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Michael Abourizk  |  Actor
Michael Abourizk is thrilled to be back with the Spoon after appearing in their production of 'W;t' (ensemble, u/s Jason), as well as in 'Beautiful Thing'.  Michael created the role of "Shay" in the world premiere of Butch Mamas! and recently put his bilingualism to use playing a French-speaking "Madame" in Jean Genet's The Maids, both at the WOW Cafe Theater. Other New York theatre credits include Hamlet (Hamlet), The Eight Reindeer Monologues (Cupid), Save My Brother (the Palestinian), The First Cigarette at the Provincetown Playhouse, Rumplestiltskin (King), and Kafka Parables (Franz Kafka). ...Continued

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Bad Seed  | Open: 04/06/11 Close: 04/24/11 - Nicu's Spoon Theatre
Eight year old Rhoda Penmark is the perfect child in a perfect family. That is, until you have something she wants.  You see, she isn't like most children...for Rhoda murder is just child's play.

Beautiful Thing  | Open: 07/07/10 Close: 07/25/10 - Spoon Theater
An 'Urban Fairytale' this tells the story of two young schoolboys falling in love on the grim South-East London slum setting. The gaucheness, the rush of excitement and terror and the inarticulate tenderness of young love are beautifully captured in writing of truth and delicacy. Truly a most unusual and beautiful thing.

About the Company: Nicu's Spoon, Inc.

Founded in early 2001, Nicu’s Spoon is dedicated to producing socially reflective theatre that presents new ideas, challenges stereotypes, and touches the heart in an unexpected way. We are the central theater group in New York City who acts as a home for all - differing colors, abilities, ages, genders - we do not specialize in ‘the sight impaired’ or ‘the hard of hearing’ or ‘people of color’ - we are the only company which from day one has been a home for all artists - many may now join us or use us as a model but we are the central home base. We celebrate collaboration in developing productions that are pertinent for today’s global, diverse and rapidly changing world. New York City is full of people of different ethnicities and abilities; on the move and unheard. We give voice to those who are very much a part of our world, but whose stories often go untold. We are committed to involving the spectrum of diverse and multi-abled voices in play selection, programs & internships, our artistic, production and volunteer staffs, and in our audience.

We are a leader in working with all colors, ages, genders, abilities and ethnicities in NYC. Each play involves the rainbow we see around us on the streets of NYC. We see only possibilities. We change the world, one play at a time….

Butch Mamas! Not Your Butch Mama's Comedy  | Open: 09/18/09 Close: 09/26/09 - WOW Cafe Theater
Butch Mamas! is a hysterical side splitting ensemble play! No facet of lesbian butch identity is left untouched in this wonderful debut by Ms. K.S. Stevens. Butch Mamas! is a humorous, intelligent, thought provoking, and moving play, for anyone who was ever experienced group dynamics and / or contemplated becoming a parent.

Corey (Ashley Brockington) recently graduated with her MSW and needs to complete her therapy hours for her license. She creates Butch Mamas! a therapy group for butch lesbians who want to become mamas! Little does she know, but she has created the perfect breeding ground for dysfunctional lesbians to process butch identity, parenting, failed relationships, and alternative ways to have children and make families. The hilarity ensues when the only consistent participants include a Teagan (Gayle Robbins) and Cassie (Jin-Xiang “Jx” Yu), a couple who broke up 6 years ago, without closer. In attendance are Robin (Cassie’s wife played by Minna Taylor), Alma (Lea Robinson), a lawyer and single woman looking for a surrogate, and Jasper (Micia Mosely), an AG who can’t get enough of being around her butch mamas, and Shay (Michael Abourizk) and Kelp (Becca Zaretzky), their well intentioned eccentric admirers.

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase.

W;t  | Open: 04/07/10 Close: 04/25/10 - Spoon Theater

'W;t' by Margaret Edson, is a play that asks us to question the way we live our lives, the choices we make and the relationships we form. It presents us with Vivian, a woman forced to evaluate her life as she faces her death. Having focused her whole life on the academic analysis of the poetry of John Donne, Vivian realises that she has not achieved in her life what Donne has accomplished in his poetry; the harmonious unification of ‘wit’ (intelligence) and emotion. In the final stages of her life, Vivian begins to realise that having lived her life focused on the intellect, emotional and meaningful connections with others is what she now longs for to provide her with the comfort her ‘wit’ cannot.