The final of work and possible retirement of William Shakespeare is co-directed by Monica Alia and Michael Hagins. The Tempest, set to the concept of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, is the story of Prospero (Michael Hagins), the true Duke of Milan, who was exiled with his daughter Miranda (Rebecca Overholt) to a remote island, and has lived there for 12 years with the spirit Ariel (Molly Gilman) and the half sea monster Caliban (Daniel Largo). Attempting to put the past wrongs to rest and help Miranda to a future, Prospero raises a storm to shipwreck the King of Naples (Thomas Cox) and his party which includes Prospero's evil brother and the usurping Duke of Milan Antonio (Danny Sauls). Interested more in new beginnings than a vengeful end, Prospero relishes an impending marriage for Miranda, keeping his old enemies alive and setting free his loyal servant Ariel. There are some mature themes in the play, but nothing demeaning or controversial, which makes the show safe and family-friendly. The show runs approximately 2 hours including a 10 minute intermission.