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Anna Abrams  |  Actress

Anna is a happy person who is very happy to be part of The Actor's Project NYC. She first fell in love with acting when she was just an infant who loved being soothed to sleep by the sound of the TV. She graduated from Hunter College with a BA in theatre and have studied acting and movement at Expressions studio with Bernice Loren for 4 years. She enjoys being in the spotlight and playing lead roles as well as being funny, unfunny and discovering new s...Continued


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Manhattan Fable- The Actress Who Cried Wolf!  | Open: 09/29/09 Close: 10/01/09 - Off Off Broadway Playhouse
Another false pregnancy test, a fight with her lover, violation of trust, maybe multiple personalities,
dead people ... Something is wrong with Carla.

Manhattan Fable- The Actress Who Cried Wolf!  is a dark dramedy about two southern lovers fighting and loving in mid-town Manhattan.  Andrew, a very-handsome successful writer on the edge of obsessive-compulsive disorder, is unable to comprehend why his fiancée, Carla, is acting so strange and deceitful.  Carla, a beautiful very-intense actress, is falling apart, unable to deal with the heartbreak of her failures and the guilt of her unforgivable betrayal.  The relationship is weathered still more when Anna, Andrew's alcoholic tell-it-like-she-thinks-it-is mother, arrives to haunt Carla and coerce her into total insanity.  Even with the help of a fun, warm-hearted, kleptomaniac housekeeper named Acantha, this fable's lessons cannot elude tragedy.